IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2008-04-29

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Lumierehi nitromaster02:51
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fsufitchLumiere: hi02:59
Lumierehi chris02:59
Lumierehmm my cell phone tells me03:00
Lumierethat it is 8 pm03:00
Lumierenitromaster ccarey fsufitch: I assume all 3 of you are still prepping for APs03:00
ccareyi don't have APs this year03:01
Lumiereccarey: what have you been working on then? :)03:01
ccareynothing really, i thought the whole thing was on hold until the summer03:01
fsufitchmiscommunication ftl?03:02
Lumiereit is now03:05
Lumierebut I had stuff earlier to do03:05
Lumiereoh well :)03:05
LumiereI assume you all got the email?03:05
LumiereJeff is saying you won't start till July03:05
LumiereI am saying that if you don't have finals and can start work earlier (even part time)03:06
Lumiereyou can start right after eldar and Alan's sprint03:06
fsufitchi have physics and a few culminating school year activities03:06
Lumierefsufitch: if you have things that preclude you, no worries03:06
Lumierebut if we can get started, lets get started03:06
ccareyi have finals, but its not really crunch time until late may, so i can03:07
LumiereI'll check back on the 12th about it03:08
Lumierea reminder, no meeting next week03:08
LumiereI am on vacation03:08
Lumieremy brother's graduation is sunday03:08
fsufitchwhere to?03:08
Lumierewhere it is gonna be 55 and raining03:08
fsufitchah, nice03:08
Lumiereall weekend03:08
Lumiere(some vacation that is)03:09
fsufitchi dont mind the 55 part, but the raining can get you down03:09
ccareyso is there something i should start working on now?03:14
fsufitchLumiere: ping for ccarey03:17
Lumiereccarey: not really03:23
Lumiereccarey: if you wanted to check with ignas03:23
Lumierehe may have stuff on the schooltool side03:23
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mgedminignas: hi17:18
mgedminmuskate aptas nori upgradinti python-zopeinterface iš gutsy versijos (3.3.1) į ppa versiją (3.4.0)17:19
mgedminjei aš tai padarysiu, schooltool buildbotas bus patenkintas?17:19
ignasno idea17:19
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