IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2008-08-26

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ignasth1a: i got schooltool running under mod_wsgi, only had to move one line to a different place, and now the user get's set properly17:13
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th1aignas: Awesome.17:51
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ignasfsufitch: i am still waiting for you to delete the unused binary search code...18:03
fsufitchignas: oops. where is that again? i'll do it now18:03
ignassrc/cando/gradebook/browser/   i think18:04
ignasand what's with all the __class__ stuff...18:04
ignasi mean - how does it even work, and why why why?!18:05
ignasimplementedBy on an __class__ ?18:05
fsufitchi only did it because it works, and i have no idea why it works18:05
ignaswell - writing code that you don't understand is bad, mkey!18:06
ignasget rid of the __class__ stuff, and see if tests pass, if they do - commit...18:06
ignasthen find all the other __class__ things, and remove them too, because it seems that some people are in habit of copy pasting that stuff all around cando ;)18:07
fsufitchignas: right now the skilldrivers are badly broken. i really need to fix those first. the __class__ i will tend to after i finisht hat18:07
ignasgood enough18:07
fsufitchignas: for python autoindentation in emacs, do i always have to use C+j?18:10
fsufitcher C-j18:10
ignashmm, seems so, i mean - I use Enter + tab ;)18:11
ignasthough - there might be a setting somewhere, haven't looked for it18:11
fsufitchmeh, the ppl at #emacs told me that i'd have to configure a keybinding if i wanted it to just be enter18:11
fsufitchi'm fine with C-j tho18:11
fsufitchand i'll definitely confuse everyone at school by using emacs18:12
fsufitchthey all use vim or gedit or other simple text editors18:12
fsufitcheither that or huge IDEs like Eclipse18:12
fsufitchand i type code without using the enter key. great! :)18:13
fsufitchnow, back to work18:13
fsufitchoh, wait, one more thing about emacs:18:13
fsufitchhow do i open up a bash term inside of it?18:13
fsufitchthat would be SO useful18:13
ignasAlt+x shell18:13
ignasor Alt+x eshell18:13
ignasdepends on which one you like better ;)18:14
* ignas should blog about on the fly python syntax/missing import/extra import checking for emacs18:16
fsufitchyou should :)18:17
fsufitchi need to learn to do that18:17
ignasit's kind of nice when emacs underlines all your syntax errors18:17
ignasand all the things you forgot to import18:17
fsufitchyeah, i can imagine18:19
fsufitchand i'm starting to like emacs more and more18:19
fsufitchcould u at least send me what i have to do to set that up?18:20
fsufitchyvl: ping18:44
ignashe's not at his pc at the moment18:46
ignasshould be back soon18:46
fsufitchdwelsh was asking about him18:51
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fsufitchignas: could you grab yvl by whatever physical force you can and get him to the computer?19:00
ignashe is there19:01
fsufitchyvl: hi19:01
dwelshcan we skype you?19:01
yvlhi fsufitch :)19:01
yvlhi David19:01
yvlcan you give me 3-4 minutes?19:01
dwelshyup... but Filip, Jeff and I are here waiting!19:02
yvlOk, ready to Skype now :)19:10
fsufitchyvl: jelkner and dwelsh are out now :-/19:11
fsufitchi could call u :)19:11
fsufitchyvl: they's back19:13
dwelshis your headphone working?19:14
yvlit seems to19:14
dwelshtrying again19:14
dwelshit's either your bandwidth or mine19:15
dwelshshould we reboot?19:15
yvlhmm, we could try19:15
dwelshlet's try that.19:16
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fsufitchignas: what happened to yvl?19:20
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ignasfsufitch: internet got flaky maybe19:21
ignashe is in another room, talking to you19:21
yvlDavid, can you try a "Skype Test Call"?19:22
yvljust to check if your microphone is working19:22
fsufitchyvl: the skype test call failed :(19:25
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fsufitchyvl: ping21:39
fsufitchjelkner: ping22:08
jelknerfsufitch: pong22:21
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fsufitchyvl: ping ping22:39
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