IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2008-05-30

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wbradyjelkner: did you get to look at the work I did?16:00
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jelknerwbrady: 541916:34
jelkneraelkner: u here?16:34
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wbradyjelkner: ayt?17:15
aelknerignas: ayt?17:24
jelknerth1a: ayt?17:25
wbradyjelkner: did u see the networking stuff?17:26
jelknerwbrady: 541917:26
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ignasaelkner: yes17:52
ignasaelkner: i am here now17:52
ignasth1a: ping17:52
aelkneryeah, my brother has contacted me regarding the gradebook, and he points out a bug that i need to fix17:53
aelknerbut i have questions about distributing17:53
aelknerand developing for that matter17:53
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aelkner_igas: am i here?17:55
aelkner_i got disconnected for some reason17:55
aelkner_i had to set up buildout.cfg in schooltool.stapp2008spring17:55
aelkner_wherein i had to specify sla as the main app17:56
ignasi see17:56
aelkner_so you see my dilemma17:56
ignasnope, not really17:57
aelkner_oh, i thought when you said "i see" that you already knew my dilemma17:57
aelkner_so i'll explain17:57
aelkner_if i bzr brach jelkner200717:57
aelkner_how do i run it?17:58
aelkner_i don't want to have to change buildout.cfg in schooltool.stapp...17:58
aelkner_every time i switch between working on jelkner and sla17:58
ignasso what do you want to do?17:59
ignasand why can't jelkner2007 and sla be enabled at the same time17:59
ignasjust in 2 different instances17:59
aelkner_ah, maybe i don't understand it yet17:59
aelkner_so if i add jelkner2007 to buildout.cfg18:00
aelkner_that makes it available to create and instance with18:00
aelkner_so then i run /bin/make-schooltool-instance jelkner2007?18:01
aelkner_forgetting the first /18:01
ignassomething like that, the parameter is the directory for the instance18:01
aelkner_is there a doc for using make-schooltool-instance?18:02
aelkner_your help page doesn't mention it18:03
ignasi think running it without parameters18:04
ignasor with --help18:04
ignasshould give you the info18:04
aelkner_i see someting in the Makefile18:04
aelkner_bin/make-schooltool-instance instance instance_type=schooltool.stapp2008spring18:04
ignasyes, instance is the directory18:04
aelkner_so i could rrun:18:04
ignasinstance_type is the instance type18:04
ignasso you either pass instance_type thourgh the command line18:05
ignasor set it18:05
ignasin the dialog18:05
aelkner_bin/make-schooltool-instance jelkner2007 instance_type=schooltool.jelkner2207?18:05
ignasthat you get if you do not set it18:05
aelkner_bin/make-schooltool-instance jelkner2007 instance_type=schooltool.jelkner2007?18:05
ignasit will work i'd guess18:05
aelkner_then bin/start-schooltool-instance jelkner200718:06
aelkner_ok, i think i get it now18:07
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mattva01ok so we want to move our cando instance onto a bzr branch?18:33
aelkner_this is the schooltool instance that jeff uses for grading18:33
mattva01oh right18:33
aelkner_start by reading this:18:34
aelkner_don't take any of the action until you've read it all18:34
aelkner_ping me when you're done reading, then we'll get started18:35
mattva01aelkner_: ping18:39
aelkner_you've read it all already?18:39
mattva01i read quickly18:41
aelkner_so for starters, what user are you, root?18:42
mattva01well I can be :)18:42
aelkner_i think that would make it more straight forward18:43
aelkner_becuase you see that you have to update the user's home directory18:43
mattva01k i'm root18:43
aelkner_so go ahead and follow the instructions that end with "This will take long, very long actually."18:44
aelkner_that is actually true18:44
aelkner_it will take a couple of hours18:44
aelkner_so best to get started right away18:45
mattva01checking out into root's home directory, is that how you guys are planning to do things?18:46
mattva01oh well its just for devlopment18:47
aelkner_i don't know.  this is all ignas gave us18:54
ignasi have mentioned root?18:54
ignasas for the directory18:55
ignasi am using ~/schooltool_sandbox18:55
ignasas an example18:55
aelkner_no you mentioned using the user directory18:55
aelkner_and in his case, the user would best be root18:55
ignaswell - i had to pick something18:55
ignasand why do you want the user to be root?18:55
aelkner_what user user should he use?18:55
ignasany non-root user would be better in general18:56
aelkner_this is not development18:56
aelkner_he's deploying18:56
ignasi know18:56
aelkner_at SLA i deployed using root18:56
ignasand it's a bad thing18:56
aelkner_and a better thing would be?18:57
ignasrunning it as a user18:57
aelkner_/etc/init.d scripts run as root, don't they18:57
ignasany user that won't get your hard drive erased if someone finds a glaring security hole in Zope318:57
ignasthey start as Root18:57
ignasand then change user to some other18:58
ignasschooltool for example runs as a user "schooltool" on ubuntu18:58
ignasapache starts as root18:58
ignasbut all the threads run as www-data18:58
ignastrac runs as user "trac"18:58
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* ignas always consults with jinty, alga or mgedmin for these issues18:58
aelkner_mattva01: i recommend consulting with ignas then18:59
aelkner_ignas: matt is deploying jelkner200718:59
aelkner_and i want him to use the branches19:00
ignasoh, why?19:00
aelkner_of all the packages19:00
aelkner_so that when i change something19:00
aelkner_i don't have to wait for you to merge it and build the egg19:00
ignasi see19:00
ignasand can you give us a list of these branches?19:00
aelkner_i'm going from your help page19:01
aelkner_if matt follows those instructions19:01
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aelkner_he will have the branches19:01
aelkner_then if i make a change19:01
ignashe will do what?19:01
aelkner_i can do that create prefix thing19:01
aelkner_and he can do the bind thing19:01
ignasi think he can do bind thing with ligtweight checkouts too19:01
aelkner_so ho should still follow the instructions for creatng the branches except19:03
aelkner_he should add the lightwieght part19:03
ignasi will try to find out what's the setup19:03
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aelkner_ignas: i'm not sure what's going on here19:25
aelkner_we need to get matt set up with schooltool via bzr19:26
aelkner_so are we waiting for you to find out what's the setup?19:27
ignasi have talked to him and we I am waiting for him to check the stuff out, apparently mattva01 has used bzr before19:28
aelkner_you are private chatting?19:28
ignasand if you know how to use bzr schooltool is not doing anything extraordinary19:28
aelkner_i need to know what you guys are doing19:29
aelkner_jeff calls me,  ot you when he needs things19:29
ignashmm, because when you told mattva01 to ask me about these things19:29
ignashe asked me19:29
aelkner_mattva01: why did you priovate chat?19:29
ignasand i have found out that he knows them already19:29
aelkner_we need mindshare on this19:30
ignasthere was pretty much no information exchanged19:30
ignasi only told him that he will have to checkout jelkner2007 bit19:30
ignasand fix the makefile19:30
aelkner_so you're instucting him to only check out jelkner2007 and change its makefile19:31
ignashe will make a full checkout19:31
ignas*and* checkout jelkner200719:31
aelkner_ok, that's what we need19:31
mattva01heh ok19:33
aelkner_mattva01: so you're using the lightweight option?19:33
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