IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2008-04-22

jintyschooltool-2007 just needs to be re-built00:01
jintyignas: re package deps, I think you won't like the solution00:02
jintywhich is to run the tests of all packages with only the package and it's dependencies installed00:02
jintyin a buildbot like environment00:03
jintyI tried to include the relevant metadata for autopkgtest in the packages00:03
jintyautopkgtest is a test runner for debian packages00:03
ignasi see00:04
jintybut havn't bothered to see if it really works00:04
* jinty re-uplaods schooltool-200700:04
ignasschooltool.stapp2008spring works00:04
ignasso you can build schooltool-2008spring or something like that whenever you feel like it00:05
jintyignas: er, more or less leaving that up to you00:06
jintyyou're gonna have to do it for lyceum and cando (probably)00:07
jintyreally, it's very simple00:08
jintymore or less apt-get source00:08
jintythen replace lot's of schooltool-2007's00:08
jintygotta go~00:09
jintyhasta luego, and good luck!00:09
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Lumierehi mattva01, aelkner02:52
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Lumierehi fsufitch02:58
Lumierehi nitromaster02:58
fsufitchLumiere: howdy02:58
LumiereFirst order of business... Lets Go Caps!!!!111!1!eleven1!02:59
Lumiereand you got 2 minutes02:59
Lumiereto prepare yourselves02:59
fsufitchu mean as in02:59
Lumieregame 6 playoffs02:59
fsufitchoh ok03:00
fsufitchi dont follow any sports, so meh03:00
LumiereWho wants to start?03:01
Lumierefsufitch: I choose yoou! <_<03:02
fsufitchwell i havent actually been doing much candowise...03:03
fsufitchsrry :-/03:03
Lumierestill on AP?03:03
fsufitchmy aps are on may 5 and 903:03
Lumierenitromaster: you?03:03
fsufitch7 and 903:03
Lumiereso you'll be readyish right before eldar03:03
nitromasteri haven't been doing any work -- too much school stuff03:04
LumiereAP for you too?03:04
Lumiereyour aps are on?03:04
nitromasterpretty much the same dates03:05
Lumiereso, there will be a meeting next monday03:05
Lumierebut not one the meeting AFTER that03:05
Lumiereyou should try and chat03:05
LumiereI am gone May 1-603:06
Lumiereand with that... your 30 minutes of painlessness are up...03:06
Lumieregood luck on APs03:06
fsufitch:-P thx03:07
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th1aignas: Should I try the schooltool 2008 package for gutsy?16:20
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ignasth1a: you can17:04
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ignasth1a: it's not working probably, i have just uploaded python-z3c which should fix it17:35
ignasth1a: schooltool-2008 should be working properly on gutsy now18:51
th1aignas: OK, I18:51
th1awill give it a shot.18:51
ignassudo apt-get update first though ;)18:51
th1asetting up...18:55
th1aIt is an impressive list of stuff.18:55
th1aSo is this using 2.5 or 2.4?18:55
ignas2.418:55 depends on python-restrictedpython18:56
ignasi could make it run on hardy already, but i'll do some tests and fixes first18:56
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th1aI'd like to get a few more tweaks in.18:57
th1aignas: So what web server is this using?18:59
ignaspaste as a glue19:00
th1aThrough wsgi?19:00
th1aPaste is gluing what to what?19:01
ignasschooltool application to zope.server server19:02
ignasschooltool wsgi application19:02
th1aSo at this point an admin could switch that to Apache and mod_wsgi?19:02
ignasyes, if mod_wsgi was working on ubuntu19:03
th1aAh.  It isn't, I guess?19:03
ignasno, the source packages are only available for debian19:04
ignasand on ubuntu gutsy they go into a chain of segfaults19:04
ignasat least they did on my machine19:04
ignasif mod_wsgi was working, we would have probably released schooltool using mod_wsgi19:04
th1aThen SSL could be handled completely separately from us.19:05
th1aJust Apache configuration.19:05
ignaswe can't handle ssl at the moment i think (not 100% sure), but i know that a rewrite rule in apache19:05
ignascan add sll on top of schooltool19:05
ignasbecause lyceum schooltool is available under https19:06
ignasand it's all handled by apache19:06
Lumiereor proxypassing can do ssl19:14
Lumiere*poofs away again*19:14
th1aI'm just wondering if it can be done even more cleanly if it is all internal to Apache.19:15
Lumierethe difference would be negligible to the sysadmin for setup19:22
Lumierebut it wouldn't crash as much19:22
Lumierebecause there is not zope webserver step19:22
th1aThat would be good.19:22
Lumiereit goes directly from apache to the app19:23
ignasLumiere: well - zope webserver step is replaced with mod_wsgi step19:25
ignasand i am not sure which one is more reliable actually19:25
ignasbenefits are - people are better at configuring apache tan at configuring zope.server on average19:26
Lumiereignas: the wsgi step is built into apache19:27
Lumiereand although I haven't looked into it19:27
ignasthat is not making it any more stable19:27
ignasor good ;)19:27
LumiereI would assume it isn't any less difficult to configure then mod_svn19:27
ignasor immune to segfaults19:28
Lumiereignas: obviousally :)19:28
Lumiereignas: but it won't go into production here19:28
Lumieretill I burn it in19:28
Lumiereand know there won't be segfaults19:28
LumiereI am off to my other office19:28
ignasas soon as I'll get my hands on mod_wsgi19:28
ignasthat works on my machine19:29
ignasmaking schooltool work with it19:29
ignaswill be quite straightforward19:29
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th1aDown the road I think Deliverance could be very useful middleware for SchoolTool.19:48
th1aTo theme SchoolTool to match other applications.19:48
th1aMatch the school website.19:48
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th1aignas: How do I turn devmode on with the .deb?19:51
ignasedit /etc/schooltool/schooltool-2008/main.conf19:51
ignasand do sudo /etc/init.d/schooltool-2008 restart19:52
ignasth1a: devmode just got yellow on trunk ;)20:09
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ignasth1a: i will break release for a couple of hours or so, and pray that i can get it back to working, because I must fix 2 packages that are broken20:29
th1a_ignas: OK.20:41
th1aignas: Are you going to try to get rid of the devmode menu before the release?20:46
ignasit's gone20:46
ignasin trunk20:46
th1aAh, good.20:46
ignaswill start working on the last serious bug now20:47
ignasthe overlay list20:47
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aelknerignas: ayt?22:20
ignasaelkner: yes22:20
aelknercould you ping me again please?22:21
ignasaelkner: mm?22:21
aelknerthat wasn't my queston, but thanks22:21
aelknermy question is:22:22
aelknercould I please add a property to BasicPerson to get the full name?22:22
aelknertitle is last name first22:22
aelknerwhich is hardly ever what i'd want to see on a form22:23
ignasnot sure now22:23
ignaswill have to think about it22:23
ignasi think this should be customizable or depend on i18n22:23
ignasbecause in lithuania all the sorting orders for example must be "by last_name, then by first name"22:24
ignasbecause last_name is more unique22:24
aelknertitle already does that22:24
aelknerall i need to do is add a property called full_name22:24
ignaswhy? and where?22:24
aelknerwhy what?22:24
ignaswhy do you need that properly22:25
ignasas in why can't you just concatenate both of them22:25
aelknerall over the place i need to display the operson's full name22:25
aelknerwhy should i have to have that messy string:$blahblabh synteax in all my views22:26
aelknera better question would be:22:26
aelknerwhy is it ok for title to work the way lithuania needs it to do22:26
aelknerand not have a full_name arg available22:26
ignashmm, i'll have to think about it, sorry22:27
ignashave to go now22:27
ignassee you tomorrow or today, but later22:28
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th1aaelkner: I'd think we'd just want a bunch of convenience methods to return various configurations of name strings.22:38
aelknerth1a: we can have as many of them as we like, but i only need full_name22:39
aelknerand it would be the opposite of title22:39
aelkneryou can look at schooltol.basicperson.person to see what i mean22:39
aelknerabout title that is22:40
th1aI know what you mean.22:40
aelknerquestion about ubunutu22:40
aelknermy speaker is muted22:40
aelkneri right-click on it and try to unmute it but it doesn't work22:40
aelknerhave you ever seen this?22:40
th1aDoes your sound work at all?22:41
aelknerping me22:41
aelkneri headed the bell , but real faintly22:41
th1aI don't know.22:41
aelkneroh, duh22:42
aelkneri interpreted the volume control upside-down22:43
th1aUp is down.22:43
aelknerthat makes sense :)22:43
aelknerso i had it all the way down at one point22:43
aelknerand it caused the mute attribute to be set22:44
aelknerlesson learned22:44
aelknerth1a: i see you're changing some action items23:22
aelkneraren't you breaking tests in the process?23:22
aelkneri don't see any chages to tests in your checkins23:23
aelkneri noticed that the buildbot is failing on functional tests23:23
aelkneri bet that's you're doing :)23:23

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