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Lumierehi mgallagh02:50
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Lumierehaving some issues there?02:51
mattva01umm thats not me02:51
mattva01hmm whois says it is02:52
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mattva01silly automated login script :)02:53
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mgedminthe schooltool documentation is beautiful!14:21
mgedminI must try out sphinx14:21
Aisteth1a:  you there?14:54
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mgallaghignas, what do you have to say about my config?15:02
ignasmgallagh: could you be more precise?15:03
mgallaghas in why does it not work15:03
ignashow does it not work?15:03
mgallaghlet me get error15:04
mgedminignas's crystal ball is in the shop for repairs15:05
ignasmgallagh: could you please do "bzr pull"15:05
ignasin your jelkner2007-buildout15:05
ignasto update it15:05
ignasmgedmin: it works just fine, i am just lazy15:06
ignasmgallagh: and bzr revert your changes15:07
mgallagh/bin/sh: bin/buildout: not found15:07
mgallaghif I run make after that15:07
ignasthen do python2.4 bootstrap.py15:08
ignasbecause the makefile has no "clean" option, and is not completely set up15:08
mgallaghAn internal error occured due to a bug in either zc.buildout or in a15:09
mgallaghrecipe being used:15:09
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mattva01oh duh15:11
mattva01ok getting gcc errors on pilwotk15:12
mattva01imaging.c:76:20: error: Python.h: No such file or directory15:12
ignassudo apt-get build-dep python-imaging ?15:13
mattva01oh yeah15:13
ignassudo apt-get python-dev and etc.15:13
mattva01hmm python imaging, python-dev, build-essential,15:18
mattva01still fails with same error15:18
ignasrm -rf python15:18
ignaspython2.4 bootstrap.py15:18
mattva01hmm giving an error on lxml even though python-xml is already installed15:23
mattva01ah figured it out15:27
ignasmattva01: is it working now?15:33
mattva01basically, just installing dependencies I forgot about15:33
ignasi see :)15:34
mattva01whats tha package for zope-ucol?15:41
mattva01kk,it's running15:48
mattva01aelkner,you ready?15:48
mattva01oh well , I'll wait15:59
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mattva01aelkner_,ping ( I know you probably are not up16:29
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aelkner_mattva01: you need to stop cando17:11
mattva01i need to stop cando to make gradebook work?17:12
aelkner_i mean you need to stop the other schooltool instance17:13
aelkner_the one you just built17:13
aelkner_bzr bind
aelkner_bzr pull17:14
aelkner_did you get a couple of files?17:14
mattva01one sec17:14
mattva01bzr: ERROR: Cannot lock LockDir( Transport operation not possible: http does not support mkdir()17:15
aelkner_ignas: i had this problem before17:15
aelkner_do you remember what the solution was?17:15
ignasaelkner_: yes i do, may I ask you why do you want pull after bind?17:16
ignasyou have to do bzr up17:16
ignasand bzr revert17:16
aelkner_thaqt's the problem :)17:16
ignasjust in case you have merged in something you don't want17:16
aelkner_my notes were in error17:17
mattva01so what should I do now17:17
mattva01bzr up?17:18
ignasmattva01: bzr revert17:18
ignasand then bzr up17:18
th1aaelkner_: What's your street address (for EP registration?)17:18
mattva01bzr: ERROR: Tags not supported by BzrBranch5('file:///home/mgallagh/schooltool_sandbox/jelkner2007-buildout/'); you may be able to use bzr upgrade --dirstate-tags.17:18
mattva01k done17:19
mattva01bzr upgrade worked17:19
aelkner_how did you fix the error?17:19
aelkner_and did you get the changes?17:19
aelkner_mattva01: ?17:19
mattva01bzr upgrade fixed the error17:20
mattva01and then bzr up worked17:20
mattva01then do I do anything with my makefile17:20
aelkner_did you get the changes?17:22
aelkner_how many?17:22
mattva01more then 2017:22
aelkner_i didn't make that many17:22
aelkner_what were they?17:22
mattva01its revsion 3717:23
mattva01gradebook/browser mainly17:24
mattva01ah only 3 modified files but more then 20 changes :)17:24
mattva01some how17:25
aelkner_what does that mean?17:25
aelkner_3 modified sounds perfect17:25
mattva01ah I get it17:25
aelkner_the changes number is just a message17:25
mattva01no , i counted17:25
mattva01I think it comes form all the binds17:26
th1aIf you don't have permission you can get that error.17:26
th1aNever mind.17:26
aelkner_mattva01: i assume you already had a working instance before i asked you to bring it down, right?17:27
th1aignas: I'm registering you for EP, right?17:27
aelkner_then kjust bring it back up now17:27
ignasth1a: no, i think I was registered by Aiste17:27
ignasat least i got the confirmation17:28
aelkner_and ask jelkner to bring up the final grades view17:28
th1aThat would seem to indicate I shouldn't pay to register you.17:28
th1aaelkner_: You should be getting a confirmation.17:28
aelkner_got it17:29
mattva01hmm : this new makefile has no run17:30
ignasmattva01: which makefile?17:31
mattva01i'll just do it the correct way17:31
aelkner_whichever way you had it started just now17:31
ignasmattva01: which Makefile? and what is the "correct" way?17:31
aelkner_i assume, bin/start-schooltool-instance instance17:31
ignasdid you just bind jelkner2007-buildout to gradebook ?17:32
ignaswhich means that your start-instance will be using the old gradebook17:32
ignaslemme see17:33
ignasor are we talking about something that is not jelkner2007 on maddog?17:34
mattva01no that was just testing, I moved it to gradebook.elkner.net17:34
mattva01its jelkner2007-buildout17:35
ignasoh, i see, and how can jelkner2007-buildout not have a "make run" ?17:35
mattva01i dunno it overwrote that file17:35
ignascan you "bzr info" in jelkner2007-buildout ?17:36
mattva01Repository checkout (format: pack-0.92)17:36
mattva01  repository checkout root: .17:36
mattva01        checkout of branch:
mattva01         shared repository: /home/mgallagh/schooltool_sandbox17:36
mattva01Related branches:17:36
mattva01    push branch:17:36
mattva01  parent branch:
mattva01expected you would need that17:36
ignastada, it explains you why you got 20 changes17:36
ignasyou have bound jelkner2007-checkout17:36
ignasto a gradebook branch17:36
ignasyou should have performed the "bind" command in your schooltool.gradebook directory17:37
mattva01I just did what alan told me17:37
ignasit thinks that it's a checkout of schooltook.gradebook_aelkner, with a parent branch jelkner2007-buildout17:37
mattva01so bzr unbind or something17:37
ignasbzr bind it to
ignasbzr up it17:38
ignasthen post "bzt st" to me17:38
ignasi'll go get an apple17:38
mattva01bzr: warning: unsupported locale setting17:39
mattva01  Could not determine what text encoding to use.17:39
mattva01  This error usually means your Python interpreter17:39
mattva01  doesn't support the locale set by $LANG (en_US.UTF-8)17:39
mattva01  Continuing with ascii encoding.17:39
mattva01  .installed.cfg17:39
mattva01  backup.bzr/17:39
mattva01  bin/17:39
mattva01  develop-eggs/17:39
mattva01  eggs/17:39
mattva01  instance/17:39
mattva01  jelkner2007/17:39
mattva01  parts/17:39
mattva01  python/17:39
ignasnow go to schooltool.gradebook17:40
ignasthe checkout that you have17:40
ignasbzr bind
ignasbzr up17:40
mattva01now what about jelkner2007-buildout17:41
ignaswell - it should be working properly now17:41
ignasso after bzr up17:41
ignasgo to the buildout17:41
ignasand "make run"17:41
ignasoh and remove the "jelkner2007/" directory from it17:42
mattva01it still does not have run17:43
ignasbzr info in there17:43
mattva01  shared repository: /home/mgallagh/schooltool_sandbox17:43
mattva01  repository branch: .17:43
mattva01Related branches:17:43
mattva01    push branch:17:43
mattva01  parent branch:
mattva01I unbound it to see if that would work17:43
mattva01but it didnt17:43
ignasthen do bzr pull
ignasin there17:44
mattva01bzr: ERROR: These branches have diverged. Use the merge command to reconcile them.17:46
ignasi'd suggest checking out a new jekner2007-buildout17:47
ignasand doing "make run" in it17:47
mattva01thats gonna take ages17:47
ignasbecause I don't really know how to fix this one17:47
ignasjelkner2007-buildout takes ages?17:48
mattva01one sec17:48
mattva01yeah nvm17:48
ignasth1a: i am getting frustrated with launchpad translation UI17:50
ignasth1a: there is no way to remove an old POT17:50
ignasand adding a new one still requires you to wait for approval17:50
mattva01kk working on it17:50
ignasth1a: and do you know what we want to do with the "series" stuff17:51
ignasth1a: i mean - what's the meaning of it, and what series should we have to properly divide translation + bug reporting effort into "current release" "current trunk" ones17:51
Lumieremattva01: you get a chance to look at that url? :)17:59
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mattva01aelkner, your changes work, thanks18:10
mattva01Lumirere,yeah I can't remember what it was though18:10
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aelkner_mattva01: great18:11
mattva01aelkner_: umm, I only have one package18:32
mattva01for schooltool.gradebook18:33
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* th1a is back.19:16
th1aignas:  I'll try to grok series.19:17
ignasth1a: it seems that the only one way to remove one is to ask launchpad devs19:17
ignasbzr seems to be a nice example of series organization19:17
th1aWhy do we want to get rid of one?19:17
th1aJust to keep people from doing the wrong thing?19:18
ignasit totally does not make sense19:18
ignasjust to keep it organized, and easier for me to understand ;)19:18
ignasi mean - translations19:18
ignasnew releases that should go to series19:18
ignasdevelopment series19:19
* ignas wants to have the kind of order that bzr people have ;)19:19
ignashaving 2008.04 series and 2008.10 series makes a bit more sense...19:19
ignasespecially as our releases are named that way19:20
ignasbut i don't really have a strong opinion19:20
ignasas long as I know where to put the translations for the 2008.04 release, where to put them for trunk19:20
th1aYes, that makes sense, I think.19:20
ignasand know what we'll have to do when we'll release 2008.10 release candidate19:21
th1aPerhaps there are none for trunk.19:21
th1aJust for releases.19:21
th1aJust release series.19:21
ignasbzr people have series19:22
ignasthat is always the development focus19:22
ignasand keep adding series as they do releases19:22
th1a2008.4, 2008.10 series seems like the way it is supposed to be done.19:26
ignasit seems so19:27
ignashaving bugs assigned to "calendaring" seems confusing to me19:28
th1aWell, it makes sense if there are bugs that only apply to the version in, say, hoary.19:46
th1aignas:  I mean, they are still bugs there.19:47
ignasth1a: i mean - "where there?"19:47
ignascalendar does not exist, even i can't set it up19:47
ignasto run19:47
ignasthe release was not called "calendar"19:47
th1ayeah, it wasn't called calendar.19:48
th1aI'm not making a strong argument that it is the right way.19:48
ignasand no one is ever going to fix it19:48
ignaswhich is bugging me19:48
ignasbugs are things we will be fixing19:48
ignasa bug in calendaring series means that we are actually thinking of fixing it in calendaring series19:48
th1aWhatever makes you happy, ignas, we can do.19:49
ignasso when I fix a bug in trunk, i my "obsessive" part just yells at me for marking it as fixed in calendaring19:49
th1aOh, I see...19:49
th1aOK.  Well, let's just ask them to nuke it.19:50
ignasthanks :)19:50
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