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Lumiereth1a_: I was in the car with aelkner02:52
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fsufitchLumiere: sorry i couldnt come earlier04:07
fsufitchbut i rly couldn't...04:07
fsufitchwat did i miss?04:07
LumiereI have been working cando for 10 hours today04:32
Lumiereand I can't think straight04:32
fsufitchLumiere: whoa04:35
fsufitchur crazy :-P04:35
fsufitchwait so was there a meeting?04:35
Lumierethere was a meeting in richmond05:04
Lumiereat 10 am05:04
Lumierewhere we discussed money for you this summer ^^05:04
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Lumiereand aelkner, dwelsh, eldar, and I made glorious plans05:05
Lumierebut no meeting tonight05:05
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ignasth1a: ping16:47
th1ahi ignas.16:50
th1aSo is this 20-30 minute push stuff what's causing bzr to lose to git?16:52
ignasnot sure really16:52
ignaswith shared repositories16:52
ignasthe push stuff to launchpad would take 20-30 seconds16:53
ignasonly the initial checkouts would be painful16:53
th1aDoes it take that long because you're pushing up the entire history of SchoolTool?16:53
ignasadd the fact that repository is like 70 megs16:55
ignasso just rsync is 15 minutes16:55
ignasbzr adds only like 5 minutes to that16:55
th1aSo, once you push a new branch, making changes to it doesn't take particularly long then, right?16:56
ignasit's slower than svn16:56
ignasbut it's bearable16:56
th1aAnd you wouldn't literally have to wait while the initial push was happening.16:56
th1aIt would be pushing the current changeset, you could start working on something else.16:57
ignasemm, not on that branch i think16:57
ignasanyway - you won't be pushing to launchpad16:57
ignaswhich takes the 30 minutes16:57
ignasand would be pushing to either schooltool shared repository16:57
ignasor to a shared repository of your own16:57
ignaswhich i am not explaining how to do, because that would add to the information overload16:58
ignaswe'll just have to wait until launchpad fixes it16:58
th1aI know aelkner will be happy if some of this can be hidden in his makefile.16:59
th1aI guess since the URL's have to change some of it can't.16:59
ignasi would be happy if aelkner would understand every and each step17:00
ignasin there17:00
ignashiding something you don't understand in the makefile leads to problems17:00
ignasand people being stuck until i can reply to their email17:00
ignasbut i understand it will take time17:01
ignaswhich is why recomended steps are being documented17:01
th1aAnyhow, good work on the document.17:01
ignasi have posted the link in #bzr17:01
ignasand i am waiting for them to comment on it17:01
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aelknerLumiere: ayt?17:31
aelknerignas: ayt?17:31
aelknerdo you have any idea what cando checkout Lumiere is using?17:32
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aelknerare they using cando-buildout as far as you know?17:32
aelknerwhat can you tell me about cando-buildout?  i see that it's in the branches folder17:36
th1ahi aelkner & eldar.17:39
eldarhey th1a17:39
aelknerhello th1a17:39
th1aYou should have asked him during your car ride yesterday.17:39
aelknergood point17:40
aelknerwe'll work it out17:40
LumiereI am using trunk17:42
aelknerok, thanks17:44
aelknerignas: ayt?17:46
ignasaelkner: cando-buildout is the branch17:48
ignasthat works with schooltool trunk17:49
ignasmostly works at least17:49
ignaswell - schooltool has changed the UI17:49
ignasI had fixed functional tests to pass17:49
ignasbut some parts of the functionality17:50
ignasare very difficult to use17:50
ignaswith the new UI17:50
ignasother than that - tests seem to be passing17:50
aelknerwe'll take a look at it17:51
ignasyou should be working on it as it is mostly a proper buildout and a proper egg17:52
ignaswith proper schooltool integration17:52
ignasfrom what I can recall17:52
aelknerignas: can we check out our cando ranch as cando into the cando-buildout dir?17:54
ignashmm, i am not sure you need to do that17:54
ignasthat branch is a buildout by itself17:54
ignascando_buildout_integration branch17:55
aelkneryeh, we branched the trunk17:55
ignasis a cando checkout17:55
ignasand a buildout17:55
ignasso you would be checking out cando into a cando checkout17:55
aelknerso we need to use cando_buildout_integration17:55
ignasand i would suggest working on cando_buildout, or else you will have to replicate a lot of work that i and ccarey did17:55
ignason integratin schooltool with cando17:55
ignasyes you should use cando_buildout_integration branch17:56
aelknerso we're using cando-buildout17:56
aelknerwhat are the precise steps we need to take to get started?17:56
aelkner1) checkout cando-buildout?17:57
aelkner2) ?17:57
ignassvn co svn+ssh:// cando17:57
ignascd cando17:57
ignasmake test ftest17:57
ignasmake run to run it17:57
ignasit's like schooltool.stapp2008spring or schooltool.sla17:57
aelknerso the serc/cando that's within it is the latest cando code?17:59
aelknerError: Can't download 404 Not Found18:00
aelkneris there something that needs to change in
ignasgive me a second18:01
ignassaw the failure in buildbot18:02
ignasthe branch has a buildbot by the way18:03
aelknerthat's good18:03
ignasi will be commiting to it sometimes if you don't mind ;)18:05
ignasi am planning to be changing schooltool/trunk in some backwards incompatible ways codewise18:05
lisppaste5eldar pasted "lxml error" at
eldarI get this error when I try to run make18:06
ignasmake ubuntu-environment  ?18:06
ignasyou should be having schooltool.gradebook error then18:06
ignaswhich i will try fixing18:06
eldarok, I'm making ubuntu-environment18:07
eldarignas, make ubuntu-environment did not help :(18:09
ignassudo apt-get build-dep python-lxml18:10
eldarignas, thanks :) now the tests run and fail so the buildout must have worked18:15
eldarexcept I am getting the same gradebook error that alan is getting18:15
aelknerignas: the schooltool.gradebook egg is broken18:16
ignasi have told you that ;)18:16
aelknera .pt file is simply missing18:16
ignasrun bin/buildout -n18:16
ignasto update the egg please18:16
aelkneryeh, but i didn't know what you were breaking18:16
aelknerignas: how do we change bin/test to get doctests to stop on first failure?18:24
ignas-1 ?18:24
aelkneroh, no that didn't work18:25
ignasbin/test --help18:26
ignasit says "-1"18:26
aelkneryeh, but it's running more than one test18:27
aelknerone for each sub-package i figure18:27
aelknerthe test-runner, that is18:27
ignasit's one for test18:27
ignasdoctests can have more than 1 failure per test18:27
ignasi don't know how to make it stop on the first doctest though18:28
aelknerthen -p the package name the next time18:28
aelknersound right?18:28
ignasprobably, i use -s schooltool.something.something18:29
ignasmost of the time18:29
ignasaelkner, eldar: is the latest edition of the bzr documentation18:30
ignasnot guaranteed to work as i didn't have the time to test every step yet18:31
aelknerfor this week, can we not get involved with this and just use the buildout we're already using?18:33
ignaswith cando - yes you can18:33
ignasas long as schooltool and schooltool.gradebook eggs are good enough18:33
ignasand you don't need trunks for any of them18:33
ignasyou will have to run bin/buildout -n sometimes18:34
ignasto update both eggs though18:34
eldarignas, is there any real different between running bin/test -f18:43
eldarand bin/runfdoctests ?18:43
ignasbin/runfdoctests is a hack for running functional doctests a bit faster when you have a broken functional test18:44
ignasand what to rerun it without changing the code18:44
ignasi don't even know how to use it without looking at the source code ;)18:44
ignasI think it runs all the functional tests, and when it encounters a failing test - it gives you the option to rerun that test18:45
ignasor something like that18:45
ignasbut you should not really care about it, it's just a hacky toy ;)18:45
eldarwell the funny thing is, for me, tests pass when I run runfdoctests18:49
eldarbut faily horribly when I run test -f18:49
eldarfor alan it's the other way around18:49
ignasthen runfdoctests is running the other set of tests probably ;)18:49
ignasdid you run bin/buildount -n ?18:49
ignascould you post the errors you are seeing?18:51
ignasbecause buildbot is not detecting any failures18:51
ignassvn up just in case too18:51
aelkneri tried running bin/make-schooltool-instance, and it asks me for a project name?18:54
ignaswell - yes18:55
ignasbin/make-schooltol-instance instance/18:55
ignasis the default18:55
ignasmakefile does that when you do make run18:55
ignasby default18:55
ignasit even makes the instance a cando instance18:55
ignaseldar: what's weird? could you post the failures please?18:55
aelkneroh, yes, duh18:56
eldarignas, the weird thing is, the test -f no longer fails18:56
eldarignas, nothing changed since last time I ran them except that I ran runfdoctests18:56
aelknerenter instance type?18:57
aelknerexcept the default?18:57
ignasaelkner: should be in the list18:58
aelkner Enter instance_type (SchoolTool instance type to use. Available types -18:58
aelkner  cando.cando200718:58
aelkner  schooltool.stapp200518:58
aelkner  schooltool.stapp2007) ['schooltool.stapp2007']:18:58
ignascando.cando2007 ?18:58
aelkneri'll tyy it18:58
ignasthe default is the last one alphabetically ;)18:58
aelknerthe make file has a make-instance18:59
aelknerit passes the args that you suggest18:59
aelknerbut it doesn't create any schooltoolini18:59
aelknerso make run can't run18:59
ignasthere is no schooltool.ini19:00
ignasin instance/ ?19:00
eldarthere isn't19:00
ignaslet me see19:00
ignashmm, it did for me19:01
ignascan you rm -rf instance/19:01
ignasand make run again?19:01
eldaruhhh same thing, ini not found19:02
* ignas is updating eggs to see if he can reproduce it19:02
eldarit didn't make ini for some reason19:02
ignascan you paste me the output make run gives you19:02
ignasif you run it19:02
* th1a notes that it is really preferable to get started earlier in the day if you're going to need a lot of help from ignas.19:02
ignasafter removing "instance/" ?19:03
lisppaste5eldar pasted "instance" at
ignasgot it19:05
ignaswill fix it in 2-5 minutes19:05
eldarok :)19:05
ignasthink i fixed it, testing now19:09
ignasfixed it again, testing19:17
ignasaelkner, eldar: works for me19:25
ignasaelkner, eldar: bin/buildout -n19:25
ignasrm -rf instance19:25
ignasmake run19:26
ignasthank you for your patience19:26
eldarignas, nyahaha works :) thanks19:28
aelknermine works too19:34
aelknerignas: could you briefly bring me up to date on what was done with this branch19:35
aelkneri'm assuming this is the work you did after the chicago srpint19:35
aelknerto get cando to work with the schooltool tabs19:35
ignasand after, only 1 checkin after19:36
ignasadded buildout.cfg and fixed dependencies in setup.py19:36
aelknerbut basically, this is the latest version of cando19:36
ignasand after the sprint made functional tests pass19:36
ignasi think so19:36
aelknerwell, i didn't change trunk19:36
ignasin that case - yes19:36
aelknerand eldar didn't19:37
ignasit is the latest cando19:37
aelknerso we need to focus on only this branch19:37
aelknerand not get welsh and jason involved until we are ready19:37
aelknerwich could be a nujmber of weeks19:37
aelknerwhile we make the following changes:19:37
aelkner1) get the newskin package to play well with tabs19:38
aelknerfix the requirements package to not use inheritance19:38
aelknerget cando to work with the netter cleaner requirements package19:38
aelkneranyway, that's it19:39
ignasyes, probably19:40
ignasi guess you don't want anyone working with a database that can break any minute19:40
ignasand requirements are not very stable from what i understand19:40
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wbradyaelkner: ayt?19:59
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wbradyso how do i add competencies to our IntroToIT class on the CanDo thing that's at cando.elkner.net20:00
eldarare you trying to add competencies through the newskin?20:02
eldarto get to the old schooltool schooltool interface by
eldarwbrady, from there you can login as an admin and do w/e20:05
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eldarjelkner, you can go to
eldarfor normal schooltool interface, since Matt killed it for you20:06
eldarby proxy passing/ rewriting urls whatever he did20:06
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ignasschooltool release is broken in hardy at the moment, will fix it asap20:39
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Lumiereignas: is schooltool release fixed?23:35
ignasnot yet23:39
ignasreleasing now23:39
th1aignas: Shouldn't you be asleep?23:40
ignasit's 23:4023:40
ignasso - nope23:40
th1aOh, I guess I have an exaggerated sense of the difference.23:40
th1aI'm imagining you in Australia or something.23:40
ignasmay I suggest the new hardy clock thingie ;)23:40
ignasit's showing 16:40 at your home ;)23:41
th1aapt-get install hardy-clock-thingy?23:41
ignasno, just right click on your clock in the taskbar23:41
ignasand select preferences23:41
ignasthen set locations23:41
th1aI see.23:41
ignaslooks very nice23:42
ignasuploaded, will wait for it to get built on gutsy, then copy it to hardy23:42
ignaswould have done it faster, but my firefox is segfaulting, so i had to get a backup browser ;)23:43

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