IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2008-06-12

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tdoggette_th1a: Are you there?17:43
tdoggette_Are you aware of the other, possibly trademark-infringing, software called schooltool, located at
ignastdoggette_: yes he is17:47
tdoggette_ignas: What's the deal with that? Doesn't Shuttleworth have a good strong trademark claim?17:48
ignasno idea, but is there since like 3-4 years ago at least17:49
tdoggette_It seems to me that seeing as they're similar software suites, someone has a trademark claim here.17:49
ignassomeone has, no one really cares ;)17:50
ignasand trademarks are country specific from what i can recall17:50
ignasours might as well be registered in South Africa17:51
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jelknerth1a: ayt?18:18
wbradyjelkner: do you think getting down with security programs is a good idea?18:23
th1ajelkner: I'm here.18:24
wbradyjelkner: its crashing when I just try to install Firefox18:47
wbradyand ClamAV is not in the third-party download list it has so I would need Firefox to download it18:48
jelknerwbrady: and the problem is?18:50
jelknerwe should be using firefox anyway.18:50
wbradyReactOS doesnt come with Firefox and it crashes when I try to install it18:50
jelknerdon't do that part now18:52
jelknernext year will be better18:52
wbradyhopefully it will be better sometime over the summer18:52
jelkneri don't expect major changes that soon18:52
th1aWhat in the heck are you guys trying to do?19:09
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aelknerhey ignas20:05
aelknerremember when you created schooltool.cas that you had to write the handle_configuration method20:06
aelknerwher you provideUtility20:06
aelknerand also procideFeature20:06
aelknerit's the second one that's important20:07
aelknerit causes's registration of it's utility20:07
aelknerto not happen20:07
aelknerdo you have a suggestion for how i can get that to happen in my test environment?20:08
ignasyou do know that you still can just plainly override the default utility using includeOverrides20:08
aelknerhandle_configuration is called from paste/main.py20:08
ignaswhich is not a problem in functional tests20:08
aelknerbut that's start-schooltool-instance stuff20:08
ignasas you don't have to make it configurable20:08
ignasyeah, it is, you don't do configuration20:08
ignasyou edit ftesting.zcml20:09
ignasand add something like "cas_overrides.zcml"20:09
aelkneri wish i had thought of that sooner20:10
aelkneri spent a lot of time getting to know how the whole provideFeature worked20:10
aelknerbuti guess the education wasn't all a loss20:11
aelknersome day that knowledge will probably come in handy20:11
ignasaelkner: i have told you to do overrides last time we talked about CAS ;)20:12
aelknersorry, that message got lost in the shuffle20:12
ignasbut i guess I was not clear enough20:12
aelknerno, my mind was probably distracted at the very point you mentioned it20:13
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