IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2008-05-07

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Ademanwhere can i get the source to schooltool? I don't really want to install it though... is there a git or subversion repos on the launchpad page?]11:53
Ademanhrm yeah, there seem to be ancient tarballs on the sourceforge page, but nothign else to speak of11:56
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ignasth1a: morning15:40
th1aGood afternoon, ignas.15:40
ignasa nice UI idea15:41
ignasactually - Cozi has quite a lot of nice UI ideas for calendaring, up to the point it might be useful to just sign up ;)15:42
ignasbut I don't have a family that could use a calendar ;)15:42
th1aYes, I saw that in your shared links.15:43
ignasoh, I didn't know you could see those15:43
th1aWorth stealing.15:43
ignasmaybe we could get one account for our "SchoolTool" family? ;)15:44
ignaswe don't have many events to coordinate though15:44
th1aI'll make an account for me.15:44
th1aIt is free?15:45
ignasi don't know15:45
ignasbut the UI15:45
ignasis just sweat15:45
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th1aGood UI does take a lot of sweat.15:50
th1aOK, I'm signed up.15:51
th1aNice dashboard view.15:52
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aelknerth1a: ayt?17:22
th1aaelkner: I'm here.17:33
th1aHow'd it go yesterday?17:33
aelkneri had a great day yestersay17:33
th1aAlso... the weekly update emails would take the place of the summary with your invoice.17:33
th1aaelkner: That's good.17:33
aelkneroh, that's nice17:34
th1aI didn't want to create a net increase in work.17:34
aelkneris it ok to send the email on sat or sun if i need to work on the weekend to make up for hours lost during the week17:35
aelkneri could give more info if i accomplish seomthing on the weekend17:35
aelknerth1a: ?17:38
th1aThat's fine.17:39
th1aI just didn't want to sound like I was telling you to send the email during the weekend.17:39
aelknerthat's cool17:42
aelkneri want to tell you the good stuff from yesterday17:43
aelknerfirst, it started with a problem that i was able to solve on the spot17:43
aelkneryou see, my sending emails to stdout worked fine for me while i was developing17:43
aelknerbut when i started the process on the live machine Mon night, and then exited the terminal session17:44
aelknerthat caused stdout to be orphaned17:44
aelknerso while the app worked after i exited the session17:44
aelknerchris got the IOError when he sent his first message17:44
aelknerso i patched the dummy email sender during our meeting to not print17:45
aelknerwe then discussed a new screen that it much better than the section narratives screen17:45
aelknerbasically chris wanted a section interventions screen that gives the teacher access17:46
aelknerto most of the same stuff as the intervention center, bbut by student in the section17:46
aelknerand more section-centric17:46
aelknerno adding of goals for instance17:46
aelknerso i scrambled last night to get that new view in17:46
aelknerand it worked!17:47
aelkneri even had time to write automated tests17:47
aelkneralthough i'll need to add some later17:47
aelknerotherwise i made some cosmetic changes17:47
aelknerso today's meeting at 1:30 should be a good one17:47
aelkneri'll let you know17:47
aelkneri know i could wait until friday to tell you these things17:48
aelknerbut i'm too excited to wait :)17:48
th1aGood news.17:48
th1aCan you send real emails?17:48
aelkneryou mean you would have prefered all of this in an email?17:48
th1aDoes your system send real emails?17:49
th1aAs opposed to fake emails.17:49
aelknerchris and i still need to work on real emails17:50
aelknerwhat i did last night was to differentiate between test email delivery17:50
aelknerthat prints to stdout17:50
aelknerfor doctests17:50
th1aBut it is a mailserver issue primarily.17:50
aelknerand a null email delivery17:50
aelknerthat doesn't print17:51
aelknerto solve the IOError problem17:51
aelknerwell, i haven't encountered any technical problems on my end17:51
aelknerwith email17:51
aelknerbecuase i haven't had a smtp server to talk to17:51
aelknerthat means17:52
aelkneri'm not promising that my end works yet17:52
aelkneruntil i test it out on chris' server17:52
aelkneri'l keep you posted17:52
th1aaelkner: That post's for you ;-)18:04
aelknermy ears should have been burning with you talking about me :)18:07
aelknerth1a: one of the changes i made last night was to redirect to home on login because18:12
aelknerrather than the gradebook, because that's where the user can click on a section18:13
aelknerand get to the section interventions view18:13
aelknerwhen i create the newer home as per chris' suggestion18:13
aelkneri.e., the dashboard18:13
aelkneri will save them a click by providing the intervention link for each section there18:14
aelkneri now understand, though, the reason for the home view as it already is18:14
aelknerit's already a kind of dashboard18:14
th1aA crude one.18:14
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