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fsufitch_aelkner: ping00:34
fsufitch_i did the remove competency from course test00:34
fsufitch_i need to do the remove entire group thing00:34
fsufitch_but could you look over wat i did so far?00:34
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Lumierehi all02:03
Lumiereaelkner: tell dwelsh02:04
Lumierecall my home phone02:04
aelknerhe has me on hold now, but i will02:04
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ignasth1a_: ayt12:07
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th1a_hi ignas.16:02
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ignasth1a_: PoV could "rent" a programmer to cando16:06
ignasth1a_: though Jeff should probably write to Aiste to dicuss specific details if he is interested16:07
th1a_Ah, good news.16:07
th1a_OK.  I'll let them know.16:07
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fsufitchaelkner: ping18:22
aelknerfsufitch: what's up?18:58
th1a_aelkner: Here's the schedule for EP --
th1a_I'd say the first two days are loaded with relevant stuff for us, not so much the third.19:12
aelknerwho's this Ignas character giving a talk on Monday? :)19:13
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aelknerccarey: i just responded to your email19:39
ccareyi see it19:39
ccareyso we should probably change the functional test so that it follows this hierachy for now19:41
aelkneri'd say so19:41
aelknerbtw, when you go to run the tests, do so with the following command line:19:41
aelknerbin/test -f -p cando.virginia19:42
aelknerthat's because the app is broken in a lot of areas due to our changing the way comps work19:42
aelknerthat's why we really need to get comps working first, so we have a jumping off point for fixing everything else19:43
ccareyok i got it19:47
ccareyfirst i'm just changing the hierachy and the subject names to match with what might be used19:47
ccareylike math, science, history, english19:47
ccareyfor areas19:47
aelknersounds good19:56
ccareyi'll be away for lunch for a little bit20:21
th1a_Let me note that I think using computer science examples in CanDo functional testing is really confusing.20:43
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fsufitchaelkner, ccarey: ping22:31
fsufitchi'm back22:31
fsufitchsorry i was gone...22:31
fsufitchccarey: so wat's up?22:33
fsufitchaelkner gave me a call on my cell22:33
ccareydid you get my email?22:33
fsufitchno i didnt check my email yet22:33
fsufitchchecking now22:33
ccareyk check the emails first22:33
fsufitchgot it22:33
ccareyi changed the course names in the ftests to match with what aelkner suggested22:34
fsufitchyeah i saw22:34
fsufitchccarey: so wat's next?22:36
fsufitchsection comps?22:36
ccareyi have to add assigning section comps into the ftest22:37
fsufitchand i have to add removing :)22:37
fsufitchshouldnt it just be like copy-pasting though?22:37
fsufitchoh wait22:37
fsufitchi already copypasted it22:38
fsufitchleme see if it's right though22:38
fsufitchif it is, i can get to actually implementing it22:38
fsufitchaelkner: i'll be on from now on, so drop by and tell me any specs that you'd like for the section comps22:38
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fsufitchaelkner: ping23:36
fsufitchccarey: ping23:36
fsufitchwhy does the course view have a "view" button to get back to the index.html but the section view doesn't?23:37
fsufitchi just had to edit the URL to navigate back to the course23:37
aelkneryou need to check the config.zcml23:37
fsufitchthat's not a good UI thing23:37
fsufitchwell i know, the entry's not there23:37
fsufitchbut i'm asking rhetorically23:38
fsufitchhow come nobody noticed that before? >_>23:38
aelknerdon't worry about that23:38
fsufitchshould i add it?23:38
aelknerwhich section view?23:39
aelknerteh real section view or the section comps view23:39
fsufitchall of them23:39
fsufitchthey all have the same tabbuttons23:39
fsufitchor w/e u want to call them23:40
aelkneraction buttons is the good term23:40
fsufitchlike edit info, forum, student msgboxes etc23:40
fsufitchyes! that's it!23:40
fsufitchyeah, in the schooltool.actions menu23:40
fsufitchhm, i cant even find the registration for that...23:42
aelknerfsufitch: you make a good point, but i don't want you to get sidetracked with that for now23:45
aelkneryou can always use the Manage tab to get to a course23:45
fsufitchi'll keep on the section comps23:45
aelknerhave you checked anything in yet?23:45
aelknerfsufitch: never mind23:46
aelknerwait until you have the section comps working23:46
fsufitchno i havent23:46
fsufitchaelkner: i'm submitting a bug though23:48
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