IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2008-06-11

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th1aignas: Is there some reason we don't have a comma between the last and first names of people in SchoolTool?17:10
ignashmm, i think hysterical reasons17:14
th1aA comma would help there.17:15
ignassame reason the title is last name + first name instead of being first name + last name17:15
th1aLast name first helps for sorting.17:15
th1aOr does that not matter for title?17:16
ignasit does from what I can recall17:16
ignasit still does :/17:16
th1aBut there isn't a reason not to add a comma?17:16
ignaslemme see what breaks if I do that ;)17:17
th1aTests probably ;-)17:17
ignasit seems that nothing crucial get's broken17:34
ignasso i guess I could add this fix to our next bugfix release17:34
th1aAs I go through writing documentation I'm going to be generating a stream of annoyances.17:39
th1aOne good thing is that I have a good workflow for getting screenshots into the documentation.18:01
th1aYou get too many steps in there and it drags you down.18:01
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aelkner_ignas: i have a question about testing and schooltool.conf19:36
aelkner_how do i get teh test's schooltool.conf to have the <cas_authority> in it?19:37
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aelkner_i never thought about schooltool.conf with tests before19:37
ignaswell - you don't19:37
ignasschooltool.conf is not used in tests19:37
aelkner_but i need to simulate the environment that we have going live19:38
ignas"simulate"? by using a live CAS server in a functional test?19:39
ignaswell - you can write an authentication utility stub for your functional test, that has the server attribute set19:39
ignasthen you can includeOverrides that plugin19:39
ignasin your ftesting.zcml19:40
ignasthough that will make your tests depend on the presence of a working CAS server19:40
aelkner_no i didn'nt mean a working cas server19:41
aelkner_i meant the utility19:41
aelkner_i guess you answered my question19:41
aelkner_i would need to write a test utility19:41
aelkner_that could be hard-coded to have my test CAS server in it19:42
aelkner_that would work19:42
ignaswell - kind of work, the first time someone will change the password - your test will fail19:42
ignasor if your test server is not available in SLA19:42
aelkner_my test server will only be invoked by the test19:43
aelkner_it's source will live in the same directory as the code19:43
aelkner_it will be an HTTP server19:43
aelkner_it will fake the responses that schooltool.cas expects19:43
ignasi see, well - as long as bin/test will work...19:43
aelkner_that's the idea19:44
aelkner_i'm writing those functional tests that you didn't get a chance to write19:44
aelkner_they will NOT depend on anything exterior19:44
ignasby the way - i'd suggest thinking about randomizing the port, or at least += 1 it if you can't open it19:44
ignasso that it would still work if you are running 2 instances of tests19:45
ignasat the same time19:45
eldaraelkner_, you there?20:36
eldarok, i've barely eaten anything since morning, and they have bbq outside20:36
ignaseldar: fix the tests on cando_buildout branch please ;)20:37
aelkner_eldar: ping me before you call me, ok?20:37
eldarignas, yeah i'll get to them eventually, the problem is the broken tests depend on a package that is being rewritten, so i gotta finish this module up, and then go update the broken ones and their tests20:38
ignasi see20:38
ignasit is making it difficult for me to keep that branch up to date with schooltool trunk ...20:38
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