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th1aignas: I have a bzr question ;-)16:27
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wbrady_Lumiere: ayt?16:54
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aelknerignas: ayt?18:30
aelknerignas_: ayt?18:43
ignas_yes, but on/off18:43
aelkneri had a quick question about cas18:43
aelkneri've studied the code and it's schooltool equivelent18:43
aelknerand i'm not sure how it resolves the utitlity lookup18:44
aelknerbecause both schooltool's and schooltool.cas' utilities are registered for the same interface18:44
aelkneris there some kind of registration i have to do to get one to be prefered18:44
ignas_the names are different i think18:45
ignas_as for the preferred one - it's schooltool.conf that picks the one18:45
aelknerthere's no name18:45
ignas_that will be used18:45
aelknerjust the factory and the interface18:45
aelknerin schooltool.cas.configure18:46
aelkneryou've used this before, right?18:46
ignas_i don't think the configure.zcml is used at all18:46
ignas_i think you just install the egg18:46
ignas_and add the CAS section18:46
ignas_in schooltool.conf18:46
ignas_           zcml:condition="have cas_authentication">18:47
ignas_in the <configure> block18:47
ignas_is the safeguard18:47
ignas_so yeah - you probably have to include the zcml18:47
ignas_but it is not enabled unless you set it up in schooltool.conf18:47
aelkneri would think you include the package, thus including the zcml18:47
aelknerwhat's the line in schooltool.conf?18:48
aelknerhave you done this yourself before?18:48
aelkneryou wrote this, right?18:49
ignas_  server foo_bar_baz18:49
th1aThis isn't the kind of thing you'd expect to work without touching some configuration.18:49
ignas_i think its that way18:49
ignas_th1a: nope, you have to configure18:49
ignas_what you don't want is - servers set in zcml18:50
ignas_what works with CAS is - putting CAS include slug in the plugins directory i think18:51
ignas_so you don't touch any zcml at all18:51
ignas_just - install the plugin (don't have a workflow for that yet)18:51
ignas_and edit your schooltool.conf18:51
ignas_same with LDAP18:52
aelkneri still don't understand how the utility gets found18:53
aelknerthe auth class does a lookup for the plugin18:53
ignas_well - easy, there are 3 options for the utility in the worst case, but 2 of them are not loaded18:53
ignas_because of the condition bits in the zcml18:53
aelknerdef authPlugin(self):18:53
aelkner        return getUtility(ISchoolToolAuthenticationPlugin)18:53
ignas_look at the zcml18:54
ignas_the utility is not registered18:54
aelknerwhich zcml?18:54
ignas_<?xml version="1.0"?>18:54
ignas_<configure xmlns=""18:54
ignas_           xmlns:browser=""18:54
ignas_           xmlns:zcml=""18:54
ignas_           zcml:condition="have cas_authentication">18:54
ignas_the "have cas_authentication" bit18:54
aelkneri saw that, but how does that prevent the other utilty from being found18:54
ignas_look at the file that the other utility is registered in18:55
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aelkner  <utility18:55
aelkner      xmlns:zcml=""18:55
aelkner      zcml:condition="not-have authentication"18:55
aelkner      factory=".security.PersonContainerAuthenticationPlugin"18:55
aelkner      provides=".interfaces.ISchoolToolAuthenticationPlugin" />18:55
ignas_zcml:condition="not-have authentication" bit18:55
ignas_so - we only load the default authentication18:56
ignas_if alternate authentication mechanism18:56
ignas_was not loaded18:56
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ignas_        context.provideFeature('cas_authentication')18:56
ignas_        context.provideFeature('authentication')18:56
ignas_makes schooltool load cas_authentication, and makes schooltool skip the default authentication18:56
ignas_and it's all in the schooltool.conf, so you can switch to whichever utility you want without touching any code and any zcml18:57
aelkneroh, i see18:57
aelknerby default, not-have is true18:57
aelknerbut when one adds one like cas does , then it's false18:57
aelkneri get it18:57
aelknerwere you looking for me yesterday?18:58
aelkneri saw you pinged me18:58
ignas_i wanted to ask whether you can get me ssh access18:59
ignas_to your PC and to SLA18:59
ignas_or somehing like that19:00
ignas_so I could diagnose your problems in a more efficient manner19:00
ignas_having remote desktop access19:00
ignas_would be the perfect thing19:00
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aelkneri can email you the root access to SLA19:00
aelknerbut my development machine, i don't know how to get you into it19:01
aelknerwould i have a static IP?19:01
ignas_do you have an external ip address19:01
ignas_static is not necessary19:01
ignas_external is important19:01
aelknerhow i do check?19:01
ignas_what's your IP ?19:01
aelknerwhat do i look for?19:02
ignas_inet addr:19:02
aelkneri'll email you that19:03
aelknerbut you need a login19:03
ignas_no login19:03
ignas_let's do this19:03
ignas_post me your ip in private on irc (as safe as email, really)19:03
ignas_open preferences19:03
ignas_System -> preferences -> remote desktop19:03
ignas_check 2 first checkboxes19:04
ignas_and the other 219:04
ignas_and set some dummy password19:04
ignas_(you will be confirming it using a dialog anyway)19:04
ignas_and i'll try connecting using vncviewer19:04
ignas_to your PC19:04
ignas_ok, you don't have an external IP address19:04
aelknercan we do this for just a one off19:05
aelkneri mean i have private info on this machine19:05
ignas_well - i mean - if you had given me remote desktop access19:06
ignas_it would be one off19:06
ignas_and i would be controling the same desktop you are19:06
ignas_so you would see what i am doing19:06
ignas_which is as if i was sitting behind you19:06
aelknerthat's fine19:06
aelknerbut my IP won't work, right?19:06
ignas_and next time - your confirmation would be needed...19:07
ignas_so i am thinking of workarounds19:07
aelkneryou'll be careful with the SLA machine, yes?19:08
ignas_only for diagnostic reasons, i will set up my ssh key and forget the password19:08
aelkneri'm not worrying about you knowing the password19:09
ignas_well - when connecting using ssh - using a public ssh key is just a good practice19:09
ignas_then you only need the password when doing sudo on that machine19:10
ignas_ok, connection to that server works19:12
aelknerwhat kind of diagnostics do you plan to run19:14
ignas_well - like ¨bzr st"19:15
ignas_for example19:15
ignas_i mean - i only need it in cases when something breaks down and you want me to help you19:15
ignas_which happens sometimes, and I have realised19:15
ignas_that if we were in the same office it would have taken ~15 minutes19:15
ignas_not 3 hours19:16
aelkneri hear you19:16
ignas_which is why I want to be able to get remote desktop access when you want my help19:18
ignas_because you could see what i am doing19:18
ignas_and i could do the things, instead of use you as a robot19:18
aelknerso do have the workaround in mind for ne not having an external ip19:19
ignas_working on it19:19
ignas_we might have to use the SLA server as the intermediate "hop"19:20
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aelkneri'm back19:51
aelkneri don't see the icon you mentioned19:51
aelkneris that becuase you didconnected already?19:51
aelknerignas: anyway, i went to the remote desktop and disallowed users19:52
ignasbecause i am not connected anymore19:52
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