IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2008-06-24

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fsufitchLumiere, aelkner, i finally got cando instance working02:37
fsufitchcontacting ccarey now02:37
fsufitchall i had to do is to run "make ubuntu-environment" which installed a bunch of packages02:38
fsufitchall of which were REALLY slow downloads02:38
fsufitchaelkner: chris isn't answering neither home or cell phone02:40
fsufitchand he's not online02:40
fsufitchperhaps he's away ;)02:40
fsufitchshould i leave a message, or is that sort of pointless02:40
aelknerdo email him02:41
aelknerinclude a detailed explanation of what i told you earlier today02:41
fsufitch... may i ask why the cando instance comes with its own binary of python?02:41
fsufitchthat's rather bizarre02:41
fsufitchand i will02:42
aelknerit's like the eggs02:42
aelknerit insures we use the version of python we want02:42
aelknerrather than worrying about what's on the user's system02:42
fsufitchaelkner: but doesn't that mean extra bulk in install space?02:46
aelknerignas is yhe02:47
aelknerthe one to have that discussion with02:47
fsufitchokay :)02:47
aelknerfsufitch: cc me on any emails to ccarey02:53
fsufitchaelkner: sent it, and cc'd u03:50
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th1aI'm completely baffled now about how this CanDo checkout is supposed to work.16:34
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fsufitchth1a: ping18:34
fsufitchi got the checkout working18:35
fsufitchhow i did it is:18:35
fsufitchsvn co cando/18:35
fsufitchcd cando18:35
fsufitchsudo make ubuntu-environment18:35
fsufitchmake run18:35
fsufitchthe ubuntu-environment command installs the required packages; make run makes it run; that's pretty much all there is to it18:36
fsufitchand fyi, i'm running ubuntu hardy, so i dont know how it would work with other distros...18:36
fsufitchi'll bbl, i'm going out for a bike ride18:36
th1aaelkner: ayt?18:43
aelkneri'm here18:59
aelknerth1a: what's up19:00
th1aAfter quite a bit of farting around, I'm back at that same error I had yesterday.  Want to see the whole thing?19:01
aelknerdid you follow the instructions that filip posted?19:02
aelknerdid you start from scratch19:02
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lisppaste5th1a pasted "cando bug bug" at
th1aShouldn't this be installing its own schooltool, though?19:03
aelkneryes, it should be getting the latest schooltool egg19:04
aelknerdoes bugs.gif exist in the egg?19:05
th1aWhere should the eggs be?19:06
aelknerthe eggs directory is located in the same directory as the buildout.cfg19:07
th1aWhat is it called?19:08
aelknerdo this: ls -ld eggs/schooltool*19:10
th1aWell, given that I don't have an eggs directory (which is apparently part of the problem), that's not going to do much.19:11
th1aI'll just bump this up to ignas.19:11
aelknerth1a: are you sure you followed filip's instructions above?19:12
th1aDude, there aren't that many instructions.19:13
th1aThere is something wacky about my setup.19:13
aelkneri'm surprised that make command didn't create an eggs directory19:13
aelkneri guess there is19:13
th1aYes, it is surprising.19:13
aelknerignas would be able to explain it i'm sure19:14
mgedminth1a: you apparently have the eggs directory in your home19:15
mgedminif the filenames in the traceback can be trusted19:16
th1aOh, right.19:16
mgedminthe /tmp-xJXTO/ bit doesn't look very permanent...19:16
th1aOK, let me try something...19:17
aelkneryou can get rid of the tmp stuff by dong this in the eggs dir:19:18
aelknerfind . -name '*.pyc' | xargs rm19:18
th1aI just changed the buildout cfg to put them in the cando directory.19:19
aelkneri guess filip didn't have to do that cause he didn't yet have a .buildout dir in his home19:22
th1aWell, it is still a clusterfuck.19:34
th1aEr... tests don't pass but it runs.19:35
aelknertests won't pass for now19:41
aelknerit's not a working app, really19:41
aelknerthe changes we made to the comps g=broke the gradebook19:41
aelknerbut that's what i'm gong to develop at the sprint, the new gradebook19:41
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th1aI don't think I can work on this without 45 seconds out of every minute being devoted into thinking about starting over from scratch.19:49
th1aSo I'm going to go back to writing documentation.19:49
aelknerth1a: i think that's a good idea, better to revisit the subject after our sprint is over next week20:01
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fsufitchaelkner: ping21:15
aelknerhey filip21:15
aelkneri see ccarey has not responded21:15
fsufitchi'm back and getting started21:15
fsufitchnope, he hasn't :-/21:15
aelknerhave you tried his cell lately21:15
fsufitchlet me check again though21:15
fsufitchnope he hasnt21:16
fsufitchno i havent21:16
fsufitchi'll try it21:16
fsufitchnoope, his cell is off21:17
aelknerdarn, where is he?21:17
fsufitchno idea21:17
aelknerhwo about his home, any answer21:17
fsufitchi'll try21:18
aelknerit looks like they're on vacation21:19
fsufitchthat sort of sucks21:19
aelknerit does indeed21:20
aelkneri think we just have to go it without him for now and keep trying to reach him21:20
aelknerso could you do as i suggested in the email21:20
aelknerreading the README and all that21:20
aelknerthe more you absorb, the more you can explain to ccraey when he comes on board21:21
fsufitchthat works :)21:21
aelknerit's cheating on his part :)21:21
fsufitchi know21:22
fsufitchbut watev21:22
fsufitchthe other stuff i'd be doing is bored programming anyways21:22
fsufitchor gaming21:22
fsufitchso i'd rather be productive21:22
aelknerfsufitch: after you read that README and look at the code that it tests, you will be very advanced in the subject of comps21:37

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