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jelkneraelkner_: ayt?17:17
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th1aignas: Can you update the version of the book on
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ignasth1a: is it not updating automatically?18:15
th1aIt is not up to date.18:16
ignasoh yeah, is down18:16
ignasso all the buildouts are failing :/18:16
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th1aIs that why I'm getting all the messages from zope-dev?18:17
mgedminth1a: thanks18:58
mgedminsounds like work18:58
aelkner_ignas: a question19:59
aelkner_mgedmin: ayt?20:08
* mgedmin moos20:08
aelkner_i have problem using construct_url20:08
aelkner_from within a test20:08
aelkner_it expects wsgi values to be defined in request.environ20:09
aelkner_but they aren;t20:09
aelkner_if i run the code live, they are20:09
aelkner_request.environment i meant20:09
aelkner_do you know what i need to do to get those items set in request.environment20:10
ignasaelkner_: no idea, i don't really know what you are doing20:10
aelkner_the cas plugin calls construct_url20:11
aelkner_passing request.environment20:11
aelkner_that causes a key error20:11
aelkner_on this line20:11
aelkner_url = environ['wsgi.url_scheme']+'://'20:11
aelkner_that key is not set, nor any that start with wsgi20:11
aelkner_i could copy request.environment and fill in the keys that are missing20:13
aelkner_from within the cas plugin20:13
aelkner_but that's kind of hackish20:13
aelkner_i was hoping you knew of some trick for getting tests to have those cales set20:14
ignasi am not sure, really20:19
ignasi mean - the url that Zope3 has20:19
ignasok, no, i am not even sure I should be using that function in there20:19
ignasi think it is being used in there only because the CAS authentication was being performed at wsgi layer20:19
ignas3 implementations ago ;)20:20
ignasaelkner_: you probably will have to write your own function to do that, or maybe use some attribute of request20:21
aelkner_or i could keep what you have20:21
aelkner_and add the value into the envireonment20:21
aelkner_environment = request.environment20:21
aelkner_        environ['wsgi.url_scheme'] = 'http'20:21
aelkner_that's the hack i refered to20:21
aelkner_it would only require adding one line20:21
aelkner_btw, when the server runs live20:22
aelkner_by that i mean not in a test20:22
aelkner_request.environment has all the wsgi values set20:22
aelkner_that's why i think the hack wouldn't be harmful20:22
aelkner_and would save a lot of work not having to rewrite construct_url20:23
aelkner_oh, that didn't work20:25
aelkner_'object does not support item assignment'20:25
aelkner_maybe writing my own method wouldn't be so bad20:26
aelkner_as i don't need 90% of what construct_url does20:26
aelkner_ok, thanks20:32
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jelknerwbrady: ayt?21:25
Lumierehe is21:26
jelknerdid you see the email i just sent?21:26
jelkneri've been trying to reach eldar all day21:26
jelknerno luck21:26
wbradyi have not seen any new email21:26
jelknercan you check it out now?21:27
wbradystill nothing new21:27
jelkneronly jason would see this one21:27
jelkneri sent it to his ibiblio address21:28
wbradywait r u talking to me or jason?21:28
LumiereI saw it21:28
LumiereI will respond in a few minutes21:28
jelknerLumiere: so, can you take from here?21:28
LumiereI am dealing with a response from pgandy21:28
Lumierejelkner: why'd you want will?21:29
jelknerdo you mean now?  or over the Summer?21:29
Lumiereyou ayt'd wbrady21:29
jelkneri was just going to ask him if he registered yet21:30
Lumierewe're registering in the next few minutes21:30
Lumierewelsh got back and it was....21:30
wbradyjelkner: i just registered21:34
jelknerwbrady: great, thanks!21:35
wbradyjason should be doing his soon21:35
jelknerok, i've got class, gotta run...21:36
jelknerhave a great weekend!21:36
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th1aaelkner_: ayt?22:08
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