IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2008-05-28

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ignasaelkner: are you there?16:53
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jelknerwbrady: good morning!17:34
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Lumierehi matt18:59
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jelkner_wbrady: u still here?21:30
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jelknerwe only have a half hour today21:32
wbradyfor what?21:32
jelknerhenry and tyler are here21:32
wbradythey should get on some sort of IM or IRC so i can talk to them21:33
jelknerhenry is pointing to me that they have completed the ipcop tutorial21:33
wbradydid they push?21:33
jelknerthey are testers21:33
jelknernever mind21:33
wbradythey r writing the first lesson21:33
jelknerhenry just told me he is helping to edit21:33
wbradyso they finished testing also?21:34
jelknerhold on, i'm going to set up them to talk to you directly...21:34
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wbradyhgrover: welcome21:37
hgroverthis is a cool little program21:37
hgroverbut anyways, the situation is that we don't exactly understand connect to the router that has ipcop installed21:38
hgroverand mr elkner says that we should21:38
hgroverbut when we did connect that one time, david grehb had to help us out with it21:38
wbradydid he not tell u how to do it?21:38
hgroverhe just sat down and changed some gateways and ip adresses, then set us out on our own to explore the router and do what we needed to do21:39
hgroverand that's what we don't understand, is how to do that21:39
wbradyim afraid i dont know how to do it only david does21:39
wbradyunless u ask matt gallagher or someone but you might just have to give up on that21:40
hgroverok, but it seems as though mr elkner thinks that everyone should know how to do this21:40
hgroverhe's saying that this will mostly be used for home routers21:40
hgroverand that the people who are reading this tutorial will need to know how to do that, so we should write about it21:40
hgroverso i guess we'll just skip over that part till i get a chance to talk to somebody who might understand it21:41
wbradyu need to talk to matt gallagher about understanding it21:41
wbradyi dont even know how to do it21:41
hgroverok, i guess we'll try to get in touch with him21:41
wbradyhave u finished writing the first lesson?21:41
hgroverwe're almost done, i believe21:41
wbradytalk to jelkner about getting in touch with matt21:41
hgroverwe'll likely finish it up this class period21:41
wbradyi finished lesson 2 also, it would be nice for u to test that also21:42
wbradyjelkner: we need to do some major refactoring with the networking lessons21:43
jelknerthat is what I hope you will work on21:46
wbradythere are too many topics that are either not in the right place or spread out over multiple lessons21:46
wbradyand there is no flow of the lessons (like there is no first lesson then second lesson and so on)21:46
wbradyim going to go back and redraw up an outline of how the lessons should go then cut and paste all the necessary pieces from current lessons into that21:47
hgroversomeone went through lesson one and added something like "<<<<<<<<<< TREE"21:50
hgroverand that seems to be messing it up21:51
wbradywhat? i dont see that21:52
Lumierethat's a conflict21:53
hgroverit's in line 31 on ours21:53
Lumierefrom bzr or svn21:53
hgroverbut i suppose someone might have done something stupid while we weren't looking21:53
Lumiereit is saying that I found a conflict here21:53
hgrovercause there are people in this class who would probably find "tree" funny21:53
Lumiereif you look in the file21:53
Lumiereand scroll down21:53
Lumiereyou'll find a >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<21:53
Lumiereand a >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> r???21:54
Lumiereor something like that21:54
hgroverit just says "<<<<<<<< TREE"21:54
Lumierehgrover: keep scrolling down21:54
LumiereI am sure something like that is in there21:54
hgroveryeah, i see that21:54
hgroverit says ">>>>>>>>> MERGE-SOURCE>21:54
Lumiereit means that tree -> merge source -> ? found an edit conflict21:55
wbradythis is in lesson 1?21:55
Lumiereusually meaning someone edited something right on what you or someone else edited21:55
Lumiereand then 1 committed21:55
Lumierewhen you updated it tried and failed to merge his and your changes21:55
wbradyhgrover: did u not pull when u first came in?21:55
hgroverwe did pull21:55
hgroverahhhh, ok21:56
hgroverwhen we pulled, it said "1 conflicts encountered"21:56
hgroveri guess that's what did it21:56
hgroverand just out of curiosity, who is lumiere?21:56
wbradyhgrover: jason straw21:56
hgroverah, ok21:57
hgroverbut what should we do to fix that error?21:57
hgroveryeah, we said "bzr pull"21:57
hgroverand it did all the normal stuff, but with one conflict21:57
wbradyu must not have commited and pushed ur latest changes21:57
hgroverwe didn't make any changes before the conflict, though21:58
hgroverwe had just got here when we pulled21:58
Lumierethen I would remove the file and bzr update21:58
hgroverand there was already one conflict21:58
Lumierelook for lesson1.orig21:58
hgroveri see "lesson1.xhtml", "leson1.xhtml.BASE", "lesson1.xhtml.OTHER", and lesson1.xhtml.THIS"21:59
Lumierelook at those 321:59
Lumierefigure out which is right22:00
hgroveris ".BASE" the same as orig?22:00
Lumierecoy it over lesson1.xhtml22:00
Lumierethen bzr resolve lesson1.xhtml22:00
hgroverack, school is over22:01
hgroveri have my bike today, though, so i'll get mr elkner to help me with this real fast22:02
wbradyjelkner: i dont know where to put binary and hex22:07
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