IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2008-05-16

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ignasth1a_: i will be 10 minutes late, sorry16:25
ignasas in - **:40 instead of **:3016:25
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th1a_Think I lost you.16:33
eldarth1a_, same16:33
ignasi am back16:42
ignasalga is having his birthday, so I was eating cake16:43
ignas~/schooltool_sandbox/schooltool.gradebook_sla$ bzr push --create-prefix bzr+ssh://
ignasyou checkout trunk16:48
ignasfix stuff in trunk16:48
ignasthen you pick the changes you want to backport and apply on to the branch16:48
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eldarwe lost you guys17:01
ignasi lost you too17:01
ignasas schooltool.gradebook is released, we have to be careful about what we merge and what we do not merge there17:02
aelkneri can tell you of work we anticipate doing this summer17:03
aelknerbasically, the gradebook itself does not rely on inheritance17:03
aelknerand cando is being changed as we speak to no longer rely on it either17:03
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ignasbzr co --lightwight
ignasbzr up17:08
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ignasgoing for more cake now17:28
aelkneralias cdiff='svn diff | egrep -e "pdb|startServer"'18:49
aelkneralias fdiff='fiz svn diff18:49
ignaseldar: nope, but still good! ;)18:50
eldarignas, i bet :P18:50
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