IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2008-06-25

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th1anitromaster seems to be on vacation, too.01:23
fsufitchth1a: nooo, i just talked to him online like 30 mins ago01:54
fsufitchjabber: nitromaster101 at gmail dot com01:55
th1aok good.02:12
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aelknerccarey: hey!02:37
ccareyaelkner, hi i got the email02:37
ccareyand i'm trying to get set up here02:37
aelkneremails, right?02:37
aelknerthere was one from filip and a reply from me02:38
ccareyemails yes02:38
aelknerfsufitch: ayt?02:39
aelknerlook who's here02:39
fsufitchi know, he replied02:39
fsufitchand i fwded to u02:39
fsufitchhello, ccarey02:39
ccareyhi fsufitch02:39
ccareyi think my schooltool egg needs to be updated in .buildout/eggs02:41
fsufitchdid you follow my instructions?02:41
fsufitchit shoudl completely make a new instance02:42
ccareyi did02:42
ccareyso far, i've just followed the commands in your email02:43
fsufitchand it doesnt run?02:44
ccareyand its failing because its looking for code that is in a newer version of schooltool02:44
ccareyno the egg doesn't match my version of schooltool02:44
fsufitchjust do a rm -rf eggs02:44
fsufitchccarey: ping02:53
ccareyi'm re-setting up cando02:53
ccareyand i deleted eggs02:54
ccareyok eggs are new and its running02:56
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aelknerfsufitch_, ccarey: has dwelsh contacted you about a conference call tomorrow?04:02
fsufitch_aelkner: no04:02
aelknerhe should have04:02
aelknertry to be availabel int the late afternoon if you can04:03
fsufitch_late afternoon as in 4:00?04:03
aelknerso tell me, how's it coming along?04:03
fsufitch_alrite i guess04:04
fsufitch_ccarey got his instance running04:04
fsufitch_i dont know wat he's doing now04:04
fsufitch_and i think i have an ok understanding of what's going on04:04
aelknerhe's got to catch up04:04
aelkneryou mean, you read the README and you followed the code as well?04:05
fsufitch_ccarey: pinggg04:05
aelknermaybe you could get started on looking at the views while you wait for ccarey to catch up04:05
aelkneryou could even write some functional tests04:06
aelkneri don't think eldar did much of that04:06
aelkneryou said you found a bug, right?04:07
aelkneryou could write the functional test that revelas that bug and then fix it :)04:07
fsufitch_okay :)04:08
fsufitch_aelkner: remember the girl i introduced to the team?04:10
fsufitch_(aka haoqili)04:10
fsufitch_she's gonna be visiting us at the sprint04:10
fsufitch_and she's doing her best to learn zope rite now :)04:10
fsufitch_going thru paul's tutorial04:10
aelknershe's at your school, right?04:10
fsufitch_she's 2 years above me04:10
fsufitch_she's entering soph year in college at MIT04:11
aelknerbut she was at your school, or how did you meet her?04:11
fsufitch_oh yeah04:11
fsufitch_she _was_04:11
fsufitch_she does come from TJ04:12
aelknerit will be nice to have her there, the more the merrier04:12
aelkneruh, we still don't know where ccarey is at the moment, away from home, available tomorrow, etc.04:14
aelknerfsufitch_: btw, looking ahead in the week, when you get the course comps views working (tested)04:16
aelkneryou could look into getting the section comps view working04:16
aelknermmhm stands for what?04:16
fsufitch_stands for i'm paying attention to what you're saying :)04:17
aelkneroh, true, there's no way to spell that, or would im hum work?04:18
aelknerthe vowel sound is off04:18
fsufitch_i dont know04:18
aelkneractually, there is no vowel no that i think of it04:18
aelknerbut you do trip me up with these chat acronyms often :)04:19
aelknersee i do know some04:20
fsufitch_yup :)04:20
ccareysry guys, i'm back04:23
ccareygot pulled away by me parents for a while there04:23
aelknerme parents sounds more britsh :)04:24
ccareyor like a pirate04:24
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aelknerwe lost four users at the same time04:25
aelknerand now thy're back04:25
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aelkneris anyone getting my message?04:28
aelkneror am i disconnected04:28
ccareyeveryone's getting kicked out everywhere04:29
aelknerfsufitch_, ccarey: ping04:29
aelkneroh, your there04:29
ccareyits happening on #ubuntu too04:29
aelknerdid you see me as getting kicked out04:29
aelknerit's a freenode thing04:29
aelknerso ccarey, have you had a chance to read much of the README04:29
ccareyi'm just starting on it04:30
ccareyi had to help my parents pick restaurants for disney world04:30
aelknerare you home, and are you going to be all week04:30
ccareyi should be home in the afternoon all this week04:31
aelkneri've already told filip that dwelsh wants to have a conference call tomorrow around 4pm04:31
ccareyok i should be there04:31
ccareyhow does a conference call work?04:31
aelknerwell he's the one that will initiate it, calling each of us individually04:32
aelkneri'm trying to reach him to get a more specific time04:33
aelknerso since filip is one day ahead of you, i asked him to move on to the views that assign comps to courses and sections04:33
aelknerafter you've finished absorbing the README, you could get with him to start looking at that stuff together04:34
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fsufitch_aelkner: hello04:35
fsufitch_my internet froze up04:35
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aelknerccarey says that freenode was dropping people04:35
aelknerth1a was just dropped04:35
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aelknerfsufitch_, ccarey: how's it going?  could you give me some status of where you are?21:46
ccareyaelkner, i'm looking through the code relating to README.txt21:47
aelknerok, good21:47
aelknerafter that, take a look at the views for assigning comps to courses and/or sections21:48
aelknerand get with filip on what he knows so you can catch up with him21:48
aelknercan you guys try to arrange times to meet on-line and pair with each other?21:48
th1a_aelkner: I'm home.21:48
aelknerok, i'll call21:48
ccareyfsufitch_: ping22:10
fsufitch_ccarey: pong22:13
ccareycould you give me a rundown of where we are and what you know?22:14
ccareyi need to catch up22:14
aelknerfsufitch_: ?22:20
aelknerfsufitch_: do you have anything more for ccarey than 'pong'?22:21
fsufitch_aelkner: sorry, i had to go to lunch right after i ponged22:36
aelkneri'm just trying to make sure you guys are getting together22:37
aelknerand try to discuss as much as possible here in the chat22:37
aelknerso that i can gauge how your progress is going22:37
fsufitch_i've been gone all day22:38
fsufitch_so i'm pretty much where ccarey is22:38
fsufitch_i need to get to understand the views properly22:38
fsufitch_and get to work22:38
aelknertry to block out times where you can pair programm22:39
aelknerthat's important22:39
aelkneryou'll be sitting together at the sprint22:39
aelknerbut the sooner you get started doing that the better22:39
fsufitch_ccarey: so?22:40
aelkneri'm hoping the two of you can get the course and section assignment views working by week's end22:40
ccareyi should be available tmrw and friday22:40
ccareyin the afternoon22:40
ccareytmrw after noon, friday after 222:41
aelkneri'll be unavailable on friday22:41
aelknerbut you two can make progress without me if you back each other up22:42
aelknerfsufitch_, ccarey: you'll need to come to an arrangement of how to pair remotely22:44
aelkneryou could use gobby22:44
fsufitch_i was about to say that22:44
aelknerdo you have what you need for that22:44
aelknera host22:44
fsufitch_one of us could host22:45
fsufitch_my comp will always be on22:45
fsufitch_wait, nvm22:45
fsufitch_i'm behind an evil firewall22:45 could host22:45
aelkneryou'd need an account22:45
aelkneryou already have one22:46
fsufitch_wait, i alreadt have one22:46
aelknertry starting one now22:46
aelknersobby that is22:46
aelknerremember to use & to make it not go away when you log out22:46
ccareyi have to install mine first22:47
aelkneryou had gobby last summer22:48
aelknerdid you change machines22:48
fsufitch_aelkner: does have Xorg?22:48
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fsufitch_so i could ssh -X?22:48
aelkneri don't know22:48
aelkneri'm guessing not22:48
aelknerbut you don't need that to start sobby22:49
aelknersobby is just a server22:49
fsufitch_oh ok22:49
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aelknerfsufitch_: are you looking up how to start sobby?23:01
aelkneri had that tucked away somewher i think23:03
aelknerlet me check23:03
aelknerccarey: do you remember how we start it23:05
ccareyno sry i don't23:06
ccareyi haven't worked with sobby23:06
ccareyjust gobby23:06
aelknerok, i tried just typing sobby23:06
aelknerand it worked23:06
fsufitch_wow o.O23:06
fsufitch_port #?23:07
aelknernow i'll restart it with &23:07
aelknerso it's running serving port 652223:07
aelknerso both of you open gobby and tell me when you can talk to each other23:07
fsufitch_aelkner: yup :)23:10
aelknerok, so a couple things23:10
aelkneryou know how to use pas -aef together with kill, right?23:11
aelknersorry, ps -aef23:11
fsufitch_i use ps aux23:11
fsufitch_wat's the diff?23:11
aelknerps -aef give you the running processes23:11
fsufitch_wat's aux do?23:12
aelknersame thing, only i don't like the output as much23:12
aelknerit doesn't give the parent PID for one thing23:12
aelknergo to my server and run ps -aef23:12
aelknerlet's look at it together23:13
aelkneryou see the columns UID PID PPID and at the end CMD23:13
aelknerthose are the only important ones23:14
fsufitch_kill PID rite?23:14
fsufitch_i know how to use kill23:14
aelknerthat's right, not the PPID23:14
aelknerthat's the parent process which can be helpful in understanding how a process got started23:15
aelknertry killing sobby23:15
aelkneri know it won't work but i want you to try23:15
fsufitch_yea, operation not permitted23:15
aelknerright, that's because i own it23:16
aelkneri will kill it23:16
aelknernow you start it, using sobby &23:16
aelkneri see you started it23:17
aelknerwhat port did it tell you23:17
aelknerbtw hit enter and you see that you get the prompt back23:17
aelknerverify that you and chris can see each other in gobby23:17
fsufitch_aelkner: an alternative to the kill is using the killall command fyi23:20
fsufitch_"killall sobby"23:20
aelknerthat one would scare me that i might kill too much23:20
aelkneri prefer to be very careful and ps -aef and kill one at a time23:21
aelknerso do you two see each other in gobby23:21
aelknerso one of you needs to be the one that saves gobby files locally23:22
aelknerand svn ci23:22
aelknerthe other can use svn up23:22
aelknerthis way you don't get confused who di what to svn23:23
aelknergranted, one can always recover23:23
aelknerbut simplifying your interaction will save you time23:23
aelkneryou're both gong to have the same capability to save locally and test23:23
aelknerso may i recommend you start by opening up the files of interest, starting with the README23:24
aelknerand discussing23:24
aelknereventually, you can get to the views and start changing things23:24
ccareysounds good23:25
fsufitch_that works23:25
aelknerbtw, no conference call today23:25
aelkneri was mistaken23:25
ccareyok i was wondering about that23:25
aelkneryou two know what to do now23:25
aelknerif you get done both course and section assignment before friday is done23:26
aelknerwhich i wouldn't expect, but then again it could turn out to be simpler than expected23:26
aelknerin that case, you could just work on banging the heck out of it looking for cracks23:27
aelknerand writing functional tests that try to expose cracks23:27
aelkneri suggest you don't even think about skilldrivers until monday23:27
aelknerbest of luck for the rest of the week!23:28
fsufitch_aelkner: ping23:40
fsufitch_you still there?23:40
fsufitch_it appears that the assign/remove competencies from courses isn't ftested at all23:41
aelknerdoesn't surprise me23:41
fsufitch_so do we write ftests for it completely?23:41
aelknerthat will your first task23:41
fsufitch_that works :)23:41

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