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spowerswe have something like 2000 student accounts in our directory07:21
spowersit absolutely saves tons of time07:21
spowershowever, you don't really notice the time it saves you until you get an important app that *doesn't* support ldap :(07:22
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ignasaelkner: in case you forgot - i am migrating schooltool svn repository to bzr ;)20:51
aelkneroh no20:51
ignasmigration will be over today, i'll work on documentation tomorrow20:51
aelknerthat could be tricky for me20:51
aelknercould it wait until next week20:52
ignasbackporting small patches you have commited somewhere should be easy enough20:52
aelkneri can't get bzr to install at sla20:52
ignasso if you will keep on working on our svn repository for a day or two - the world will not fall apart20:52
aelknercould it wait until next week?20:53
ignasemm, not really, the nightly builds are broken for too long already :/20:53
ignasand it prevents me from changing anything that spans more than one package :/20:53
ignasare you going to be doing a lot of programming this week>20:53
aelknerso i can keep using my svn repo20:53
ignasyes, but the less you do it, the less you will have to backport to the bzr repo20:54
aelkneryou're creating work for me here20:54
aelkneri'm already swamped with change requests20:54
aelknercoming out of the meeting at sla wed20:54
aelknerat week's end, i'll take a break from making these changes20:55
aelknerthen i could step back and get involved with the port20:55
ignashow many commits are we taking about?20:55
ignas5-10-100 ?20:55
aelknercould be 3 or 420:55
Lumiere'noon everyone20:55
ignaswell - that's like 10-20 minutes of work20:55
ignasto commit them to bzr repository if they were commited to svn repository20:55
aelknerif you insists20:55
aelkneryou'll help me with it20:56
aelkneras i've nver back-ported before20:56
aelknerand also i'll need help getting bzr installed20:56
aelknerbecause apt-get failed20:56
ignas#bzr should be able to help you with that20:56
ignasand would be quite glad helping you do that20:56
aelkneri could try with them20:56
aelknerignas: how does one backport?21:17
aelkneris it a manual process?21:17
aelkneror is there a utility21:17
ignasyes, you do svn diff with 2 revisions, to get the patch that you commited to svn21:18
ignasapply it on an outdated bzr branch21:18
ignasand commit it there21:18
Lumieresounds like something you could automate21:18
ignasthen repeat that process for all the patches21:18
ignasLumiere: doing it for 5-10 patches by hand is a lot faster than writing a utility21:19
ignasbut you can ask in #bzr for more options, maybe you can just checkout from svn repository using bzr21:19
ignasand merge to the bzr branch21:19
ignasfor example21:19
ignasone of the reasons i want to "Just do it" is to avoid these issues21:20
aelkneri just wish yuou could wait until next monday21:20
aelknerso i don't have to perform a manual process that could lead to error21:21
ignasthat would make me redo a lot more work21:22
ignasthan it will cause you to do21:22
ignasas i have most of the things already set up21:22
ignasso it's 20 minutes for you vs a few hours for me21:22
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