IRC log of #schooltool for Sunday, 2008-06-29

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fsufitchaelkner: pinggg02:25
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fsufitchccarey: hey03:09
ccareyi might have to go though03:10
ccareyyeah sry i have to leave03:11
ccareymy parents are calling03:11
ccareycan you email me any updates?03:11
ccareyi can work tmrw afternoon/night03:11
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aelknerfsufitch: ping09:33
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fsufitchaelkner: pong16:21
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aelknerfsufitch: ping19:04
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ccareyaelkner: ping19:51
ccareyjust letting you know i'm online now19:52
ccareyaelkner, you mentioned changes in buildCompetencyDict for skilldrivers20:21
ccareyhow should i go about that?20:21
aelkneryou would need to add support for skilldrivers20:21
aelknerwithout removing support for sections and courses20:21
aelknerso more tests for object type20:21
aelknerlike ISkillDriver.providedBy(obj)20:22
aelknerbut you also have to handle the difference between course skilldrivers and section skilldrivers20:22
aelknerbecause a section skill drivers add competencies to the course skill driver20:23
aelknerjust as section comps add to course comps20:23
aelknerif you work on that for the next couple of hours, you will have a lot to show filip when he gets back20:24
ccareyis there a way to get pdb in there?20:24
aelknerwhy not?20:26
aelkneryou should always use pdb20:26
aelknerad you can put it anywhere20:26
ccareybut can it be reached?20:28
aelknerdon't understand the question20:28
ccareythe skilldriver package is broken so make run doesnt work20:29
ccareyi commented out IHaveCompetencies for now20:29
ccareyto try and run it and reach the pdb statement20:29
aelknerthe unit tests should be runnable20:30
aelknerrather than trying to make run20:30
aelknerwhen you get with filip you may find that he solved the make run issue20:30
ccareyok that's a better idea20:31
aelknerbut for now if you limit you effort to calling buildCompDict from the unit test20:31
aelkneryou can at least excersize your code changes20:31
aelknerbtw, you can use code found somewhere in the skilldrivers package20:32
aelknerthat gets the section or course from the skilldriver20:32
aelknercause if you find that you're obj is a section skill driver (i think obj.__parent__ will find you that)20:33
aelkneryou'll need to then find the course for the section and then that course's skill driver20:33
aelknerok, i'm going to take a shower now.  you'll have plenty to look at while i'm gone20:34
aelkneri'll ping you when i get back20:34
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aelknerccarey: i'm back22:05
aelknerhow's it going?22:05
aelkneroh darn, you're gone now22:05
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