IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2008-06-05

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tdoggetteWhat's the Schooltool default username/pass?17:25
tdoggetteNever mind, my sysadmin came through17:27
ignasth1a: pink17:53
th1aignas: blue?17:53
ignasautogenerated every checkin17:54
ignasif everything works17:54
mgedminignas: search doesn't17:54
ignasmgedmin: ?17:55
th1aI need to ask on IRC how search is supposed to work.17:55
mgedminhey, it works now17:56
mgedminwhen I enabled network tracing in my firebug17:56
mgedminfirebug bug?17:57
th1aUh... weird.17:57
th1aI mean, yay!17:58
mgedminthe colours do actually match in my xchat :-)17:59
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th1aignas: Thanks.18:10
th1aI'll update schooltool.org18:10
mgedminignas: <nitpick>"Users' Guide" has an apostrophe</nitpick>18:11
mgedminooh, pretty screenshots18:12
mgedminnice css everywhere18:12
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th1aignas: Where do you set whether or not ST is remotely accessible?18:58
ignasfor release18:59
ignasinstance/schooltool.ini for sandboxes19:00
th1aignas: Change "host =" ?19:01
th1aThat seems pretty unintuitive.19:01
ignaswell - from unix and in general sockets perspective it is19:02
ignasit's the host you are listening on19:02
ignasyou can insert your host in there19:02
ignaslike for example19:02
ignasi think19:02
ignasand it will only be visible for and not any other name for that PC19:03
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