IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2008-06-04

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mgedminignas: do you have a website publishing the latest pretty schooltool developer's handbook in html?17:18
ignasmgedmin: nah, have to think of a place17:19
ignasfor that on schooltool.org17:19
ignasmaybe ?17:19
ignasor book.schooltool.org17:19
ignasand get you to help me set up apache properly ;)17:19
ignasand then set up buildbot to compile the stuff every commit17:19
ignasor at least nightly17:20
mgedminrelease early, release often17:21
mgedminwe already have a hack infrastructure for publishing coverage reports from buildbot17:21
mgedminput the docs next to it17:21
ignaswhat? here?
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jelkneraelkner_: ayt?18:05
aelkner_yes, for about ten minutes18:06
aelkner_what's up?18:06
jelknercan you call me?18:06
aelkner_ok, one sec18:06
aelkner_ignas: ayt?18:17
aelkner_i was wondering, did you say you had schooltool.cas working at one point?18:17
ignasnot sure why and how it's broken18:17
aelkner_and it's being used at lyceum18:18
ignasit's not18:18
aelkner_why not?18:18
ignasbecause they still haven't managed to set up their infrastructure18:18
aelkner_how do know it works?18:18
aelkner_i mean, if they are not useing it18:18
ignaswell - i don't know if it works now, i used it when working on it18:19
ignason my machine18:19
ignasi have set up a CAS server18:19
ignasand made schooltool authenticate with the CAS server18:19
aelkner_what CAS server18:19
aelkner_that's what we use at SLA18:19
aelkner_i've put a number of traces into the publish code of zope, and it looks like it keeps looping18:20
ignaswell - fix it18:20
aelkner_i plan to18:20
ignasi mean - i just made it "work"18:20
ignasthere are no functional tests even18:20
aelkner_i know18:20
ignasso you will have to refactor out the part that interacts with CAS server into a utility18:21
ignasand write a stub for it18:21
ignasthat acts as if it was an actual CAS server18:21
aelkner_i will get it to work with rubycas before i do that18:21
ignaswell - sometimes debugging with a live server is more difficult, but - it's your choice18:22
ignasi mean - it's easier when you *know* that your CAS server is giving the access18:22
ignasbecause you have a "return True" in there ;)18:22
aelkner_well, i just wanted to know what you had done with it, so thanks18:23
ignasi mostly spent time implementing the - do not lose the form if you click "submit" with your session timed out18:25
ignasanyway - that thing should be redesigned to use single "target" url18:25
ignasinstead of sending the current url every time18:26
ignasto save resources and reuse tokens18:26
ignasas that would save a lot of roundtrips18:26
ignaswhile keeping the thing more secure than it is now18:26
ignasbut i'll be doing that if/when i'll be using it18:26
aelkner_yes, i need to reduce the round trips18:28
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aelkner_that's the first symtom i have seen18:28
aelkner_anyway, got to go to SLA now18:28
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aelkner_th1a: am i here?19:28
aelkner_Lumiere: ayt?19:29
aelkner_eldar: how about you?19:29
aelkner_ignas: ayt?19:32
ignasbut will be gone soon19:32
aelkner_that's fine, i was just wondering whether i was getting though on chat19:32
aelkner_noone else was answering, and we are supposed to be meeting now19:33
aelkner_tdoggette: ayt?19:33
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mgedminhm, some cgi script setup might be missing there19:45
mgedminthe search doesn't work19:45
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th1amgedmin: Do you have a buildbot doing that?21:07
mgedminignas has it21:07
th1aThe search thing isn't explained in the Sphinx docs, at least that I can find.21:08
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