IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2008-05-22

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ignasth1a: ping15:42
th1aignas: pong15:56
ignasth1a: by the way - i have marked all the fix commited bugs as fix released16:13
ignasso I could use launchpad to track unreleased fixes16:13
th1aI noticed.  Thanks.16:13
th1aDid you do that by hand?16:13
ignasreviewed most of them16:13
ignasto see what they are about16:13
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aelknerignas: ayt?17:10
aelkneri'm having a problem with wget17:11
aelkneri try:17:11
aelknerwget http-user=manager http-password=schooltool localhost:7080/schooltool.interventions/notifyGoals.html17:11
aelknerand it gives me back the login redirect17:11
aelkneri tries using user/passwor17:12
aelknerand ftp-user/ftp-password17:12
aelknerbut that didn't help17:12
aelkneram i going about this the wrong way17:12
ignasdon't really know why, maybe some problem with wget, i use CURL for these kinds of things17:12
aelkneri'll try that17:12
ignascurl --basic --user manager:schooltool http://localhost:7080/persons/manager/index.html works17:14
aelknerignas: curl works for me, thanks17:38
th1aignas: Did you see the Zope-dev post about Zope3 on Google App Engine?17:48
ignasi have read about it in a couple of blogs17:48
th1aAlthough I suppose it is dependent on not using ZODB.17:49
th1aWhat we'd need is a ZODB that uses Google's storage.17:49
ignasor a straightforward refactoring of most of the stuff17:49
ignasok - straightforward in case we'd be ditching ZODB ;)17:50
th1aRunning on Google AppEngine would be a huge advantage.17:51
ignasit would make hosting for schools more easily accessible17:51
ignasi mean - i'd be glad if i'd get paid to do *that* as a programmer, but at the same time - i am not sure my judgement can be trusted in this respect, as switching technologies that often can be quite harmful to the project too...17:53
th1aIt would be a post-1.0 thing, to be sure.17:54
th1aWhether or not Mark would consider it a good investment, I have no idea.17:55
ignasthe deployment story of a google apps application is very difficult from a ubuntu application, so it is definitely a very *interesting* problem :)17:56
ignashow do you manage and handle plugins using google app engine and their database? do you use your calendar or integrate it with google calendar? if so - how? authentication and integration with local schools? acquisition by google so they'd finance google_school for all the schools in the world?17:57
ignasi mean - i17:58
ignasit would be *fun*17:58
ignasbut anyway - back to work! ;)17:58
th1aYes, it is an interesting problem.17:58
aelknerignas: i'm ready to use the sandbox now18:01
aelkneri only followed your instructions with eldar that day18:02
th1aaelkner has to do #2.18:02
th1aLuckily, he's housetrained.18:02
aelkneri never got around to doing make build that day18:03
aelknerisn't there something missing from your instruction?18:03
aelknermake build yields:18:03
aelkner bin/buildout: Command not found18:03
aelknerin fact there is no bin dir18:03
ignashmm, interesting, i guess the makefile is messed up18:04
ignasmake bootstrap18:04
ignasbefore make build18:04
aelknerthat didn't work:18:05
aelkner  Initializing.18:05
aelknerAn internal error occured due to a bug in either zc.buildout or in a18:05
aelknerrecipe being used:18:05
aelknerFile contains parsing errors: /home/aelkner/schooltool_sandbox/schooltool.stapp2008spring/buildout.cfg18:05
aelkner        [line 39]: 'schooltool\n'18:05
aelkner        [line 40]: 'schooltool.gradebook\n'18:05
aelkner        [line 41]: 'schooltool.lyceum.journal\n'18:05
aelknermake: *** [bootstrap] Error 118:05
aelkneri have to sudo everything for some reason18:06
aelknerso maybe that's it18:06
aelknersame problem18:06
ignaswell - there is something wrong with your buildout.cfg, and i am not sure what18:06
aelknerwhat's the url for lisppaste?18:08
ignasit seems down18:08
ignasand it's in the topic of the channel18:08
aelknerah, when i expand it i see it18:09
aelknerhow did you know it was down?18:10
aelkneri got the form, and pasted18:11
aelknerit returned a blank screen18:11
ignaswell - the server that runs the bot is the same that runs the website18:11
ignasso if the bot is gone - the website is having problems too18:11
ignasit's the same application18:11
aelkneris there a way of getting it back up18:11
ignasnot now, use some pastey.net18:12
aelknerignas: is asking me annoying questions about the contents of my paste18:16
aelknerit doesn't like the urls in the buildout.cfg18:17
aelknercan i just past the whole thing here?18:17
ignaspost it to me18:17
ignasor in here18:17
aelkneryou mean private chat it?18:17
ignasnot like anyone else is here ;)18:17
aelknerdid you get my private chat?18:18
ignasvery strange18:19
ignascould you email me the file18:19
aelknerbtw, i remember when i needed to use sudo18:21
aelknerit was for make ubuntu-envirenment18:21
aelknerit wouldn't work without sudo18:21
aelkneri sent the mail18:21
ignaswell - it runs apt-get18:21
ignasso - yes you can't do that without sude18:22
aelknerdid you get my private chat, btw18:22
aelknerok, so that works18:23
aelkneronly strange this was that it got rid of blnk lines18:23
aelknerdid you get my email yet18:23
aelknerin the meantime, how do i get my environment set up like my buildout was in the following respect18:25
aelkneri was able to have a Makefile that had an update rule18:25
aelknerand that rule went and did an svn up on all the packages18:26
ignasbzr pull18:26
ignasshould do that18:26
ignasin every branch that was "branched"18:26
ignasand "bzr up" in all the ones that are "bzr co" ed18:26
aelknerbut the problem is that everything is based on schooltool.stappspring200818:26
aelknerthat's where you have us changing the buildout.cfg18:26
aelknerwhich btw is another problem18:27
aelknercan i commit my changes to buildout.cfg?18:27
ignaswell - in fact - as it is your branch18:27
ignasyou can18:27
aelknerso i will permently be using a branch?18:28
aelknerhow will i get any changes that you make18:28
ignasbzr pull18:28
ignaswill update your branch from trunk18:28
aelknerand blow away my buildout.cfg, right18:28
aelkneror any changes i make to Makefile for that matter18:29
ignasit will merge everything18:29
ignasyour test-all section18:29
ignasis wrong18:29
ignasyou are missing whitespace before the egg names18:29
aelkneryou mean indent?18:29
aelknermake bootstrap worked18:30
ignasnow make build should work too18:31
aelknerit's running18:31
aelknerso i should feel free to add a rule to MAkefile for make update18:32
aelknerand it should cd each dir && bzr pull?18:32
aelknerin addition to bzr pull on itself18:32
ignasyeah, well - for sla it will be bzr up probably18:32
ignasbecause you will be using a checkout18:32
ignasyou don't need cd, i think "bzr -d ../the_directory pull"18:33
ignaswill work too18:33
aelknerand this makefile will stay intact even if you change it in trunk and i bzr pull18:33
aelkneri mean, it will pull in your changes without blowing away mine?18:33
ignaswell - worst case is a conflict18:35
ignaslike an svn conflict18:35
ignasthat you will have to resolve18:35
ignasother than that - it should work18:35
aelknerthat's no problem18:38
aelknerso basically my branches are moving in parellel to the trunk18:38
aelknerif i change them, they stay changed18:38
aelknerif you change trunk i get those changes18:39
aelknerif there is a conflict i need to resolve18:39
aelknerotherwise, i'm always up to date18:39
aelknerplus i have the luxury of having my own version of things like18:39
aelknerbuildout.cfg and Makefile18:39
aelknerdoes that sound acurate?18:39
aelknerassuming i bzr pull18:40
aelknerignas: ?18:41
ignassounds accurate18:41
aelknerrunning bin/test-all now18:43
aelknerbin/test-all worked18:47
aelknerignas: do i have to change my instance/school.zcml file to include the gradebook and requirements packages?18:48
ignasemm, not sure, why would you want to do that?18:48
aelknerso that i can have the gradebook18:48
ignasif you want to test these packages using browser?18:48
ignasi guess that would work18:48
ignasbut i though jelkner2007 configuration18:48
aelkneri want to use them in a browser, sure18:48
ignaswas using gradebook too18:48
ignaswell - it works both ways, you can either get the school setup that uses gradebook, or just add it to school.zcml18:49
aelkneri'm doing this buildout.cfg and make stuff from schooltool.stappspring200818:49
ignasif you will list the egg of jelkner2007 or sla18:50
ignasin buildout.cfg18:50
ignasin the develop and the scripts18:50
ignasyou can18:50
ignascreate the kind of instance that you want18:50
ignaseven cando18:50
aelkneri'll try that18:50
ignasactually - i am using that same buildout to have cando instance when i need one18:51
aelkner bzr co bzr+ssh:// sla18:51
aelknerbzr: ERROR: Connection closed: please check connectivity and permissions (and try -Dhpss if further diagnosis is required)18:51
ignastry "ssh"18:52
ignasand then try "ls /var/local/bzr/schooltool/sla/trunk/"18:52
aelkner( success ( 1 2 ( ANONYMOUS EXTERNAL ) ( edit-pipeline svndiff1 absent-entries ) ) )18:53
aelknerand then when i hit enter:18:53
aelknerConnection to closed.18:53
ignasi mean - try running "ssh"18:53
ignasand then "ls /var/local/bzr/schooltool/sla/trunk/"18:54
aelkneri typed ssh and got what i just gave you18:54
ignas"( success ( 1 2 ( ANONYMOUS EXTERNAL ) ( edit-pipeline svndiff1 absent-entries ) ) )" this ?18:55
aelknerwhat the heck is that?18:55
ignastry bzr co again18:56
aelkneri never tried it18:56
ignasi have changed some things18:56
ignas"bzr co bzr+ssh:// sla"18:57
aelknersorry, i thought you meant bzr ci18:57
aelknersame problem18:57
aelknerignas: can you ssh schooltool.org19:01
ignaslooking at it19:02
ignasit seems that you are only allowed to svn+ssh19:02
aelknerdo i need to be added to the bzr list19:05
ignasnot just that apparently19:06
ignasyou are in the bzr list, but ssh configuration is limmiting your rights on it's own19:06
ignasaelkner: can you bzr co once more?19:10
aelknersame problem19:10
aelknerit's working19:14
aelknerthat was quick19:14
aelknerall there is a src and setup.py19:14
aelknerso to add sla to buldout.cfg19:14
ignasno need to19:14
ignasyou just change buildout.cfg is schooltool.stap2008spring19:15
ignasto have sla in develop19:15
ignasin parts19:15
aelknerthat's what i meant19:15
ignasand in scripts19:15
ignasand run bin/buildout19:15
aelknerno porb19:15
ignasmisread as "add buildout.cfg to sla"19:15
aelkneri'm confused19:15
aelknerdevelop, parts, scripts and test-all19:15
aelknerare different in confusing ways19:16
aelknerwhy is lyceum in test-all and develop19:16
aelknerbut no in parts and scripts19:16
ignaslyceum ?19:17
ignasschooltool.lyceum.journal ?19:17
aelkner../schooltool.lyceum.journal in develop19:17
aelknerschooltool.lyceum.journal in test-all19:17
ignaswell - because it is a "library dependency"19:17
ignasyou want it tested19:17
ignasand you want it from the directory not from an egg19:17
ignasand with sla19:18
ignasyou want it from ../sla19:18
ignasyou want it tested19:18
ignasand you want "bin/make-schooltool-instance"19:18
ignasthat is generated by "scripts" part of the buildout19:18
aelknerbot not in parts or scripts?19:18
ignas"see" the sla19:18
ignasoh, i guess no need for sla in parts19:18
ignasyeah, the scripts is because no packages in scripts19:19
aelknerso ../sla in develop and sla in test-all, that's it?19:19
ignasand in scripts19:19
aelknerso now i change back to stapp...19:20
aelknerand bin/buildout -n?19:20
aelknerignas: ?19:21
ignasthen you can just remove your old instance and "bin/make-schooltool-instance instance/"19:22
ignasor create a new instance19:22
aelknerit asked me what instance type and defaulted to schooltool.sla, so that's good i'm guessing19:24
aelkneryeah, i have a gradebook and an intervention tab19:24
ignasyou can run bin/make-schooltool-instance my_other_instance19:26
ignasand have 2 instances with different configurations19:26
ignasand databases19:26
ignasand use bin/start-schooltool-instance instance_directory19:26
ignasto run it19:26
aelknerthat's cool, although i don't think i'd have the need for that19:26
aelknerbut i can see how you would19:26
ignasconvenient when testing same changes in cando and sla19:26
ignasat the same time19:26
ignaslike schooltool.gradebook19:26
ignasby the way can you try svn up in your cando checkout19:27
aelknerso i can have cando side by side with sla19:27
ignasi want to be sure i didn't break your svn+ssh access19:27
aelknerand have two instances running side by side19:27
ignasyes if you will change the port19:27
aelknerwithout having different make files19:27
ignasin schooltool.conf19:27
aelknerof buildout.cfgs?19:27
ignas"make run" will still run the "instance" instance19:27
aelkneryeah, i could add a make run-cando19:28
ignasbut bin/start-schooltool-instance takes the instance as a parameter19:28
ignasyes you can19:28
aelknerthat sounds convenient19:28
ignasso, could you check if your svn+ssh access to cando repository is still working19:29
aelknerit worked19:31
aelkneri mean, i was able to svn up and get eldar's latest changes19:31
aelkneris that all you needed to know19:32
aelknerbecause maybe svn co is different?19:33
ignasif svn info is showing svn+ssh19:33
aelknerin terms of what you wanted tested19:33
ignasthen it seems ok19:33
aelknerit's http19:33
aelkneri guess that's what eldar and i were using19:33
aelkneri forgot that19:33
aelknerit was what we had to do at the start of our sprint, and i've since forgotten19:34
aelknercould you give me the command you'd like me to try?19:34
aelkneri could svn co in another dir19:34
ignasyeah, you might do that19:34
ignasor svn up your svn sla checkout19:34
eldaraelkner: didn't we switch your checkout19:35
eldarto be https19:35
eldarinstead of svn+ssh19:35
aelknereldar: why are you greyed out on my users list?19:35
aelkneri didn't even know you were here19:36
aelkneriono = i dunno?19:37
aelknerignas: svn up on sla-buildout (which is svn+ssh) is hanging19:37
ignasok, will have to consult with mgedmin19:38
aelknereldar: i see you made global ids required19:38
aelknerthat's good19:39
aelknerhwo about the catalog, have you had a chance to look at that?19:39
aelknermaybe you could fix the lookup we made in our unit test19:39
aelknerto use the catalog19:39
aelkneryou coulod unit test that first19:39
aelknerand then write the eveolution script to get your instance to work19:40
aelknerdoes that make sense19:40
aelkneror would you rather wait19:40
aelkneryou might be in the middle of something19:40
aelknereldar: ?19:40
eldaryeah that's my plan19:41
aelkneryou didn't answer your phone19:42
eldarit might be better to start using the catalog right away19:42
eldariono, my phone's somewhere around the house19:42
aelknerdo you get a bell sound when i ping you in this chat?19:42
eldarno i have sounds disabled, it distracts me19:42
aelknerit's better to have them on19:43
aelknerso that someone can reach you when they need to19:43
aelkneryou chould only have a sound when someone types your name19:43
aelknerthat shouldn't be distracting19:43
aelknerit's important to be reachable19:43
aelkneredit preferences19:44
aelknerscripts and plugins19:44
aelknersound notification checked19:44
eldaryou can reach me by mail if it's absolutely crucial19:44
eldarit's checked every minute automatically19:44
aelknerdoes that ping you19:44
eldarit has a window sliding up19:45
aelknereldar: please explain how the rare case of someone typing your name in the chat and that =causing a sound would distact you so much19:45
aelkneri mean, you should be able to drop what you're doing when someone tabs you on the shoulder in real life19:46
aelknerso why no in this case?19:46
aelknereldar: ?19:46
aelknerit's annoying to ask a question and have to sit here and wait for your answer19:47
aelkneri have better things to do with my time19:47
eldaraelkner: chill out man19:48
eldarit's not big deal19:48
eldarif you have a question type it in, i'll get to it19:48
eldara big*19:48
ignasaelkner: now - your bzr sla checkout just got outdated ;)19:55
ignasyou should do19:55
ignasbzr binf bzr+ssh://
ignasurls just got shorter19:56
ignasi will update the docs19:56
ignasno need for all the /var/ stuff19:56
ignasyour svn+ssh checkout should be working too19:56
aelknerwhere should i do the bzr bind from19:57
aelknerwithin sla or above it19:57
aelknerok, so i did the bzr bind and bzr up worked (althought there was nothing to update)19:59
aelknerat least it didn't fail20:00
aelknersvn up now works at sla-buildout20:00
ignasmgedmin saves the day once more ;)20:00
aelknerignas: now that i have things working on my machine20:04
aelknerand forgetting that i have to merge my changes into my bzr trunk of sla (i'll get to that later)20:05
aelkneri want to do this at SLA20:05
aelkneri can create the sandbox and everything without bringing down the current buildout20:05
aelkneri can get as far as having a successfult bin./test-all and wait until this evening to bring it on-line20:06
aelknerso my question is: do i still follow the same instructions from your help page20:07
ignasyou can and it will work20:07
aelknermaking my own branch there20:07
aelknerfor the root user there which is what i use already20:07
aelkneronly for the sla stuff i would use the trunk20:08
aelknerbut without using ssh20:08
aelkneri think i have this right20:08
ignasor you can replace all the "bzr branch" with bzr co --lightweight if you want to though20:08
ignasi mean - the way it is more convenient to you20:08
aelkneryou mean. i could bzr co --light... for the non-sla packages as well20:09
ignasi mean - not like you will ever want to make any changes to any of them in there20:10
ignasor do any work20:10
ignasyou can even not use a schooltool checkout for what it's worth20:11
ignasi mean - schooltool eggs seem to be working properly20:11
ignasbut it's all up to you - whether you find 2 identical sandboxes easier than 2 different ones20:11
ignasor want to have the minimal possible setup in sla20:11
aelkneridentical is probably easier20:11
aelknerthe less instructions i have to follow the better20:12
aelknerignas: the virtual machine at SLA is running gutsy20:15
aelkneri updated the sources to have the bzr stuff20:15
aelknerand i did the apt-get install of bzr20:16
aelknerthis was a while ago20:16
aelknerbut bzr --version yields v1.420:16
aelkneris this gong to be a problem?20:16
ignasit should not be a problem20:16
aelknerthat's good20:17
ignasapt-get update20:17
ignasand then apt-get install bzr should fix it though20:17
aelkneri'll try it again20:18
aelknerthat worked20:19
aelkneri don't know why though20:19
aelknercause i did that before20:19
aelknermaybe something changed in bzr since then20:19
aelknerignas: should the instructions for sla and jelkner2007 change on you page now?20:26
aelkneri mean since you had me bind to another location20:26
aelknerwouldn't that be the location that is used for now on20:26
aelknercold you change the page please so i don't get confused later20:26
ignasi will20:26
ignasaelkner: fixed the docs20:30
aelknerthanks again20:30
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