IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2008-05-15

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mahaboo1i need some help in installin schooltool in xbuntu -7.1008:59
mahaboo1iam getting errors while installing08:59
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th1aignas - aelkner: We're chatting in 45 minutes, right?15:44
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th1aaelkner: ayt?16:23
th1asleeping in perhaps?16:34
ignasmaybe, or just plain busy with something16:35
aelknerth1a: i'm here16:35
th1aLying in a ditch somewhere...16:35
aelkneri didn't hear us decide on the day16:35
aelknereldar is still in the shower16:36
ignasi see16:36
ignasi am not attached to any particular day, it's more or less for your own convenience16:36
ignasi guess you should read first anyway16:36
aelkneri laready bookmarked that16:37
aelknerbut shouldn't we address this next week16:37
th1aTomorrow is fine for me.  Do we want to try skype?16:37
ignaswe can try skype16:37
aelknereldar and i have lots to do16:37
th1aI just thought it might be easier for you when eldar is there.16:37
th1aTwo heads...16:37
aelknercan you skype out?16:37
ignasyeah, so while eldar is in the shower we can just check skype so we'd have less hassle tomorrow16:37
th1aPlus, he needs to know this too.16:37
aelknereldar says he'll be ready in five minutes16:38
ignasor today, depending on how it's more convenient to you16:38
Lumierehi aelkner, th1a16:38
Lumiereaelkner: when you get a chance today... dwelsh would like an update16:38
aelknerLumiere: how do i get to be reachable from the outside?16:38
aelknerit's something in /etc/host, but i don't rememeber16:39
th1aWhy don't we just see if we can all get skype going now and meet tomorrow?16:39
Lumiereaelkner: where is
aelknerwhat do you mean where?16:39
Lumiereaelkner: 'reachable from the outside' of where?16:39
ignasth1a: it would probably make sense if they'd try following the documentation some time today, or tomorrow, and then we'd talk about the questions they have on skype... checking out full schooltool branch takes quite a while, and explaining feature branches is easier if they have a sandbox to play in16:39
th1aThat's what I mean.16:40
aelknereldar doesn't have headpones for skype16:40
th1aLet's make sure skype works now so that we don't have to fiddle tomorrow.16:40
th1aYou might be able to just use your speakers.16:40
aelknerwhat do i do?16:42
aelkneri found skype16:42
aelkneri have to try and remember my password16:42
th1aSee, good to get this out of the way first...16:43
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aelkneri entered my password, ad it says signing in16:44
aelknerbut it's taking a long time16:44
th1aI'm still downloading to my laptop, actually.16:45
th1aI'm tom_hoffman16:47
ignasi'm ignas.mikalajunas, and you still look like offline to me16:48
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th1aI seem to be connecting slowly too.16:49
th1aI assume aelkner is aelkner.16:50
eldarI am eldar.omuraliev16:52
eldarI don't have a mic16:52
th1aI guess you and aelkner will have to be as one.16:53
th1aaelkner: What's your status?16:53
aelknereldar is connected, but we have no microphone at the moment16:54
eldari can16:54
eldarth1a, that's not communication, it's broadcasting16:55
eldaralan can't connect to skype16:55
eldarfor some reason16:55
eldaryeah working on that16:55
eldarok let me try to restart skype16:56
eldarth1a, brb16:56
aelknerignas: i have a schooltool server running on, but i can't reach it from the outside wold16:57
ignashow did you start it up?16:57
ignasapt-get install?16:57
Lumiereignas: it is a buildout16:57
aelknerit's a buildout16:58
Lumiereit should just be editing paste.ini16:58
Lumierebut he couldn't find that file16:58
ignasinstance/paste.ini ?16:58
Lumiereat least on the phone with me16:58
aelknerthere's no paste.ini in instance16:58
aelkneryet it's running16:58
aelknerso that can't be it16:58
ignasschooltool.ini ;)16:59
aelknerwhat do i need to set there16:59
ignasi can't recall what does it say?16:59
Lumiereand change it to
ignasa security feature ...16:59
Lumiereignas: the localhost bit is a dev security feature?17:00
ignasyou can look at it that way i think ;)17:00
ignasi mean - we could set it to by default17:00
ignasbut i'd rather not expose your dev schooltool to the world by default17:01
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aelkneri'm wondering why i didn't need to do this to get sla's schooltool to work17:02
aelknerthat fixed it for alan.elkner.net17:02
aelkneri can talk to it now17:03
th1aSo... no skype yet?17:03
aelknernot yet17:03
ignasaelkner: maybe you used apache redirects or something like that on that same machine ...17:03
aelknerthey must have17:04
aelknereldar's skype test worked17:04
Lumiereoh they did for sure17:04
aelknerLumiere: right17:04
aelknerfor their stuff17:04
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Lumierepretty much everyone17:04
Lumiereruns apache in front of zope at this point17:04
Lumierein some manner17:04
aelknertom, call us again17:04
aelknereldar that is17:05
LumiereI plan to use it for ssl17:05
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