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fsufitchaelkner: um00:01
fsufitchhow am i supposed to go about selecting the competency?00:01
fsufitchfor assigning i mean00:02
fsufitcharea req -> then what?00:02
aelknercourse, course group, finally competency00:02
aelknereven though you are assigning comps to a section, you are getting them from the global comps00:03
aelknerthe global comps are what's organized by area, course, course group, comp00:04
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fsufitchaelkner: wait, so there are two different things called courses?00:12
aelknerok, admittedly it's confusing00:13
aelknercourses are courses00:13
aelknerglobal comps have course comps ins them00:13
aelknercourses also have comps assigned to them00:13
aelknerso that last part could be also considered course comps00:14
fsufitchoh wait, so globa, course, course group are different types of comps?00:14
aelknerthere are really only one type of comps00:14
aelknerglobal comps00:14
aelknerthat are organized as you said00:14
fsufitchw00t apparently it works, but i have some misnomers in my code00:14
aelknerassigning comps to courses or sections is just added a list of global ids to their annotations00:14
fsufitchi have to change a few mentions of sections to courses00:15
fsufitchbut then...00:15
fsufitchin the instance that we have00:15
fsufitchthere is only one course00:15
fsufitchcalled Moo00:15
fsufitchbut the comps are organized in courses named Course1-1000:16
aelknerglobal comps have courses that don't care about the actual course that exists in schooltool00:16
fsufitchso Course5 is not really a course?00:16
aelknerthey are published by the state of virginia00:16
fsufitchthen shouldnt it be named something different? >.<00:16
fsufitchoh, so this is virginia's fault :-P00:17
aelkneryou just have to get used to it00:17
aelknerfsufitch: btw, for the sake of clarity, think of the global comp levels being named:00:20
aelknerarea comp group, course comp group, course group com group, comp00:20
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fsufitchaelkner: so then... the viewclass for the section viewing/assignment/removal of competencies is the same as the one for the course00:22
fsufitchjust the templates are different for it to say section instead of course00:22
aelknerwell, not exactly00:22
aelkneryou need different logic for the section comps00:22
fsufitchno you don't...00:23
fsufitchi learned something new!00:23
fsufitchso then i'm generalizing the views00:23
aelknergood, good00:24
fsufitchbrb, g2g get foods00:25
fsufitchaelkner: done with assign/view/remove stuffs for sections :)00:43
fsufitchnot tested, but it seems to be working beautifully00:43
aelknerby done, you mean tested?00:43
aelkneri typed while you did00:43
fsufitchno, not tested yet00:43
fsufitchthe tests should be the same as the course ones though00:43
fsufitchso i guess they can just be copy-pasted once chris gets his working00:44
aelknerwell, you could start copy-pasting now as long as you put it after the course tests00:45
aelknerthis way, you won't interrupt chris' trouble shooting00:45
aelknerafter you've done that00:45
fsufitchbtw, who's organizing the sprint coming up?00:45
aelknerwhy don't you find out what the bug is from chris00:46
fsufitchand try to fix it too?00:46
aelknerand trouble-shoot it on your machine as well00:46
aelknerit's ok to work redundantly like that00:46
aelkneryou'll be learning together00:46
aelknerand you can give each other an assist00:46
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aelknerfsufitch: i read your gobby chat, but i'm not sure where exactly you are02:04
fsufitchaelkner: i just finished the tests for section comp assignment02:04
fsufitchi.e. done w/ everything02:04
fsufitchnow i just need to run the tests to make sure they pass02:04
fsufitchwhat's the cmd?02:04
aelknerbin/test -f -p cando.virginia02:05
aelknerwhat about course comps02:05
aelknerare all the tests passing02:05
fsufitchcourse comps are done too02:05
fsufitchchris says so02:05
fsufitchi'll see02:05
fsufitchand i'll fix what there is to fix02:05
fsufitchokay, running tests02:06
fsufitchthis was quicker than i thought coding everything...02:06
fsufitchheh, i had a stupid spelling error02:09
fsufitchuh oh02:12
fsufitchaelkner: ping02:12
fsufitchcould u look at lines 358/35902:13
aelknerof what file?02:13
aelknerfsufitch: ayt?03:00
fsufitchaelkner: hi03:01
fsufitchaelkner: wat's up?03:01
aelknerso i saw you checked in, but i haven't looked at it yet03:01
aelknerwhat's the status03:01
fsufitchall tests pass03:01
fsufitchsooo assignment of both course and section specific comps works03:01
aelknerok, are you ready for a wrinkle?03:02
aelkneryou basically cloned the course comp assignment to make the section comp assignment03:03
aelknerand that wasn't a bad idea03:03
aelknerbecause most of the presentation and logic is the same03:04
aelknerconsider this03:04
aelkneryou assign some comps to course 'Math'03:04
aelknerwithout assigning anything to section, 'Math Period 1'03:04
aelknerwhat should appear in the section comps view?03:04
fsufitchthe section follows the course03:05
fsufitchso the comps assigned to the course also appear in the section03:05
aelknerthat works?03:05
fsufitchnot tested...03:05
fsufitchbut it works03:06
fsufitchshould i test it?03:06
aelkneralso, think of cases03:06
aelknerwhere you add an additional comp assignment to the section03:06
aelknerand test that both the courses comps and that comp come up in the view03:07
aelknerthen go to the remove view03:07
aelknerand make sure that only the section comp appears there03:07
aelknerso you get my overall point, right03:07
aelkneryou need to make sure that the assignment logic works03:08
aelknerso you and chris can work on coming up with some creative test cases03:08
aelkneryou've heard of edge cases?03:08
fsufitchbut in a few mins i'm leaving to a thinger award giving ceremony for my bro's chess club03:08
fsufitchya i have :)03:08
fsufitchso we now get to have fun trying to break it?03:09
aelknerso i won't be around tomorrow03:09
aelkneruntil the evening03:09
fsufitchthat's okay03:09
aelknerso maybe i'll catch up with you then03:09
fsufitchwe can get along with that :)03:09
aelkneryeah, i think you can handle it03:09
aelknerbut i'd like to check in with you guys tomorrow night to see where we are heading into the sprint03:10
aelkneror any time saturday03:10
fsufitchthe sprint starts on...03:10
aelknerthat would have been a disaster03:10
aelknerhad you not showede03:11
fsufitchoh yea, monday is the 30th03:11
fsufitchno, i wasnt sure which day was the 30th03:11
fsufitch((i dont know my own birthday :( ))03:11
aelknermy birthday is june 2903:11
aelknerremeber last year when my brother forgot mine but remembered yours03:11
aelknerand how mad i got03:11
fsufitchsorry :-/03:11
aelknerwe'll have to celebrate both our bdays monday night03:12
fsufitchmy parents are prolly bringing in cake :)03:12
fsufitchalrite, i g2g03:13
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