IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2008-07-01

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aelknerok, thanks00:55
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jelkneraelkner: how did it go today?02:54
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mgedminignas: here's what enterprise school software is supposed to look like:
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th1aignas: Thanks for getting on that bug.18:17
ignasit was related to the issue318 a.k.a.
ignasbskahan fixed one occurence of the bug18:20
ignasand didn't fix the other one a few lines below18:20
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wjohnstoignas, ayt?18:41
wjohnstoI am having the same problem that whaddon was having yesterday18:41
ignaswjohnsto: it is probably a network problem18:41
ignasor just try the "clean" command that should be in irc logs for the channel18:42
ignasand make it again18:42
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ignaswjohnsto: did it help?18:52
wjohnstoignas, no :(18:53
wjohnstoI tried "rm -rf bin parts eggs python"18:53
ignascan you look at ?18:53
wjohnstobut I still can't get past PasteScript18:53
ignasor even
ignasi mean - just to see if you can connect to the server18:54
ignasthat is hosting the PasteScript egg18:54
wjohnstoI can18:54
ignasvery strange18:55
ignasall i can suggest is a clean checkout, or just wait and  try until you succeed :/18:55
ignasdo you have ~/.buildout/default.cfg setup ?18:56
ignaswjohnsto: like described in
ignasif you would add the file18:57
ignasas in - perform the "Set your buildout eggs and cache directories" step18:57
ignasthen you can just put the egg
ignasin the "~/.buildout/cache/dist/" directory18:58
ignasand try again18:58
ignasbuildout should pick up the egg from there instead of trying to download it18:58
wjohnstoignas, it still does not recognize PasteScript19:09
wjohnsto:S I have PasteScript-1.6.3.tar.gz in ~/.buildout/cache/dist19:10
wjohnstohold on19:11
wjohnstoI have the ~/default.cfg with the two install directories19:11
ignasnot ~/default19:13
ignasbut ~/.buildout/default.cfg19:13
wjohnstospelling error19:13
wjohnstoit is in the .buildout directory19:13
ignasare there any other eggs next to the pastescript egg?19:14
wjohnsto3 zope eggs and a schooltool egg19:14
ignascan you run "bin/buildout -vv"19:14
ignasand lisppaste5 the output19:14
wjohnstothe entire thing or just the end part?19:15
wjohnstoignas, ping19:18
ignaswjohnsto: when you Ctrl+C the buildout what do you get in the traceback?19:23
wjohnstoAn internal error occured due to a bug in either zc.buildout or in a recipe being used:19:24
ignasand that's it?19:24
ignaslisppaste5: all of the stuff since "We have no distributions for PasteScript that satisfies 'PasteScript'." bit19:24
wjohnstoWhile: "Installing cando, Getting distribution for 'PasteScript'"19:24
lisppaste5wjohnsto pasted "Traceback" at
ignasrun bin/buildout -vvD19:26
ignasthen when it gets stuck19:27
ignasCtrl+C it19:27
ignasand type "bt"19:27
ignasand paste me the trackeback you get19:27
lisppaste5wjohnsto pasted "Traceback" at
ignasCtrl+C it19:28
ignasthen you will get a pdb prompt19:28
ignasdo "bt" in it19:29
ignasyou will get a full traceback19:29
lisppaste5wjohnsto pasted "PDB Trace" at
ignasdo: up, up, up, url19:33
wjohnsto> /usr/lib/python2.4/ -> s =
ignasyou should do that as separate commands19:34
ignasas in - up + enter, up + enter19:34
ignasso do a couple more "up"19:34
ignasgo to that url19:35
wjohnstoah hah19:36
wjohnstoI can't get there19:36
ignasI can19:36
ignasso - it's a network problem it seems ...19:36
wjohnstoWell aren't you special19:36
ignaswjohnsto: you can try "tracepath" or something like that19:38
ignasto see where the chain get's broken19:39
mgedminor use a different pastebot, e.g. http://pastey.net19:40
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wjohnsto_I got disconnected19:40
ignasmgedmin: the site is not a pastebot19:41
mgedminyes, it's a pastebin19:41
mgedminI always confuse these thi... oh19:41
mgedminpython paste!19:41
mgedminthe gloopy wsgi thing!19:42
ignasin case you missed something19:43
wjohnsto_thanks ignas, I missed everything haha19:43
wjohnsto_I do not get any replies from any of the hops19:45
wjohnsto_except hop 1319:45
wjohnsto_13: (                 60.685ms reached19:46
wjohnsto_The county is probably blocking the site for security issues19:46
ignasmaybe they are, i mean - you are the second person who encounters the problem19:47
wjohnsto_well I guess I go look for another network19:50
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aelknerok, thanks19:59
aelkneri keep doing that19:59
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wjohnstoignas: I am outside connected to a different network and everything is fine20:05
wjohnstoso far20:05
ignaswjohnsto: cool20:05
wjohnstoignas, now I am getting an error "Error: Couldn't install: schooltool 2008.10.0dev-r2428"20:12
ignashmm, can you give more information?20:16
ignaslike at least the last lines?20:17
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lisppaste5wjohnsto pasted "wjohnsto problems" at
wjohnsto_ignas, ping20:27
ignas"error: None" is disturbing20:30
ignastry "bin/buildout -n"20:30
wjohnsto_I get the same "error: None"20:31
wjohnsto_and traceback20:31
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ignascould you do "bin/buildout -vv" and see if you can get more information, because that error: None thing is well - not giving me any information20:33
wjohnsto_I get While: Installing cando.  Getting distrobution for 'schooltool'20:33
lisppaste5wjohnsto pasted "paste for ignas" at
ignastry: /home/wjohnsto/cando/python/bin/python "-c" "from setuptools.command.easy_install import main; main()" "-mUNxd" "/home/wjohnsto/temp" "-Z" "/home/wjohnsto/.buildout/cache/dist/schooltool-2008.10.0dev-r2428.tar.gz"20:36
ignascreate /home/wjonsto/temp first though20:36
ignasor use some other temporary directory20:36
ignasif that will fail - add some v's to the -mUNxd part20:37
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wjohnsto_ignas, ImportError: No module named setuptools.command.easy_install20:39
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ignassudo apt-get install python-setuptools20:40
ignasif you can do that20:40
ignasoh, ghmm, that won't help sorry20:41
ccarey_aelkner: ping20:41
wjohnsto_I already have it anyway20:41
ignaswjohnsto_: then use python2.420:41
ignasinstead of /home/wjon..cando/python/bin/python20:41
wjohnsto_do you want the entire error traceback?20:42
wjohnsto_there is a bunch of unpacking, and then "error: None"20:43
wjohnsto_right after Unpacking schooltool-2008.10.0dev-r2428/src/schooltool/locales/it/LC_MESSAGES/schooltool.po20:44
wjohnsto_to /tmp/easy_install-pgsjeY/schooltool-2008.10.0dev-r2428/src/schooltool/locales/it/LC_MESSAGES/schooltool.po20:44
ignas"df -h" ?20:44
ignasmaybe you are out of disk space?20:45
wjohnsto_29 GB available20:45
ignasyou know - no idea what's wrong :/20:48
ignasthere are 2 ways out of this situation20:48
ignastry downloading an older egg from
ignasor make a a "bzr co --lightweight lp:schooltool"20:49
ignasand in buildout.cfg add that path to the develop =20:50
ignasafer the dor20:50
ignaslike develop = . ../schooltool20:50
ignasso you won't be using schooltool egg at all, but will be using schooltool checkout instead20:50
wjohnsto_I am trying solution 220:54
wjohnsto_I will brb, I;m heading back into the Career center20:57
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th1aignas: I figured out how to mark the calendar series as "obselete."21:08
ignasth1a: oh21:08
ignasth1a: cool :)21:08
th1aNot sure if that does everything we want yet...21:08
th1aWhat am I looking for under bugs?21:09
ignashmm, I still have "calendar and development" series under "Release-critical bugs"21:11
th1aOK, what if I just mark those as "won't fix" or something?21:12
ignasyou can try21:13
ignasi think it should remove them from the overview21:13
th1aI mean, it is accurate...21:14
ignasok, i have to run now, got to get something to eat before shops close21:14
ignassee you21:14
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aelkner    >>> from import HTTPCaller21:54
aelkner    >>> from zope.testing.server import startServer21:54
aelkner    >>> startServer(HTTPCaller(), manager.url, 'manager', 'schooltool')21:54
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wjohnstoth1a, who can help me get cando working?22:14
wjohnstoI realize how general the statement is22:14
wjohnstobut I am getting errors with every checkout22:15
wjohnstoth1a_: ping22:15
whaddon    >>> from import HTTPCaller22:22
whaddon    >>> from zope.testing.server import startServer22:22
whaddon    >>> startServer(HTTPCaller(), manager.url, 'manager', 'schooltool')22:22
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th1a_wjohnsto: Are you with aelkner?23:11
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th1a_Is wjohnsto the only one with this problem?23:12
wjohnstowell hold on23:13
wjohnstothere are 2 of us with the problem23:13
wjohnstobut I might've just fixed it23:13
th1a_Did you?23:26
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wjohnstoth1a, Yes, I believe it is a network problem here23:30
wjohnstoso I'm going to plug in23:30
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