IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2008-06-30

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ccareyfsufitch: i'm here03:04
fsufitchccarey: heyyy-o03:04
ccareycan you get me up to speed on what you've been able to work on?03:05
ccareyi made a few changes in buildCompetencyDict03:05
ccareybut i'm not sure if they're correct03:05
ccareyskilldrivers fail during unittests03:06
fsufitchccarey: thanks for pinking03:20
fsufitchso wat i've done03:20
fsufitchis i've changed the README.txt for skilldrivers03:20
fsufitchif we can combine our code maybe it works03:20
fsufitchbut hang on03:20
fsufitchi'm sending u the new README03:20
fsufitchtry to run the utests03:20
fsufitchok, it's readme403:22
ccareydid you change the ftests we were working on?03:30
fsufitchccarey: no03:33
ccareyok do you know what i could work on? or what we need to do next?03:34
ccareyi don't fully understand everything that's going on, because i can't really test it03:35
fsufitchi dont understand either03:41
fsufitchi need alan to see wat i've done wrong03:41
fsufitchcuz i cant find anything03:41
fsufitchand as for what ur doing, i'm clueless... >.>03:41
ccareyit'll be easier getting into it tmrw03:41
ccareybut i'll keep looking through the code tonite03:41
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ccareyfsufitch, has your cando.skilldriver unit test been failing because it fails setUpSchoolSite()?04:27
ccareythere's a comment above the setUpSchoolSite function, saying that it should only be called after placefulSetUp()04:30
ccareyunlike the other cando unit tests, in cando.skilldriver does 'placelesssetup.setUp(test)'04:30
ccareyi don't really know what it means yet04:30
ccareybut doesn't call this method like the comment says it should04:31
ccareylast note, my unit test fails with the call to setUpLocalAuth in schooltool.testing.setup line 7104:58
ccareyi'll see you tmrw04:58
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Lumierehi ccarey15:51
ccareyhi Lumiere15:52
Lumiereccarey: are you at ACC?15:52
Lumieregive people my apologies15:52
LumiereI am waiting for my car15:52
ccareywell no one's here just yet, but i'll let them know15:52
LumiereI'll probably be in between 9:30 and 1015:53
LumiereI realized I had to get inspection and emissions done today15:53
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Lumierehi fsufitch16:14
fsufitchLumiere: hello16:20
fsufitchwhich sodas would you like to get?16:20
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Lumierefsufitch: diet coke16:27
Lumiereand lots of it16:28
Lumiereth1a: hi16:28
Lumiereth1a: meeting today?16:28
th1aYes, although I seem to remember aelkner telling me he wouldn't make it.16:28
th1aI have things to discuss with ignas, though.16:28
th1aHowever, I have to go get my coffee first.16:28
th1ahi ignas.16:32
fsufitchignas: hello16:33
ignasfsufitch: hi16:33
ignasso :)16:33
th1aWell, I'll be in Vilnius this time next week.16:33
th1aHow was your week ignas?16:34
ignaswell - finished everything related to the timetable refactoring i was doing16:35
ignashad to "skip" the last thing16:35
ignasi was planning to have terms and school timetables pointing to their timetables16:35
ignasbut apparently that is way too difficult to do16:35
ignaspossible, but the complexity of the solution is worse than the problem...16:36
ignasso I am working on the SchoolYear objects now16:36
ignasadding add forms, containers and trying to think of how to do the evolution16:36
th1aWhat are the implications of the skip?16:37
ignaswell - deleting school timetables will be slow16:37
ignasperforming operations on all timetables in a term will be slow too16:37
ignasbut we can live with that16:37
ignasi mean - there are only like 2 places in the code that would need that, and they are not used often16:38
ignasthe trickiest part will be the "smart" evolution script for school years it seems16:38
ignasthat would assign a school year for every term16:39
ignasand then we will have a lot of discussion about the UI to manage everything properly16:39
ignasin EP16:39
th1aOK.  So that's on the list.16:39
ignasso I am planning to add the SchoolYear class before europython16:40
ignasand work on my EP talk16:40
th1aSounds good.16:40
ignasthat's kind of it16:41
th1aDo you think it would be useful to get the jelkner gradebook into our .debs while we're at EP?16:41
th1aI mean, would it help to have aelkner around for that?16:42
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ignasth1a: they have to fix the backend first16:42
ignasth1a: i don't want it released if there is a chance of database corruption16:42
th1aOh... the requirements, right.16:43
th1aGood point.16:43
th1aAnything else on your EP to do list?16:43
ignashmm, looking at CAS functional testing maybe16:44
ignasit should not take long16:44
ignasto set up something that would "enable" functional testing16:44
ignasbut I think the school year stuff will be enough16:45
ignasfinding the compromises and finding out how it will actually work16:45
ignasanything else?16:46
th1aI was thinking about adding some more demographic and contact info to persons prior to the next release.16:48
ignashmm, we could do that, though we don't really need a sprint for that16:50
ignasjust come up with a new schema16:50
th1aWe probably should focus on one thing.16:50
th1aSince it is the last big blocker!16:50
th1aSo I'll resist the temptation to come up with smaller distractions.16:51
th1aHow do you feel about starting work the last day of the conference?16:51
ignaswe'll see, i think we'll start discussing some things even earlier16:52
th1aOK... Lumiere?16:53
th1aYou have anything to add?16:53
th1aOh... ignas...16:55
th1aDo you have any thoughts about this Zope 3 backwards compatibility issue.16:56
th1aI mean, we really haven't budgeted time for it.16:56
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ignaswell - not really, only a vague idea. I mean - to get our packages accepted we should make the migration of instances that are using the old Zope3 packages still work with the new packages16:57
ignasthough - i am not sure it is even feasible, though we should at least try16:58
ignasbut to do that - we need some help or support from people who made the old packages16:58
ignasit's not "zope/python" stuff16:58
ignasit's mostly debian/linux stuff from what I understand16:58
ignasdaemon start/stop scripts16:58
ignaszcml slugs16:59
ignasdata directories and etc16:59
th1aNot turn 'import' into 'import ''16:59
th1aWell, that's good.17:00
th1aI'll write an email trying to explain this to Mark and have you and jinty check my accuracy.17:00
th1aOne more thing on my list...17:01
th1aI got an email from someone interested in translations... we don't really have Rosetta updated for the current packages, do we?17:02
ignasno, not yet17:02
ignasmy fault totally17:02
ignaswhen I got stuck with the series stuff17:02
ignasi kind of put that thing into backlog17:03
th1aIs the series stuff resolved?  Do we still need to have calendar deleted?17:03
ignaswe still need calendar deleted, and I/someone has to go read up about it and think of  precisely how it is going to look and work17:04
ignasand then just upload translations for our "2008.04" release17:04
ignasand upload translation templates for our "dev"17:05
th1aRead up about how series will work?17:05
ignasi mean - i have seen how it looks on launchpad project for bzr17:05
ignasbut I still don't know how precisely do you set up something like that and how do you work with it workflow wise17:05
ignaslike - what are the steps when you make a new release17:06
ignasAdd series, regisgter the release, mark series as "series that should be translated", "upload the new POT" or something like that probably17:06
ignasbut I am not sure enough to go and start messing up with our setup on launchpad17:07
th1aI'll work on that.17:07
ignasas soon as you will have the release series set up I will generate the translation files and upload them17:08
th1aCan you try to kick the bot building the users guide on
ignaswe might want to use EuroPython to discuss these things with launchpad people17:08
ignasespecially the issue with translator emails17:08
ignasin PO files17:08
th1aYes, I was thinking the same thing.17:09
th1aBut we basically know what series we need.17:09
ignasbecause that's the other issue that is bothering me concerning translation17:09
ignasi *think* we need 2008.04 + dev at the moment17:10
th1aMaybe there should be no translation of dev.17:10
ignaswe can do that too, i mean - only upload POT files when doing/updating the release17:11
ignasso dev would not have any pot files uploaded17:12
th1aThat might be least confusing.17:12
th1aNot confusing is important.17:12
th1aOK.  That's my list.17:14
th1aLumiere: Any last words?17:15
th1aOK.  See you soon, ignas.17:16
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:16
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ccareyfsufitch, get on gobby real quick17:31
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Lumiereth1a: I had to run from car repair shop to work18:24
LumiereI was wireless from there18:24
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whaddonignas: I am having a problem building cando.20:13
ignaswhaddon: yes20:13
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whaddonIt gets to a point where it says "Installing cando." and freezes20:14
whaddonSome of us think it has to do with something called paste script20:14
whaddonI am just coming back to cando development.20:14
ignasInstalling cando. ?20:15
ignasemm, what instructions are you following when setting up your cando instance?20:15
whaddonThat's all it says.20:15
ignasand could you lisppaste me the command you are running please20:15
ignaslisppaste5: url20:15
lisppaste5To use the lisppaste bot, visit and enter your paste.20:15
ignaswith all the output20:15
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lisppaste5whaddon pasted "cando build output" at
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whaddonI checked it out from
ignasi see20:19
ignasinteresting, and it gets completely stuck?20:19
whaddonYes. I left it there for about half an hour. Nothing happened, and there was no disk activity.20:20
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ignastried restarting?20:20
ignasor running "make test" for example20:20
whaddonRestarting the computer?20:20
ignasthe script20:20
ignasand then "make"20:20
whaddonYes. It does the same thing. When I press Ctrl+C it says while: Installing cando. Getting distribution for 'PasteScript'.20:22
ignasi see20:22
ignasthe "Installing cando." was the last line in the paste20:22
ignasi can download the tarball from
ignastry bin/buildout -vv20:23
ignasit should give you more output20:23
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lisppaste5whaddon_ pasted "bin/buildout -vv" at
whaddon_ignas: sorry for the delay. we were having network problems20:32
ignasweird PasteScript gets installed properly for me, i'll try one more thing though20:36
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ignaswhaddon: by the way - maybe it is related yo your network problems?20:37
ignasyeah, a clean install get's through the PasteScript part properly on my PC20:38
whaddon_I can try another clean install20:38
ignaswell -  think "rm -rf bin parts eggs python" should be enough20:39
ignas"rm -rf python develop-eggs bin parts .installed.cfg TAGS tags ID"20:39
ignasis the clean command used in schooltool20:40
whaddon_I already deleted the directory before you said that.20:40
whaddon_its running make again20:41
whaddon_it worked. thank you20:41
whaddon_(or at least got past pastescript20:42
ignasif you know how - add the "clean" target to the Makefile in some proper place20:42
ignasso you could do a rebuild without removing the cando directory20:43
whaddon_i'll look at that20:43
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fsufitcha little channel announcement: the network for all of APS is down.20:58
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th1a_Hi aelkner.22:47
aelknerhey th1a_22:47
aelknerwe could use your help22:47
aelknerwe have two developers here that aren't on the cando commiters list22:47
aelkneralso, eldar is and shouldn't be anymore22:47
aelknercan you help us with that22:48
th1a_Not personally.22:48
th1a_Jinty, right?22:48
aelknerhow aout impersonally22:48
aelknerso only pov guys?22:48
th1a_jinty does not work for pov.22:48
th1a_The repository is on our server.22:48
aelknerbut also european time22:49
th1a_If only we had some kind of version control system that rendered this not a problem...22:49
th1a_some kind of distributed version control system...22:49
aelknerwe'd still need to reach the host to share with one another22:50
aelknerso there22:50
th1a_Technically, I don't think you would.22:51
th1a_You could directly share branches.22:51
th1a_There is, I think, a howto on the very subject somewhere.22:51
th1a_Doing a sprint with bzr and no internet connection.22:51
aelkneryou need a local network though, right?22:52
th1a_Oh... well, probably.22:52
aelkneranyway, i see the advantage if you have a local network but no internet22:53
th1a_Anyhow, I have to go start dinner.  You can email jinty about access, the kids will need ssh keys.22:53
aelknerok, thanks22:56

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