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th1aaelkner: Did you help Marcy out adding students to sections?17:13
th1aAny lessons for us, other than that I need to get cracking on docs?17:14
aelknerwe could use a better interface17:15
aelknerdocs just covers up the stink17:15
th1aBetter interface for?17:16
aelknerpersons, sections17:16
aelknerit's non-intuiative17:16
aelknerand it doesn't have to be17:16
aelknerCanDo doeswn't need any docs17:16
th1aYes, but specifically.17:17
aelkneri could send you my note17:18
aelkneri didn't know that she sent it to you, too17:18
aelkneri should have replied to all17:18
aelknerum, you weren't on that list, how did you know?17:20
aelkneroh, i see17:21
aelknershe sent the other note before she read mine17:21
th1aOh yeah.  Creating a screen that lets you easily schedule a single student into sections proved to be difficult to do well.17:22
th1aIt was definitely something that was hard to explain to Lithuanians.17:22
aelknerwe should eventually sprint on this part of the UI17:23
aelknermaybe, the CanDo folks could contribute17:23
th1aaelkner: Could you send me your sprint report as a text file attachment?17:24
th1aI'd rather have developers working with users on UI, rather than with each other.17:24
aelknerYes, we need users17:26
th1aLike... Marcie!17:26
aelknerwe would need a way to arrange that17:27
aelkneri see where you're going with this :)17:27
aelknerlike me as the developer and Marcie as the user...17:27
th1aIt is probably a high post-October priority.17:28
aelkneronly, i think welsh and jelkner are two users that would have something to say17:28
aelknerand jason for that matter17:28
aelknermaybe they would come up to philly for a UI sprint17:29
aelknerand chris could have some things to contribute as well17:29
* th1a is more dubious than aelkner about UI sprints as a concept.17:29
aelknerhe's a kind of developer/user hybrid17:30
aelknerit's a UI sprint that got us the CanDo UI17:31
aelknerwas that so bad17:31
th1aIt got us a lot of other stuff we just threw away, too.17:31
aelkneri'm talking about the second one17:32
aelkneri wasn't at the first one17:32
th1aLet me put it this way -- improving individual screens and forms is not a special event.  It will be increasingly the entire job.17:33
aelknerproblem with it being a do it here and there kind of thing is17:33
aelknerthat you get what you already have17:33
aelknersomething that appeals to one user17:33
aelknerand horrifies others17:33
aelknerUI development requires eyeballs17:34
aelknerand someone to collate the results17:34
aelknerinto something that has a more mass appeal17:34
th1aWell, what you might not fully appreciate yet is how carefully the eyeballs you're working with have been selected.17:34
aelknerwell, if you think that i can come up with something between myself and them, then fine17:35
aelkneri accept the task17:35
aelkneri'm just saying that the more the merrier17:35
aelknerbut then again, i'm not the one who needs to travel in the case of such a sprint17:36
th1aI'm just saying more is not necessarily merrier.  It can slow things down quite a bit.17:36
aelknersorry, but not in my experience17:37
aelknerone just needs to coordinate the multiple people in an effective way17:37
aelknerremember i attended a seminar on this17:37
aelknerit's analogous to test-marketing17:38
aelknerthere's a reason they let people see a film before they release it17:38
aelknerit gives them a chance to change the ending (see The Player by Robert Altman)17:38
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aelknereldar: what's up?18:34
aelknerwhere did you start yesterday?18:35
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