IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2008-05-27

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Lumierehi th1a15:51
Lumiereeldar, wbrady, tdoggette15:51
tdoggetteYeah, yeah, I'm up.15:51
Lumieretdoggette: were you looking for me over the weekend?15:52
Lumierewhen I was totally dead to the world15:52
tdoggetteYeah, but I just needed someone with root on maddog, and I found someone else.15:52
LumiereI do not have root on any yhs equipment15:52
Lumiereuntil said equipment moves to ACC (and goes under my security) it's matt's issue ;)15:53
Lumierehe can call me for assistance, but I have enough servers to deal with atm15:54
wbradyhey Lumiere I guess jelkner is not around15:54
Lumierewbrady: he doesn't come to these15:54
tdoggettewbrady: I'm in a room with him if you need him.15:54
wbradyalright thats cool15:54
tdoggetteYou need him?15:54
wbradyno no its fine15:55
wbradyLumiere: you're not at ACC are u?15:56
LumiereI come in after the Developers Meeting at 9:3015:57
th1ahi Lumiere15:57
wbradyyea i'm sitting in the lobby watching this meeting15:57
Lumierewbrady: welsh should be there15:58
wbradyhe is he is in the meeting15:58
Lumiereand you can't get into the office?15:58
wbradyno but its fine i'll just hang out here15:58
Lumiereif you go talk to one of the office staff15:58
Lumierethey may let you in  ;)15:58
Lumiereor you can just sit there and work on the curric15:59
wbradyit's sort of interesting hearing what the guy talking has to say15:59
Lumierewhat's the guy look like?15:59
eldarwhat guy?15:59
wbradyLumiere: short, white, gray beard16:00
Lumierewbrady: noone I know off hand then16:01
wbradyyea he's talking about his experience with a stem thing he did in another school i think16:02
eldartdoggette, did you need anything from me?16:02
tdoggetteeldar: I'm working on the doctestquiz code that you and pcardune worked on a couple years back. Is there anything I need to know about it?16:03
Lumiere<_< *shoots doctestquiz a few times*16:03
eldarthat's an ambiguous question16:03
eldarand you'll get an ambiguous answer16:03
Lumiereeldar: not from me :)16:04
eldartdoggette, is the branch you want to use16:04
Lumieretdoggette: why would anyone in their right mind agree to work on a piece of code that I really *really* don't want to let into trunk :)16:04
eldarLumiere, he's doing something with grok16:05
eldarthis is outside of schooltool/cando16:05
Lumiereeldar: ah16:05
tdoggetteLumiere: What's wrong with it beyond the general objection to letting students execute code on the server?16:05
eldartdoggette, nothing really. it's pretty safe right now16:05
eldarare you trying to port it outside of cando?16:05
Lumiereit has no applicability beyond a extremely small swatch of computer science users16:06
tdoggetteeldar: for now, yeah.16:06
eldarhave you looked at the code yet?16:06
tdoggetteI'm putting a web interface on it and getting it working well enough that it can do its job as a way to take a test16:06
tdoggetteeldar: Yeah.16:06
eldaryeah you just gotta strip out schooltool/cando centric stuff16:07
eldarthere isn't much16:07
tdoggetteAll that it really needs to do is toss a boolean on whether or not something passes.16:08
eldartdoggette, wait are you trying to modify the core as you're porting it?16:08
tdoggetteIncidentally, that link seems to not contain any of the code.16:08
tdoggetteeldar: I'm trying to get it working separately from Cando.16:08
eldargotta look deeper16:09
eldartdoggette, I get that point16:09
eldarbut are you saying you want to rip out the error messages16:09
eldarand stuff that it used to return?16:09
tdoggetteIt'll be returning that stuff to a web page instead of a shell16:09
th1aRun it on Google App Engine.16:10
Lumiereth1a: this is jeff we're talking about16:10
th1aUse their sandbox.16:10
tdoggetteth1a: Elkner wants grok, or else I would.16:10
Lumierehe's still focused on zope apps16:10
tdoggetteThough my invite did come through a while ago.16:10
eldartdoggette, did you actually see doctest quiz in action?16:11
tdoggetteMy goal for doctestquiz is a grok/zope app that has a nice web interface for submitting python code and getting a result about whether it passes a doctest16:11
eldari don't think we're on the same page here16:11
tdoggetteeldar: No, I've just seen the code.16:12
eldarok from the code, what do you see16:12
tdoggetteA piece of zope that takes a doctest and a piece of untrusted code and returns either success or failure with errors.16:13
eldarand you want to remove the failures part?16:13
eldari mean returning errors16:14
eldarfor debugging purposes16:14
tdoggetteI'm not sure exactly what Elkner wants. The errors are nice for learning, but not necessarily for testing.16:14
Lumierereturning the error will help in grading16:15
eldartdoggette, well go make sure what jeff wants16:15
eldarbefore you do any work and end up having to redo it16:16
Lumiereand get him to write all those userstories out somewhere16:16
tdoggetteElkner says that he wants it to be right or wrong.16:16
Lumiereand rubber stamp em ;)16:16
Lumieretdoggette: ask him whether he wants extra data about wrong16:16
Lumiereotherwise you find yourself in the unenviable position of fixing it last minute16:17
Lumierewith no recourse against a change order16:17
eldarhe probably should want it, regardess of what he actually does. because just right or wrong can be frustrating16:18
Lumierehi ignas, aelkner16:18
aelknerhi Lumiere16:18
tdoggetteeldar: Lumiere: He wants several things, apparently.16:20
tdoggetteBoth a yes/no and "hidden" doctest that prevent brute-forcing, and a limited amount of information about correctness.16:21
eldarwell i'd first port it as it is16:23
eldarand then make changes from there16:23
Lumieretdoggette: no offense... but I'm glad it isn't me writing it16:23
aelknerignas: i'm having trouble distributing my schooltool changes to SLA16:24
tdoggetteLumiere: I know how you feel.16:24
ignasaelkner: what kind of problems?16:24
aelkneri made changes to my branch on my machine16:24
aelknerthen i bzr ci to it16:25
aelknerbzr push --create-prefix bzr+ssh://
aelknerthen i went to the SLA machine16:25
aelknerbzr bind
aelknerthen i did a bzr pull16:26
aelknerUsing saved location:
aelknerbzr: ERROR: Cannot lock LockDir( Transport operation not possible: http does not support mkdir()16:26
Lumiereyou shouldn't need to pull16:26
Lumiereoh wait XD16:26
aelknerthat was what yoru page said to do16:27
ignashmm, bzr bind and then pull?16:28
ignascan't find that16:28
ignasafter bind16:28
ignastry bzr up16:28
ignasbind - makes a branch and independent branch16:28
ignasinto a checkout16:28
ignascheckout acts the same way svn checkouts do16:29
aelknerok, i don't see bzr bind followed by bzr pull16:29
ignaspull and push - are for branches16:29
th1ahi all16:29
aelknerbut i don't find bzr up either16:29
aelkneri think your page gets confusing there16:29
ignasyes, there isn't any, it is kind of implied ;)16:29
ignassame for bzr push16:29
eldartdoggette, did you ask everything you wanted?16:29
ignasafter bind16:29
ignasno need to do that16:29
ignasyou push it16:29
tdoggetteeldar: Yes, thanks.16:29
ignasthen you bind it16:29
ignasand then you use it with bzr ci and bzr up16:30
aelknerwhere does it say that?16:30
ignasWork on the feature/fix in that branch. When done - publish it:16:30
ignas~/schooltool_sandbox/schooltool.gradebook_fix_broken_grades$ bzr push --create-prefix bzr+ssh://
ignasBind that branch, so that all your changes would get published as soon as you commit them:16:30
ignas~/schooltool_sandbox/schooltool.gradebook_fix_broken_grades$ bzr bind bzr+ssh://
ignaspush, then bind16:30
ignasand then bzr ci16:30
ignasand on the other end - just rebind it and bzr up it if you had a branch there16:31
ignasor bzr co it16:31
aelkneri see push16:31
aelknerthen bind16:31
aelknerthen branch16:31
aelknerthat's confusing16:31
aelkneri think it need to be more in a proper order16:31
ignasit is in the proper order, just that it is explaining 2 different things16:32
ignasbzr ci to your own branch16:32
ignasand feature branches16:32
ignasat the same time16:32
ignasone after another though16:32
ignasthe urls of branches are different16:32
aelkneryeah, but that's the problem16:32
aelknerit's explaining two different things16:33
ignasand even there16:33
ignasit's push, then bind16:33
ignasi will denote the "feature branch" detour16:33
ignasin some way16:33
aelknercould you break it up into instructions that can be followed verbatum?16:33
ignaswithout understanding what you are doing - probably no16:34
ignasyou will get confused if the only difference between pull and checkout will be - it's different words16:34
ignasi will try though16:34
aelkneri think the best way to learn is by example16:35
aelknerso if we have examples of what to do on your machine followed by how to deploy it16:35
th1aWell, at a certain point you need some conceptual understanding.16:35
ignaswell - it is an example and you can follow it16:35
ignasit creates an sla branch16:35
ignasand an sla_feature branch16:35
aelkneri understand concepts by seeing them in action16:35
ignasand merges the sla_feature branch into the sla branch16:35
aelknersorry, that's how my brain works16:36
ignasit explains even more than you need16:36
ignaswhich apparently is the problem16:36
ignaswhich is why i will try splitting it into 2 usecases16:36
aelkneri think that the creating the feature branch could come after explaining the deployment of the first16:36
aelknerit's just a matter of order16:36
aelknerand the example should be doable verbatum16:37
ignasit is doable verbatim16:37
ignasjust that it does it in a different way from the one you are doing16:37
aelkneri followed it verbatum and i got the failure16:37
ignasthere were no steps that were concerning the deployment part in there i think...16:38
ignasand the failure is when checking out16:38
th1aI am sure ignas will update the instructions to reflect your feedback, aelkner.16:38
aelknerthat's my hope16:39
ignasyes, will do, will add separate full sections for all the usecases mentioned16:39
aelknerfor now:16:39
ignasinstead of having 1 section that goes through everything you need16:39
aelknerwhat do i do on SLA now?16:39
aelknerbzr up?16:39
ignastry it16:39
aelknerit's transferring16:40
aelknerit brought in a bunch of changes that i didn't do16:40
th1aignas: Do you want me to just add a developer section to the SchoolTool book and start checking these docs into that?16:40
aelknerbut it also brought in my changes, too16:40
aelkneri think16:41
ignasth1a: well - i don't really know what is the right way at the moment, i have a branch16:41
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ignaswith developer docs16:41
aelkneryes, my changes came in16:41
ignasth1a: that you can merge from16:41
th1aA branch of?16:41
ignasthat has a section "developer handbook"16:42
ignasbut i was not sure whether you want it in the main docs, or as a separate "book"16:42
th1aAh.  Well, why don't you check it into trunk and I'll re-arrange it.16:42
ignasi think it is mergeable without including the buildout changes even, if you don't want buildout16:42
ignashmm, ok16:42
ignasquestion is - buildout or no-buildout or no difference16:42
ignasas long as it works16:43
th1abuildout for the docs?16:43
ignasmake html works that is16:43
th1ait fetches Sphinx?16:43
ignasyes, as an egg16:43
th1aYeah, I'll start using that.16:43
ignasok, will merge everything to trunk then16:43
ignasafter the meeting16:43
aelknerignas: why did i get all these changes to traversal stuff?16:44
ignasbecause they are a part of the trunk that you branched from16:44
ignasi'd guess16:44
aelknerbut i thought branches where separate?16:45
ignaswell - they are separate now, but when you branch - you branch at that moment in time16:45
ignasso if you branched yesterday from the trunk - you got all the changes that were in trunk16:45
aelkneractually, i branched on my machine when eldar and i met with you16:46
aelknerthen i branched on SLA machine the next monday16:46
ignasmaybe you bzr pulled that branch16:46
ignasi don't really know what precisely you did, so i don't really know what is the state of your branch16:46
ignasmaybe you can run bzr info16:46
ignasto see16:46
ignaswhat your branch is bound to16:46
aelknerroot@schooltool:/opt/schooltool_sandbox/schooltool# bzr info16:47
aelknerRepository checkout (format: pack-0.92)16:47
aelkner  repository checkout root: .16:47
aelkner        checkout of branch:
aelkner         shared repository: /opt/schooltool_sandbox16:47
aelknerRelated branches:16:47
aelkner  parent branch:
aelknerthat's after i already did teh bind to my new prefix16:47
ignasyeah, i see16:47
ignasi don't really know, i mean - you could have pulled from trunk some time during the days16:48
ignasbecause a "bzr pull"16:48
ignasin a checkout will update your branch16:48
ignasfrom the trunk16:48
ignasthe parent branch that is16:48
aelkneri did a bzr pull16:48
aelknerso maybe that's it16:48
ignasso you got your branch updated16:48
aelknerthat's when i got the error16:49
aelknerabout the mkdir16:49
aelknerso i won't wnat to do the bzr pull anymore16:49
ignasnot really16:49
aelkneri thought bzr pull was the equivalent of svn up16:50
ignasit's not16:50
ignasbzr up and bzr pull are 2 different things16:50
aelknerplease keep in mind when you update the instructions16:51
ignaswell - pull16:51
aelknerthat some people like myself (and there are probably others)16:51
ignasis mentioned once16:51
ignasand not in the command line even16:51
aelknercan only understand concepts16:51
ignasso - i don't really know where you got the idea16:51
aelknerwhen they see them in action16:51
aelkneri don't either16:51
ignasand bzr documentation16:52
ignasis the thing to read16:52
aelkneri can't keep this stuff straight16:52
ignasis you want more examples16:52
ignasand want to learn concepts16:52
ignasthey have a lot more experience in teaching others to use bzr and understand bzr16:52
aelknerbut i'd still prefer to have examples of our own that i can refer to16:53
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aelkneri keep cheat sheets around16:53
th1aYes -- you really need to spend a little time with the bzr docs, aelkner.16:53
aelknerso i don';t have to go back to larger docs16:53
aelknerit takes too long to do that each time16:53
aelknerth1a: ok16:53
*** wbrady has quit IRC16:55
ignasso :)16:56
ignasshould i tell you what I was doing last week?16:56
th1aThanks for the email report aelkner.  Please try to squeeze in sample data generation for the new features so I can see them.16:56
th1aignas: Yes.16:56
ignasin the beginning of the week worked on loading all the term transition problem back into my tiny head16:57
ignasJustas helped me a with some insights into how to simplify the changes to the codebase16:58
th1aGood... I was hoping it was time to get back to that.16:58
ignascreated a plan of action and worked on the step one16:58
ignaswhich is handling all the today problems in the system16:58
ignasso i would have a time machine16:58
ignasin unit tests16:59
ignasand functional tests16:59
ignasso no more - this test fails on mondays problem16:59
ignason the other hand - you will be able to test the code that only fails on mondays16:59
ignaswithout waiting for an actual monday ;)16:59
th1aGood ;-)16:59
ignasnow i have it working and I am fixing all the code to actually use that utility17:00
ignasto get today and now17:00
ignasthings like tomorrow event portlet looking for actual tomorrow in a wondrously hacky way17:00
ignasthen I will start working on SchoolYear objects17:01
ignasputting terms into schoolyears17:01
ignasand attaching terms and schoolyears to all the stuff17:01
ignasi am not even sure how to organize the UI17:02
ignasaround that17:02
ignasbecause we have multiple flat lists17:02
ignasthat will have to become a part of 3 level hierarchy17:02
ignas2008 -> 2008 Spring -> default school timetable17:02
ignasfor example17:03
th1aYear > Term > TT Schema?17:03
ignasSo Manage -> year -> term -> School Timetables17:03
th1aThe relationship to TT Schema isn't really hierarchical.17:03
ignasit kind of is, i mean - it is more convenient to work with it that way17:04
th1aI guess we need to think in terms of use cases.17:04
ignaseven if you pile on "copying" of it17:04
ignasfrom term to term17:04
ignaswell - ok17:05
ignasyou can have it not in a term17:05
ignasbut sections and courses and groups for example17:05
LumiereI agree with th1a17:05
Lumierea timetable should be linked into a term as information17:05
ignasi am thinking in usecases, which is why i mentioned this problem17:06
Lumierebut a school's timetable rarely changes from year to year or term to term17:06
ignasLumiere: i understand it was a bad example17:06
th1aAdjustments year to year are not uncommon.17:06
ignasjust that17:07
ignaswhen you have to pick between17:07
ignassingle namespace17:07
ignaswith "deprecation"17:07
ignasthat hides old ones17:07
ignasand shows new ones17:07
ignasand a "copy on new school year"17:07
ignasway of handling it17:07
ignasautomatic copy might be more intuitive than having to "hide" some school timetables, because you want to change slots17:08
ignasor remove a lesson17:08
ignasso just - copy it and do whatever you want17:08
ignasmight be better than - do some things, but if you want to do other things - delete the school timetable17:08
ignasand create a new one17:08
ignaswith a different name preferably to avoid confusion17:09
ignasit's a can of worms :/17:09
aelknerby all means, let's avoid confusion17:09
th1aI'd say you should ping us as you hit specific cases.17:09
th1aIn the UI.17:10
ignasthat's everything i did17:10
th1aI'm glad we're moving forward on that problem.17:11
th1aLumiere: Anything to add?17:12
ignasthe main insight was - moving tracking of time in membership for example from being in Group and in Person to being a part of a relationship, which means that only objects that we need to have versions are relationships, School Timetables and Timetables17:13
ignasso we don't need a cover all abstraction that would affect every single content object17:14
th1aOK... I think I see that.17:14
th1aWhat does "versions" mean in that context?17:15
ignaswell - you can have 2 versions of a timetable17:15
ignasup to 2005-05-13 you had history as lesson 117:15
ignasand since then it's lesson 217:15
ignasso you got 2 versions of the same object, and the state of the timetable depends on the date17:16
ignasso my idea was that you should do the same with person -> section relationship17:16
Lumierenot really17:16
ignasso if john was in history up to date 2005-05-1317:16
th1aI would say a timetable should be immutable.17:16
ignashistory new that it had john removed from it 2005-05-1317:17
ignasth1a: we have discussed the usecases last time you were in vilnius17:17
ignasand this way of doing it covers a lot of the timetable mangling that is happening in the beginning of the school year17:17
ignaswithout losing track of things17:17
* th1a remembers talking while walking among Soviet apartment buildings.17:18
ignasimmutable objects can't track things like "lessons moved" vs "lesson added + lesson removed"17:18
ignasso an object that has a "history" is more suitable than a set of states in this repsect17:18
th1aAh... it is slowly re-loading into my tiny head.17:18
ignasbut apparently when it comes to relationships you can leave that data in the relationship itself and all the usecases still pass17:18
ignasso instead of iterating through a history of a section17:19
ignasyou just grab *all* the relationships17:19
ignasand handle each of them the way you need17:19
ignaslike - asking which of them are active now17:19
ignasso the whole list gives you a list of all members that ever were in the section (very useful for attendance, journal gradebook tables)17:20
ignaswhile you can easily retrieve the information about the current state of the relationship17:20
ignaswhen displaying the "cell" for the grade/absence mark17:20
ignasand iterate through time17:20
ignaswhile drawing small X marks in the table cells17:21
ignasin the order you want17:21
ignasstudent by student (relationship by relationship) or day by day17:21
ignashopefully it will work, if not - i'll tell you why, and what's my new plan ;)17:21
th1aOK.  I won't interfere.17:22
ignasbut still we need proper school year -> term -> stuff ownership hierarchy working first17:22
th1aignas: What do you think about meeting with the Lyceum teachers when I'm in town of EP?17:23
ignashmm, i'll ask them17:23
ignasI am thinking of talking about eggs in EP17:25
th1aI should book my flight soon -- I can get there a day early or late for a visit if necessary.17:25
th1aYeah, I was wondering if you were going to give a talk.  You should.17:25
ignasok, will write them an email today or tomorrow morning17:25
th1aAny last words?17:26
ignashave a nice week? ;)17:26
LumiereI'm with ignas17:26
th1aHave a great week, gentlemen!17:27
Lumierecya all monday17:27
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:27
*** wbrady has joined #schooltool18:21
th1aTeliaSonera today announced it has signed an agreement with Apple to bring the iPhone to Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia later this year.18:23
ignaslike, whatever18:30
ignasi was always interested what would happen if i'd get a blackberry or an iphone and switch carriers18:31
ignasi think PoV is not using "Telia"18:32
th1aYou can show up mgedmin's N810!18:37
wbradytdoggette: are you still with jelkner?18:40
tdoggettewbrady: Yes.18:40
wbradycould you ask him to get on sometime18:40
tdoggettewbrady: He says he'll see you at the Career Center.18:41
wbradyo ok great18:41
*** tdoggette has quit IRC18:55
ignasth1a: merged both of my branches to trunk19:29
aelknerignas: i'm trying to get SLA to use the bzr code19:35
aelknersomething got broken with travesal19:36
ignasis it the sla in bzr?19:36
aelknerthe traversal adapters i wrote in sla19:36
ignasbecause i am pretty sure that i have fixed the code in the sla bzr repository?19:36
aelkneri think you maybe broke it19:37
aelkneror maybe i did wen i updated it from the svn code19:37
aelknerlook, my svn code works19:37
ignasthe fix is not available in the svn repository19:37
ignasyour svn code works with svn schooltool19:37
aelknerso how do i get it to work with the bzr schooltool?19:38
ignaswell - you stop using the sla from svn19:38
aelkneri'm not19:38
ignasthen you will have to fix it yourself, which means - now you will have to checkout sla from bzr, look at bzr log and get the last commit i made there, and apply it to the sla in svn19:39
ignaswhich will make it quite difficult to backport your own changes that are in the svn repository back to bzr19:39
ignasin the future19:39
aelkneri promise i will not use the svn repo anymore19:40
aelkneri just need to get my bzr one to work19:40
ignasbzr one of schooltool?19:40
ignasor bzr one of sla19:40
aelknerbzr one of sla19:41
ignasoh, bzr uped19:41
ignaslooking at it19:41
ignasall tests are passing19:42
ignasin bzr+ssh://
ignasa.k.a. i thought you were using the svn version,19:42
aelknerthat's what i'm using19:43
aelknerbut i'm failing19:43
ignasbzr up ?19:43
ignaslisppaste5: url19:44
lisppaste5To use the lisppaste bot, visit and enter your paste.19:44
ignaspost the failure too19:44
ignasjust in case19:44
aelknerTree is up to date at revision 87.19:44
*** wbrady has quit IRC19:44
ignasmaybe some other component is the source of the problem19:44
aelkneri'm getting a not found error19:44
ignasmaybe it's schooltool that is out of date19:44
aelknerthat's traversal from a person to his intervention19:44
ignasFailed to Connect19:44
aelkneri stopped the server19:45
aelknerserver is back up19:45
ignasare tests passing?19:45
aelknerfails on traversal to a narrati ve19:45
ignasbzr log  --revision 86 in sla19:46
aelknerthat would be a long one19:47
aelknerthat's all the changes i made for two weeks that i moved into the bzr repo19:47
ignas"bzr log  --revision 86"19:47
aelknercan you find that in launchpad?19:47
aelknercan i?19:48
ignasi looked at it, i am wondering what is the state of your checkout19:48
ignasnot what the revision is on trunk19:48
aelkneri ran the command you asked for19:49
aelknerrevno: 8619:49
aelknercommitter: Ignas Mikalajūnas <>19:49
aelknerbranch nick: sla19:49
aelknertimestamp: Fri 2008-05-16 19:34:49 +030019:49
aelkner  Use traversal plugins properly.19:49
ignasok, found the bug, my test filter was off19:49
ignasas in - i was testing schooltool.sla19:49
ignasand the failure is in schooltool.intervention19:50
ignaswill fix it now19:50
ignasand set up a buildbot for sla19:50
aelknerwhat will i need to do when you've done your fix?  bzr up?19:50
aelknerok, ping when youre ready19:50
ignasyour last commit19:54
ignasreverted the changes that i made19:54
ignasbecause instead of applying the diff19:54
ignasyou have copied configure.zcml on top of the old one19:54
aelkneryeah, i thought that i wouldn't have a problem doing that19:55
aelknersince i started with your latest19:55
aelknerbut i realize now19:55
aelknerthat you changed something since you created teh bzr repo19:55
ignasworking buildbot would have notified you about that19:55
ignasbefore trying to deploy it though19:55
aelknerhow does one apply a diff19:55
ignasso i'll have to fix that asap19:55
ignaswith bzr i think you can "bzr patch some_changes.patch"19:56
ignasin svn you do "patch -p0 < some_changes.patch"19:56
aelkneri see19:56
ignasthat is if you have bzrtools installed19:57
ignasbzr up19:59
aelknerbzr up done, testing now20:00
ignasas for visualisation of bzr history20:00
ignasinstall bzr-gtk20:00
ignasand use "bzr vis"20:00
ignasvery handy20:00
ignasgives a gtk clickable history with nice drawings of all the merges and stuff20:00
aelknertests passed20:01
aelknernow rinnign app20:01
aelknerok, i found a problem travesing that apparently i don't test20:05
aelknerso i guess i need to write the failing test first20:05
aelknerignas: i committed the failing test20:23
aelkneryou'll notice that i had to change the name of the traverser in the configure.zcml file20:24
aelkneri don't know if that has anything to do with the failure20:24
ignasemm, is it still failing?20:26
ignasbecause it's passing for me20:26
ignasmaybe your change to configure.zcml fixed the bug?20:26
ignasaelkner: it seems that you fixed the code yourself ;)20:27
aelkneryeah, it passes on SLA, but fails on my machine20:28
ignasbzr up?20:28
ignasor just look at the configure.zcml to see if it's up to date20:29
aelkneri bzr up'd everything20:29
aelknerand the change to the intevention package was made on my development machine20:30
aelknerso i can't figure out why it would fail20:30
aelknereven though it works on SLA's machine20:30
ignascan you lisppaste the failure20:30
aelknerForbiddenAttribute: ('publishTraverse', <schooltool.intervention.intervention.InterventionStudentTraverserPlugin object at 0xa70448c>)20:30
aelknerthat's just weird20:32
aelknerpublishTravese is a method of NameTraverserPlugin20:32
ignaslooks like class declaration is missing for the inteventionstudenttraverserplugin20:33
aelkneri thought of that20:33
aelknerbut it's missing for the other ones and they don't complain20:33
ignasvery strange20:34
ignassomething is probably different, either the wrong code is being used, some package is not up to date, or something else20:34
aelknermabe i need to update eggs?20:35
ignasyou can do bin/buildout -n20:35
ignasjust in case20:35
ignasbut it should not be affecting anything i'd guess20:35
aelkneri did the bin/buildout -n and it didn't get any new eggs20:36
aelknerand the test still fails20:36
aelknershould i remove eggs altogether20:37
ignaslisppaste me the bin/test-all20:37
ignasthe command that you are using to run tests20:37
lisppaste5aelkner pasted "test-all" at
ignaspaste me bzr info in:20:40
ignas /home/aelkner/schooltool_sandbox/schooltool/20:40
ignasand /home/aelkner/schooltool_sandbox/sla/20:40
ignasand lisppaste me the same file from sla20:41
ignassorry for so many requests, but in this case you are my eyes and ears ;)20:41
lisppaste5aelkner pasted "SLA test-all" at
aelknerthat's no problem20:43
ignasnow i just need the "bzr info" part20:46
aelknergive me a minute to compile both20:47
ignasversions of eggs match perfectly, the only slight difference is the 64 bit part, but it's not relevant20:47
lisppaste5aelkner pasted "bzr infos" at
ignascan you do a bzr pull in schooltool branch on your machine20:51
ignasin ~/schooltool_sandbox/schooltool20:52
ignasand maybe even "bzr bind bzr+ssh://"20:52
ignasbecause at the moment it is a branch not a checkout20:53
aelknerbzr pull yielded:20:53
aelknerUsing saved location:
aelknerbzr: ERROR: These branches have diverged. Use the merge command to reconcile them.20:53
aelknershall i do the bzr bind now?20:53
ignasdo bzr bind20:54
ignasand bzr up20:54
aelknerbzr info shows that i'm laready binded to that location20:54
ignasnope, the sla branch has the20:54
ignas"checkout of"20:55
ignasif there is no "checkout of"20:55
ignasit's not a checkout and is an unbound branch20:55
ignasat least from what i can recall20:55
aelkneri'll do the bind20:55
aelknerno error20:56
ignasbzr up now20:56
aelknerbzr up?20:56
ignasand look at bzr info20:56
ignasto see and understand how it is different now20:56
ignasso you could tell which one you have if you'll get problems20:56
aelknercheckout of branch changed20:56
aelknerbzr up just told me that i'm up to date20:57
ignasi see20:58
ignasrun tests20:58
aelknersame failure20:59
aelknerbut shouldn't that be the case since no code was brought down20:59
ignasas i can't see the console, i thought that maybe bzr bind pulls some stuff20:59
aelknersorry, i didn't mention that21:00
aelkneri thought i did21:00
aelknerthe bzr bind just returned a prompt21:00
ignasdoes "bzr vis" work in that schooltool checkout?21:01
aelkneraelkner@ubuntu:~/schooltool_sandbox/schooltool$ bzr vis21:02
aelknerbzr: ERROR: unknown command "vis"21:02
ignassudo apt-get bzr-gtk21:03
aelkneri know you mean install21:03
aelknerrunning, what do i look for?21:04
ignaslist of the last revisions21:04
ignasin the top21:04
ignascompared to:
aelkner2422, 2421, 2420.1.1, 2420, 2418.1.221:05
aelknermy comment for revision 2422 is:21:06
aelknercreated view for assigning a student to sections21:07
aelknerwith my name21:07
aelknerbut the link you gave me has:21:07
aelknerMerge traversal adapter refatcotring branch.21:07
aelknerwith yoru name21:08
ignasok, found the problem21:08
ignassomehow you have branched in the middle or somewhere around the point i was making the traversal changes21:08
ignasnow what you have to do21:08
ignasis just merge the changes i made to trunk into your branch21:08
aelknerhow do i do that?21:09
ignasso do: bzr merge
ignasin your sla branch21:09
ignasand "bzr ci"21:09
aelknerof schooltool of course21:09
ignaswait a sec if you can21:09
ignasnow can you do "bzr status"21:09
ignason the schooltool_sla checkout in sla21:09
aelkneri'm confused21:10
aelkneri haven't done anything yet21:10
ignasi know21:10
aelknerwhat dir?21:10
aelknerwhat command>21:10
ignas"bzr status" in it21:10
aelknerthe /opt dir is only for the SLA machine21:10
aelkneron my development machine i use my home dir21:10
ignasi know21:11
aelknerso you want me to bzr status on the SLA machine?21:11
ignasthe fact is - because of some interesting reason your checkout in sla is more up to date than the one on your development machine21:11
ignaswhich is very strange, and i want to be sure you won21:11
ignaswon't get conflicts21:11
aelknerroot@schooltool:/opt/schooltool_sandbox/schooltool# bzr status21:11
aelkner  Makefile21:11
aelkner  src/schooltool/app/browser/configure.zcml21:11
aelkner  src/schooltool/app/rest/configure.zcml21:11
aelkner  src/schooltool/level/rest/configure.zcml21:11
aelkner  src/schooltool/resource/configure.zcml21:12
aelkner  src/schooltool/timetable/browser/configure.zcml21:12
aelkner  src/schooltool/timetable/rest/configure.zcml21:12
aelkner  src/schooltool/traverser/README.txt21:12
aelkner  src/schooltool/traverser/interfaces.py21:12
aelkner  src/schooltool/traverser/metaconfigure.py21:12
aelkner  src/schooltool/traverser/traverser.py21:12
aelknerpending merges:21:12
aelkner  Ignas Mikalajūnas 2008-05-16 Remove some blanklines.21:12
aelkner    Ignas Mikalajūnas 2008-05-16 Merge traversal adapter refatcotring branch.21:12
aelkner    Ignas Mikalajūnas 2008-05-16 Change traversal plugins to be adapters not subscribers.21:12
ignasthis answers your question21:12
ignaswhy did you get traversal adapters21:12
aelkneri'm not sure what i means21:12
ignaseven though you have branched earlier21:12
ignassomehow you managed to merge the trunk and your branch21:13
ignasi can't tell when21:13
ignaswas it bzr pull21:13
aelkneri don't know21:13
ignasi understand21:13
aelknertoo may different possibilities21:13
ignaswell - bzr revert everything21:13
aelknerways to screw up21:13
ignasthen - "bzr merge"  on your dev machine21:13
aelknerso i should revert on SLA machine?21:13
ignasbzr ci on dev machine21:14
ignasand bzr up on sla machine21:14
aelknerbut dev mahine is the one that doesn't work21:14
ignasi know21:14
ignasi can go into detail of why you must do that if you want21:14
aelknernot right now21:15
ignasprecisely my point ;)21:15
aelknerso bzr st on dev machine yeilds nothing21:15
aelknerso nothing to commit21:15
aelkneri didn't bzr merge21:16
aelkneri lost that command in the chat21:16
aelknerso you want me to do this?21:16
aelknerbzr merge
aelkneron my dev machine?21:16
aelkneri unerstand your reasons now that i took into account merging on my dev machine21:17
aelknerall changes applied successfully21:18
aelknerbzr ci?21:18
ignasyou migth want to run tests first21:18
aelkneri have no failures for schooltool.intervention, doing all tests now21:20
aelknerwhile waiting for tests to pass, wold this be a good checkin comment:21:25
aelknermerged schooltool trunk in with sla branch21:26
ignasi guess21:26
ignasmerged from schooltool trunk21:26
ignasis more precise21:26
aelknerso how often will i need to do this kind of merge21:26
aelknerall test passed21:27
ignasbzr commit it21:28
ignascheck once more that bzr status on the SLA machine is saying - nothing has changed21:28
ignasand bzr up21:28
aelknersorry, i bzr up'd without bzr st, but the last command i had run was bst revert, so that shoudl be ok21:30
aelknerrunning tests now21:30
aelknerso to answer my own question21:31
aelkneri should do the bzr merge any time i want whatever changes you made to the trunk21:31
aelknerwhich in theory should be most of the time21:32
aelknertrunk is after all the authoritative version21:32
ignasi think so21:32
aelkneri guess only time i wouldn't want to merge is if i'm suspicious of what you changed21:32
aelknerif i think it could break SLA's live environment21:32
ignasyeah, i guess21:32
aelknerit's nice that this problem revealed that i needed to add that one test21:35
aelknerall test pass21:37
ignasi'll go home now then ;)21:37
*** ignas has quit IRC21:37
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