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aelknerignas: i sent an email regarding bzr.  did you get it yet?18:39
th1aaelkner: You sent it to Jeff and me.18:42
aelknerI thought i hit replay all18:42
aelkneri'll resne dit18:42
th1aI'm just telling you what the header says.18:42
aelknerit's true18:43
aelknerit's because jeff was the last message on the thread, and he didn't send his message to all18:44
aelknerth1a: can you run the same command on your machine that gave me that error?18:44
ignasemm the url is wrong18:44
ignasit's more like bzr+ssh://
ignasnot ~ignas18:45
aelkneroh, you moved it18:45
ignasI will be updating all the documentation soon18:45
ignasas soon as they will release a new release candidate for bzr 1.5 that will allow me to fix the new bzr repository18:45
ignasand have everything working18:45
aelknerbzr co --lightweight bzr+ssh://
aelknergave me the same error18:46
aelknerso i need to wait18:46
aelkneris there anything i can test out on that machine18:46
aelknera good repo?18:46
th1aWorks for me.18:46
th1aI've got bzr 1.3.1 though.18:47
th1aDoes that server have Gutsy on it?18:47
ignas for the up to date bzr packages18:48
aelknerhow do i check if it's gutsy?18:49
ignascat /etc/lsb-release18:51
aelkneri have machines that i'm trying this out on, one gutsy, one feisty18:52
aelknerboth are virtual servers18:52
aelknerand both get the same failure18:52
aelkneri'd like to try out fixing things on my virtual server18:53
aelknerbefore i play around with things on sla's server18:53
aelknermy server happens to be fiesty18:53
aelknerbut since gutsy also isn't working18:54
aelkneri think it's ok to try the feisty machine first18:54
aelknerigas: how do i use the web page you just sent18:54
aelknerwhat do i edit18:54
ignasapt-get update then18:55
ignasand apt-get install bzr18:55
aelknerso i just add the two sources that the page has?18:56
aelknerthe file already has:18:56
aelknerdeb feisty-updates main restricted multiverse18:56
aelknerdeb-src feisty-updates main restricted18:56
aelkneris there a conflict adding:18:57
aelknerdeb intrepid main18:57
aelknerdeb-src intrepid main18:57
aelknerthey both have main18:57
aelkneri don't know what those lines mean18:57
ignasno, no conflict18:57
ignasaelkner: you do realise that this is the same procedure users will perform when installing schooltool from our PPA ?18:57
aelknerso that's good, right?18:58
th1aIt is the way it is done.18:58
th1aBut should he be using "feisty" instead of "intrepid"?18:58
aelkneri can change that, but19:00
aelkneri noticed something19:00
aelkneri didn't see the beginning right before the traceback19:00
aelknerhere it is:19:01
aelkneraelkner@alan:~/buildouts$ bzr co --lightweight bzr+ssh://
aelknerPermission denied (publickey).19:01
aelknerbzr: ERROR: exceptions.AssertionError: end of file reading from server.19:01
ignasso you don't have your ssh private key19:01
ignasset up19:01
aelknerhow do i do that?19:01
Lumiereyour user page19:01
ignasLumiere: he has it in launchpad19:02
ignashe hasn't got it in .ssh/identity19:02
ignasaelkner: can you do an svn+ssh checkout on that machine?19:03
aelkneri'll try19:03
ignasand can you do a bzr checkout from ""19:04
ignasi can recall you had problems with http url in sla19:04
ignasbut if it's your own machine - it should work19:04
aelkneri don't have the private key on my virtual server, so svn+ssh didn't work19:05
aelkneri'll try with http19:05
aelkneraelkner@alan:~/buildouts$ bzr co --lightweight
aelknerbzr: ERROR: Unknown branch format: 'Bazaar pack repository format 1 (needs bzr 0.92)\n'19:06
ignasyour bzr is too outdated for http access19:07
ignasso either upgrade bzr or add a private key19:07
aelkneri'm upgrading bzr now that i've change the sources lines to be feisty...19:09
aelknersomething good is happening19:10
aelkneryeh, it worked19:10
aelkneri'm going to try the same steps on sla's machine19:10
aelknerignas: should i change intrpid to gutsy as i changed it to feisty on the other machine?19:12
ignasbut with sla - you can't use http url from what i can recall, because of the proxy bug, so you might have to set up your ssh key even after bzr upgrade19:13
aelknerwhat proxy bug?19:15
ignasemm, the one that was preventing you from checking out from
ignassome time ago19:18
aelknerso the log suggests that i have to use bzr+ssh19:26
aelknerignas: is that right?19:26
ignasif you are under a proxy19:26
ignasand i think the problem was that SLA is under a proxy19:26
ignasunder a broken outdated version of squid19:26
ignasfrom what i can recall19:27
aelknerthat could be19:27
ignasso in SLA you should use bzr+ssh urls to checkout stuff19:27
aelknerthe sysadmin there was a reall bad one19:27
ignasand to do that - you have to have you ssh keys set up properly in there, which hopefully you already have19:27
aelkneri don't yet19:27
aelknerand i forget how to do that19:27
aelknerdo you have instructions for seeting up a ssh key19:28
ignasLumiere: maybe you could explain it, i am not sure i know the *right* way19:30
ignasI am just copying my private key to the machine19:30
ignasor using19:30
ignasssh -A19:30
ignasssh -A some_host19:30
ignaswill make your key available in there as well i think19:30
ignasso you ssh -A your_sla_host and use ssh+bzr://19:31
ignasand it should probably work19:31
ignasi am not 100% sure though19:31
ignasjust guessing19:31
ignas is the howto19:31
ignasAgent Forwarding part is the one that should be enough19:32
aelknerignas: i don't know why, but after doing the ppa steps, i was alble to bzr with http19:32
ignasmaybe they fixed it19:32
aelknermaybe the bzr folks fixed teh proxy bug?19:33
aelkneroh, you just said that19:33
aelknerso, anyway, that's great new19:34
aelknerignas: how soon will your port to bzr be ready for me to work with?19:34
ignashmm, hopefully tomorrow19:35
ignashow soon will i document it enough so you could work with it is another question though19:35
ignaswork efficiently that is19:36
aelknerisn't it just a matter of changing my make files to point to the bzr repos rather than the svn ones?19:36
ignasoh, for that - yes19:37
ignasthat will work tomorrow, i am talking about all the commiting process19:37
ignasthat we will have to work out somehow19:37
ignasand nightlies and releases19:37
aelknerwhen you say committing process, do you mean i won't be able to bzr ci?19:39
ignasdon't know at the moment, a good practice would be - not doing bzr ci, at least to schooltool/trunk19:41
ignasi will have to allow you to do that for schooltool.gradebook i guess, just to keep the transition less painful ;)19:41
aelknerwhy is this have to be so painful?19:44
aelkneri mean, why are we even doing this if it's such a pain19:45
aelknersvn worked great19:45
ignasto you - yes19:45
ignasyou did not spend most of the sprint integrating changes from 5 programmers19:45
ignasthat forget to svn add files every once in a while19:46
aelknerand bzr would not cause problems when someone forgets to bzr add?19:47
ignasyes, and not cause problems when someone updates their patch, or wants to add 2 different features19:48
ignasand has no commit access19:48
aelknerok, i'll stop complaining19:49
aelknerthere isn't anything we could do now to back up the road we've gone on anyway19:49
th1aaelkner:  Ultimately you want to use a different workflow with a distributed revision control system.19:49
th1aThe whole point is to merge separate branches rather than just having everyone check in to trunk.19:50
ignasyeah, and we will have to learn that workflow19:50
ignasfeature branches while cumbersome, add organisation19:50
aelkneri guess we will19:50
ignasbackporting single diffs from the past to the release branch19:50
ignasis something that is a maintainance nightmate19:51
ignasand as we have a release branch, we will have to do that sometimes19:51
ignasdoing feature/bugfix branches while mandatory in bzr, is a lot easier than in svn19:52
ignasand is recomended anyway19:52
aelkneri never had to backport, so excuse me if i don't see the benefits19:53
aelknerbut i understand that you certainly have had to deal with that19:54
aelknerignas: so are you saying that i won't be able to make changes and commit with the ease that i have had to date?19:54
aelknerall i had to do was svn ci19:55
ignasaelkner: yes and no19:55
ignasaelkner: if you will work on your own branch, you will be able to bzr ci as much as you want19:55
ignasaelkner: if you will be using trunk - you will not or at least should not commit to it unless you really need that and have a very good reason19:56
aelkneri always will have a need to commit and then switch to the sla server to update19:56
aelknerthat will be a daily process19:56
th1aBasically ignas will integrate your changes from your branch to trunk.19:56
ignasfor sla - you can do that19:56
ignasjust keep on doing it the way you did19:56
ignasfor schooltool/trunk19:56
ignasyou will branch schooltool trunk19:57
ignaspush it to launchpad19:57
ignascommit your new code there19:57
ignasand use your branch in sla19:57
ignasand when you will get your changes into a good state - you will just ask me to integrate your changes back to trunk19:57
aelknermy changes are always in a good state19:57
aelkneri wouldn't commit them otherwise19:58
ignasthough sometimes we have discussions whether implement a feature one way or another ...19:58
ignasactually the prefered workflow is a bit more complicated19:59
ignasyou would have your own branch19:59
ignasand a feature branch for the feature19:59
ignasso when you are done with the feature19:59
ignasyou merge it to your own branch for deployment19:59
ignasi merge it to trunk later19:59
ignasand then if th1a wants me to19:59
ignasi merge it to our release branch19:59
ignasfor features - no need for that probably, but for bugfixes it's the recomended way of doing it20:00
aelkneri don't know who's dong all this recommending, but...20:00
aelknerif it makes you happy to hold my changes out from the release branch20:00
aelknerand i can just deliver my fixes to sla using my own branch20:01
aelknerthen fine20:01
th1aIt isn't so much that you need bzr to manage the contributions of your two main developers.20:02
th1aIt is more of a benefit for everyone else.20:02
ignasth1a: making backporting bugfixes to the release sane is actually for my benefit20:02
aelkneras long as you don't mind backporting my frequent changes...20:03
ignastrying to recall whether you have merged revisions 7765 to 7767 to the release already is something i don't want to do again20:03
ignasaelkner: we will work it out, it will take time, it will be different ...20:04
aelkneri'm guessing it will be much better, or you wouldn't have recommended it20:04
aelkneri'm just slow to adjust to ripping out a nice workflow i had going20:05
aelknerfeatures and bugfixes will be slower to come in the short term as i spend more timje on this than on them20:05
aelknerignas: do me a favor and send me an email when you know that i can get started on using bzr20:06
aelknerafter you've worked out the kinks20:06
ignasok, i'll try to come up with some instructions20:06
ignaslike how to get a development sandbox20:06
aelkneri'll continue to use svn until then20:06
ignasproperly set up20:07
aelknerand i realized that it won't be hard for me to move my code to a bzr version20:07
aelknerinstead of worrying about apply patches20:07
aelkneri can just copy the files in20:07
aelknerrevision history be damned20:07
aelkneri never use it anyway20:07
ignasyou can, but that's more error prone actually20:08
aelknerit's not like i'm wokring on a project with multiple collaborators20:08
ignasyou can miss a file or two20:08
ignascp -r will include .svn directories too20:08
ignasi think20:08
ignaswhich is another problem20:08
aelkneri can copy files one at  a time20:09
aelknerthat's no prob20:09
aelknerbecause there will only be 5-10 to copy20:09
aelknertaking only a minute20:09
aelknerso no .svn stuff20:09
ignasby the way - never assume your code will not be used/developed by someone else20:09
aelknersound good20:09
aelkneri think it's a safe bet20:10
aelknerif they wanted to use it at this time20:10
aelknerthey would be more in trouble than me20:10
aelknerso i wouldn't waste time worrying about them20:10
ignaswell - it's your choice20:10
aelknerbesides, it's not ready yet for the world20:11
aelknerit's still in beta at sla, and many changes will follow20:11
ignasversion history is something that has helped me find and fix so many bugs, that i am considering it quite important20:11
aelkneractually, copying the files as i suggest will not ruin the revision history20:12
aelknerit will just put all of the revisions in one diff20:12
aelknerand hopefully you'll have the workflow nailed down soon20:13
aelknerso it won;'t be such a big diff20:13
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