IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2008-05-10

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HumpelHi there!18:39
HumpelJust wodering if SchoolBell has been "discontinued" ?18:40
HumpelAnd if I have to use the SchoolTool-Calendar instead18:40
ignasemm, i don't think there is SchoolTool-Calendar at the moment18:48
ignasand yes - SchoolBell is gone from what I know18:48
Humpelso right now there is nothing usable left ?18:49
ignasas a simple calendaring application - no, unless you know how to write some code18:50
Humpel*sigh* ;)18:51
ignasyeah, i know, i am working towards making it modular enough18:51
ignasso you could set up the schoolbell equivalent18:51
ignasmore easily18:51
ignasby just disabling timetabling, terms, sections, courses and keeping only the vital stuff18:51
Humpelbut with a lag of developers this might take some time, right ;)18:52
ignasyes, probably18:52
Humpelthe usual FOSS situation18:52
ignasschoolbell is not something  we are going to work on any time soon if ever18:52
ignasso it can only be a byproduct of other work18:52
ignasfeatures calendaring application users need is just too unrelated to things that schools want...18:53
Humpeltooo sad... schoolbell is like the smallest family-calendar system18:53
ignas ? ;) not open source, but still18:54
ignasif i had a family i would use it ;)18:54
ignasand they do focus on their users, which we really can't do unless you are looking for a student information system ...18:55
Humpelbut that's an online server, right ?18:56
Humpelna.... wanna keep it more private at home on my server ,)18:57
Humpelso I guess I will have to set up an apache with DAV :/18:58
Humpelpretty much for a small calendar...18:58
ignasi guess, schooltool ical webdav support is buggy anyway18:59
Humpelyeah... it is. especially with recurrent events with more than one exception.19:00
Humpelanyway.... thanks for the info!19:02
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