IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2008-04-30

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Lumiereaelkner: here?21:26
LumiereI have the cron running21:27
aelknerso, did it work?21:28
Lumierestill running21:28
Lumiereand I haven't dropped it into cron.daily yet21:28
* Lumiere pokes lisppaste5 21:28
lisppaste5Lumiere pasted "cando cron" at
Lumiereaelkner: there's the daily21:31
aelknerPEP 8 likes us to have separate lines for each import21:32
* Lumiere started writing python before PEP existed ;)21:33
LumiereI am sure21:33
LumiereI am using the wrong space count too21:33
aelkneryou need to get your editer configured for 4 spaces21:34
aelkneri see what you doo21:34
aelknerit looks good21:34
aelkneryou're backing up and zipping Data.fs every night as we discussed21:34
aelknerhat shoudl cover you21:35
aelknerthat should21:35
aelknertrying to type too fast21:35
Lumierebut I don't start zip operations21:36
Lumieretill cando is started21:36
LumiereI will flesh out start and stop at some point21:36
Lumieredown the line to do smarter things21:36
Lumiereif it fails21:37
aelkneryou already copied the file before starting cando21:37
aelknerso that's fine21:37
Lumierestop, copy, start, start zipping old files21:37
Lumiereaelkner: ok, the daily is in the crontab now22:09
Lumierewe'll see how it works22:09

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