IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2008-05-21

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aelkner_eldar: what's up?18:59
aelkner_Lumiere: ayt?18:59
eldaraelkner_, hey19:00
eldaraelkner_, sorry about yesterday, I wasn't near my computer or my cell phone pretty much all day19:01
aelkner_i've been looking for you the couple of days19:01
aelkner_have you started on anything yet?19:02
Lumiereis what I have started on19:02
aelkner_Lumiere: where is everyone physically?19:02
aelkner_i was asking eldar19:02
eldarI was catching up on sleep too19:02
Lumiereeldar and I are in welsh's office19:02
eldarand unpacking and dealing with stuff, so basically no19:02
aelkner_eldar: ?19:02
Lumiereand welsh is going to be late19:02
Lumiere12:45ish late19:03
aelkner_jeff coming?19:03
LumiereI dunno19:03
aelkner_eldar: what's the first thing you plan on doing this week?19:04
eldaraelkner_, assigning competencies to courses and sections19:05
aelkner_the view, right?19:06
eldarwell the view, and then there is the backend stuff to workout19:06
aelkner_so for any backend stuff, you'll want to write unit tests19:07
aelkner_for any backend stuff, you'll want to write unit tests19:07
aelkner_sent that one twice19:08
aelkner_anyway, sounds like you have a good plan19:08
eldaraelkner_, well apparently I'm just adding course competencies19:39
eldarsections at this point just derive from course19:39
aelkner_they do19:39
aelkner_so that's fine19:39
aelkner_are you saying you already have a view for adding course comps?19:39
Lumiereno, it is a simplification for the va state part19:45
aelkner_Lumiere: explain please19:55
aelkner_eldar: are you saying that jason has made it easier for us in that we don't need to support section comps?19:56
Lumiereaelkner_: we're going to separate the development into 2 parts19:56
Lumierethe first part is that we run just a set of courses in a single course19:57
Lumiereso just course import into just a course19:57
Lumiereand then later add the rest19:57
Lumiereandf for now a section just uses the courses list19:57
aelkner_Lumiere: eldar and i mapped out a flexible stradegy19:58
Lumiereaelkner_: I don't have that19:58
aelkner_the one view for adding comps to  a course will be the same for adding tot aseciton19:58
aelkner_to a section19:58
aelkner_the logic for combining the two is already in place19:58
Lumierewe'll implement it later19:58
aelkner_we unit-tested it19:58
aelkner_right , eldar?19:58
Lumierewe're just saying implement the ui for the first part19:59
Lumierethen add the second after we're bulletproof19:59
Lumiereand have the va clean release19:59
aelkner_but eldar should know that the same view works for both a course and a section19:59
aelkner_Lumiere: you're putting too much of a restriction on the development19:59
aelkner_we know what can be done19:59
aelkner_so i'd let us do it if i were you20:00
aelkner_we need course and section comps20:00
aelkner_and reliably20:00
aelkner_we will have that20:00
aelkner_right, eldar?20:00
aelkner_eldar: speak!20:01
aelkner_Lumiere: why doesn't eldar respond?20:01
Lumierewe're talking20:01
Lumierein room20:01
Lumierehe's involved20:01
aelkner_talk in the chat, man20:01
Lumieretoo many people20:01
Lumieretoo few computers20:01
aelkner_can you call me at SLA?20:02
Lumierewe're going to food in a sec20:02
Lumiereand then I guess20:02
aelkner_you could use the speaker phone in welsh's office20:02
aelkner_call me now please20:02
aelkner_then eat :)20:02
aelkner_one sec20:02
aelkner_then ask for me20:03
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