IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2008-05-14

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ignasLumiere: i think the release is working properly now02:04
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Lumierehi aelkner17:22
aelknerhey there17:22
aelknerLumiere: any questions?17:25
Lumierejust checking in17:25
th1aaelkner: Do we need to have a bzr meeting?17:28
aelknerat some point yeah17:28
aelknerbut today we are off to sla17:28
aelknerhow about tomorrow?17:29
th1aWell, specifically, tomorrow or Friday?17:29
th1aTomorrow is ok.17:29
th1aignas: Is tomorrow OK?17:29
ignasth1a: yes, just give me the precise time17:29
th1a1330 UTC?  i.e., regular meeting time?17:30
th1aaelkner: I should also have a chat with you and eldar before he leaves about CanDo issues relevant to me.17:31
aelknerwe did famously yesterday17:32
aelknerdid you see our checkins?17:32
th1aAh... no.17:33
th1aTo Launchpad?17:33
aelknersvn.  you don't get the ameils i presume17:34
th1aDoes anyone?17:34
th1aAnyhow, no.17:34
aelknereldar and i do :)17:34
th1aStopped working for me at some unknown point.17:34
aelknernot impoartant17:34
aelknerwe're just really happy with our progress17:34
aelknerwe got cando to work with the new tab structure17:34
aelknermeaning there is no need to use ++skin++NewCanDo17:35
aelknerthere was a lot of work necessary to get that, so we were up to 3:00 last night17:36
aelknertoday will be a lighter day, but we will want to get the css fixed and remove some out of date code17:37
th1aWelsh will be relieved.17:37
aelknerour meeting monday revealed a new design for competencies that needs no inheriteance17:38
aelknerwe will still have global comps17:38
th1aYes, I'm sure a simpler implementation is very possible.17:38
aelknercourses will still point to global comps17:38
aelknerbut by reference, not inheritence17:38
th1aThat was way too magical.17:39
aelknerthere will still be section comps being what the course comps are17:39
th1aI remember talking about it with Stephan.17:39
aelknerbut also with the ability to override then17:39
aelknerbut again all by reference17:39
th1a"We'll just implement inheritance!"  "Uh... ok..." "No problem!"17:39
aelkneri hear you17:39
aelknerstephan the rocket scientist17:40
aelknerso here's our plan17:40
aelknerwe don't have the bzr capability17:40
aelknerabd i don't want to waste valuable time with eldar restlng wth that17:41
aelknerso we can only change our cando code17:41
aelknerno prob17:41
aelknerwe can leave the inheritance in place in requirements17:41
aelknerfor now17:41
aelknerand just not use it17:41
aelknerschooltool.gradebook does that17:41
aelknerwe can rearhitect cando to not use inheritance17:42
aelknerwe will create two new classes, LocalCompGroup and LocalComp17:42
aelknerwhich willhang off of courses and section17:42
aelknerand refer to global comps by global id17:42
aelknerwe can get all of this to work with the current implementation of requirement17:43
aelknerat a later date, i'll get rid of inheritance from requirement17:43
th1aMakes sense.17:43
aelknermaking sure it doesn't break schooltool.gradebook or cando17:44
aelkneranyway that's the plan17:44
aelkneri'm hitting the shower, then off to sla17:45
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