IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2008-04-21

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ignasjinty: hi15:31
jintyhey ignas15:32
jintyget my mail?15:32
ignasgot my emails?15:32
jintyhmm, moment15:35
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th1aCatching up...15:37
jintyignas: Makes us dependent on paste though?15:38
th1aDoes paste make it easier for us to use wsgi?15:39
ignasit makes it possible to use wsgi15:40
ignasand it's a very small dependency imho15:40
th1aI think it is worth adding it as a depencency then.15:40
ignasoh and we don't depend on zdaemon then ;)15:40
ignasi think schooltool egg depends on paste anyway15:41
jintywe never did....15:41
ignasi mean - schooltool has code that depends on paste15:41
jintystart-stop-daemon was what we used15:41
ignasthough in the future we could split it as well15:41
ignasso we'd have "schooltool-server" "python-schooltool" "python-schooltool.paste"15:41
ignasand python-schooltool.paste would be the one that has the make-instance, start-instance scripts in it15:42
jintyer, so could you send me the default paste.ini15:42
jintywe should be using in production?15:42
ignaslisppaste5: url15:43
lisppaste5To use the lisppaste bot, visit and enter your paste.15:43
lisppaste5ignas pasted "server|paste|schooltool.ini" at
ignaswe depend on python-zope.server 3.5 implicitly if we use that15:44
ignasbut as it is the version in PPA, we can get away without specifying it15:44
jintyhmm, that looks like something that shouldn't be in /etc15:45
jintynot sure15:46
jintyalso, what about python-schooltool.stapp200715:46
ignashmm, i don't have it as a separate egg at the moment15:46
ignasstapp2007 is in schooltool itself15:47
ignasstapp2008spring is a separate package though15:47
jintywhat does this do: use = egg:schooltool#main15:47
ignasit tells paste to run schooltool application15:47
jintywhat is #main?15:48
ignas#main is the name of the entrypoint15:48
ignasof schooltool egg15:48
ignasthe configuration is selected in the site.zcml15:48
ignassite.zcml is set in schooltool.conf15:48
jintywhat will happen to "web 7080" in the schooltool.conf15:48
ignasit is ignored15:49
jintyseems to me that there is a lot of duplicate info in these15:49
ignasand the meaning of rest declaration changes15:49
ignaswe'd get that with mod_wsgi too15:49
jintyhmm, can we perhaps get rid of schooltool.conf completely?15:49
ignashmm, not at the moment15:50
jintyI mean there's not much it's doing anymore?15:50
ignasi could not do that because we have start-schooltool-server.py15:50
ignasand it depends on all that info in schooltool.conf15:50
ignasand i had to keep it working15:50
ignasbecause we use it in our releases15:50
ignasoh and things like devmode, CAS authentication15:50
ignasare defined in schooltool.conf15:51
ignasLDAP authentication15:51
ignasthere are like 2 configs15:51
ignasthe ini one15:51
ignasis for setting up the server15:51
ignasthat uses schooltool application15:51
ignasand maybe some middleware15:51
ignasand schooltool.conf that configures schooltool application15:51
jintyok, I see...15:51
jintythen we'd better deprecate the directives in schooltool.conf that don't apply15:52
ignasbut i'll do that only when i'll be able to remove start-schooltool-server15:52
jintyand the rest directive shouldn't change meaning.15:52
jintycant start-schooltool-server become a paste command?15:53
ignaswell - rest goes from rest <PORT> to rest <on>15:53
jintyyes, but then it should be an "enable-rest" directive15:53
ignasjinty: as for changing the command15:53
jintypehaps the rest directive could take on the new meaning15:53
ignaswe can do that15:53
jintybut still be deprecated15:54
jintyenable-rest true15:54
jintyenable-rest false15:54
ignasmakes sense15:54
jintyso, should I make a release for stapp200715:54
jintyor only aim at stapp2008spring?15:55
ignasyou can aim at stapp2008spring i think15:55
ignasunless you want to have 2 releases15:55
ignasto start testing upgrade paths15:55
jintywhat 's the paste for that? the same?15:55
ignasyes, the only difference is in site.zcml15:55
jintywe already have a stapp2007 package15:56
ignasthe paste.ini is identical15:56
jintyor release15:56
jintyneeds only to have a schooltool.stapp2007 egg15:56
ignasnot sure I understand you, sorry15:57
ignasi can create an schooltool.stapp2007 egg if you want me to15:58
jintyi.e. the schooltool-2007 package corresponds to schooltool.stapp2007 and depends on python-schooltool.stapp200715:58
jintywhich doesn't exist yet15:58
ignascould you just make it depend on "python-schooltool" or make python-schooltool provide schooltool.stapp200715:59
th1aI don't understand why we'd want a 2007 egg.15:59
jintyyeah, I can do that too15:59
ignasmy idea was to see how it works with more than 1 configuration16:00
ignasso we'd resolve these issues earlier16:00
ignasthan our real ubuntu release16:00
ignasbecause at least at the moment it seems that Brians and mine vision of how packages and servers should interact are slightly different16:00
ignasand it is better to have 6 months to resolve that than 1 week ;)16:01
ignasjinty: actually schooltool does really provide schooltool.stapp200716:01
ignasjinty: by the way - are you releasing the trunk or the 2007 branch at the moment?16:02
jintyignas: wait a bit, I think it'll majke sense when you see the packages working16:02
ignasok :)16:03
jintycan we use the default server as the paste server safely?16:04
jintyI'd rather not depend on zope.server...16:04
jintybut rather on a basic implementation16:04
jintyhmm, actually, it's not too bad16:05
ignasuse = egg:Paste#http is the default i think16:05
ignasbut i like zope.server better ;)16:06
jintythat also takes arguments host and port, right?16:07
jintyhow do I startup as a different user?16:07
ignas  --user=USERNAME       Set the user (usually only possible when run as root)16:08
ignas  --group=GROUP         Set the group (usually only possible when run as root)16:08
ignaspaster serve --help16:08
ignasth1a: resolved all the "high" bugs, fixing the "medium" ones16:10
jintyignas: what's the default for rest?16:21
jintyrest-enabled false?16:22
ignasdefault is diabled16:22
ignasare you adding the section?16:22
ignasor just TODO documentation so i could add it16:22
jintyjust documenting it a bit16:22
jintypid-file is also deprecated, right?16:23
Lumiereignas: how does the start/stop script work then?16:26
ignasLumiere: in buildout you get bin/start_schooltool_server16:26
ignasand for people who are still not using buildout even though they should16:26
ignasi will probably change to do the right thing, which is use some paste.ini in schooltool-skel16:27
ignasand bin/start_schooltool_server sets the pid file to live in <instance>/var/schooltool.pid16:27
ignasi think16:27
Lumiereignas: the problem is, how does a start/stop script know which instance is which16:28
LumiereI know because I rename the start/stop scripts16:28
ignasLumiere: bin/start_schooltol_server is actually more like bin/control_schooltool_server, you pass it an instance directory16:29
ignasso and the script finds the right pid file16:29
ignasin it16:29
ignasso s_s_i instance16:29
ignass_s_i /home/ignas/my_cando_test_instance16:30
ignass_s_i /home/ignas/my_cando_test_instance --daemon16:30
ignass_s_i /home/ignas/my_cando_test_instance --stop-daemon16:30
th1aaelkner: Good morning.16:30
ignasmakes it a lot lot easier to develop when you want to test something on an actual cando, lyceum and schooltool instance16:31
ignaswithout moving Data.fs around16:31
th1aignas: So how are we looking for this release overall?16:32
ignasth1a: don't know really ;), we have Zope3 released and working, packaging schooltool egg is quite straightforward, so as soon as we will find out how we want our start/stop machinery looking on debian we will have an ubuntu release16:34
ignas*a ubuntu16:34
th1aOK.  Based on the current trunk.16:34
th1aYou don't think "an ubuntu" is correct?16:35
ignasin english pronounciation of ubuntu - it's a in african - it's an ;)16:36
ignasso i wrote it pronouncing ubuntu one way, and then re read it in english ;)16:36
Lumierea(n) and every choice is covered16:36
th1aWe just want to make sure this last batch of bugfixes is included.16:37
jinty failed!16:37
th1aSo I guess we should tag this at some point.16:37
jintyusr/bin/paster serve: error: no such option: --monitor-restart16:37
ignaspaster serve some.ini --monitor-restart?16:37
jintypaster serve --monitor-restart some.ini16:38
jintyis what i'm doing16:38
ignas--daemon ?16:38
jinty$PASTER serve $PASTER_ARGS $CONFIGFILE start16:39
ignaspaster serve schooltool.ini --daemon --monitor-restart goes into infinite loop if i do not set PYTHONPATH right, so it seems that it's working16:39
jintyPASTER_ARGS="--monitor-restart --user=schooltool --group=schooltool --daemon --pid-file=$PIDFILE --log-file=/var/log/schooltool/paste.log"16:39
ignasput --monitor-restart after --daemon16:39
ignasthough ok - no difference16:39
ignasPasteScript 1.3.5 from /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages (python 2.5.1 (r251:54863, Mar  7 2008, 04:10:12))16:40
ignaspaster --version16:40
jintyjinty@etch:~/src/schooltoolrepo/schooltool-2007 # paster --version16:40
jintyPasteScript 1.0 from /usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages (python 2.4.4 (#2, Apr  5 2007, 20:11:18))16:40
jintystill using debian etch16:40
ignasubntu has a more up to date version :/16:41
ignasso i guess we'll have to do without monitoring16:41
ignason etch16:41
jintynot sure if it's a good idea anyway16:41
ignasth1a: as for releases it seems that the release infrastructure by jinty is so good, that there should not be any problems with bugfix releases at all16:43
th1aYes, I'm very happy about that.16:43
Lumiereis there any chance we can replicate it? :)16:43
LumiereI'd love to be able to push tweaked schooltool/cando for internal releases16:44
ignasLumiere: as soon as cando will be compatible with schooltool trunk16:45
ignasLumiere: we'll be able to make a cando package that will be installable with schooltool without tweaking i think16:45
Lumiereignas: i was more thinking about if acps added stuff that wasn't in the release16:46
LumiereI agree with the cando package installing with schooltool without tweaking16:46
Lumiere(although it may need to make its own instance)16:46
ignasLumiere: if acps would be in an egg, releasing it into schooltool ppa or into cando ppa should not be too difficult16:47
ignasand then you could just apt-get install it16:48
th1aMake sense?16:50
Lumierelet me stop derailing the conversation16:50
th1aWell, this is the unstructured working mode meeting anyhow.16:50
th1aaelkner: Want to squeeze in your report here?16:50
aelknerlast week i had a great and really revealing meeting with Chris Lehmann16:51
aelknerin the meeting he revealed what he really wanted from us, and it wasn't anything so specific as CSAP16:51
aelknerit was more a generic intervention system that could be used around the country16:52
aelknernot just in philly where they have that horrible CSAP system16:52
aelknerso i was able to refactor the sla sub-packages16:52
aelknerout into one genereic package called 'intervention'16:52
aelknerthis added work, but was offset by the work i will no longer need to do16:53
aelkneror that i thought i was going to need to do with interfacing with the CSAP database16:53
aelknerKarina, the guidance counselor there will still have to manually enter the CSAP info16:54
aelknerinto the district's web site16:54
aelknerthough Chris and I were happy with the meeting, Karina was frowning :)16:54
aelknerhowever, she will be glad to have the intervention system when she sees it in action16:55
aelknerbecause it will replace the need for teacher to constantly fill out reports16:55
aelknerand for her to have to look for them all over the place16:55
th1aI think we should be able to save her some re-entry eventually.16:55
aelknerthat will be a discussion that you and Chris will need to have16:56
aelknerit's a question of priorities that he was discussing in the meeting16:56
LumiereI am personally looking forward to that16:56
aelknernamely, data integration16:56
aelkneri.e., the killer app16:56
LumiereI am wondering if ACC could use something like it16:56
aelknerhe was hoping to have that for Sept 116:56
aelkneri don't know16:56
aelknerwe'll have to show it to them16:57
aelknerand see16:57
aelkneri'll be working with them this summer16:57
aelknerthat's if you authorize it16:57
th1aIntervention tracking in general is a common need.16:57
aelknerthat's another discussion16:57
aelknerthat's the idea16:57
th1aUsually involving forms in triplicate and folders.16:57
aelkneri didn't know chriss had that much vision16:57
aelkneri won't underestimate him again16:57
th1aOh, Chris has vision.16:58
aelkneryes, i'm looking forward to our meeting when you come down16:58
th1aMe too.16:58
aelknerso i have a clear vision of what i need to have ready for May 116:59
aelknerthat's my report16:59
ignasth1a: i can't reproduce no matter how i try, it seems impossible with current security policy, but your comment that it's still there was added when we were already using the new security policy :/16:59
th1aI'll try it again; you can move on until I confirm it again.17:00
th1aSo right now I can add our PPA, do a big apt-get of the zope stuff, and then use a buildout?17:02
th1aTo get a fresh SchoolTool?17:02
ignasbuildout is not using things on your system17:02
jintyignas: I just added uploaded new schooltool-common and schooltool-2007 packages17:02
jintyignas: but I can't test them - don't have gutsy17:02
ignasschooltool-2007 is the branch or trunk?17:03
jintyschooltool-2007 is just a package17:03
jintyit's not even in subversion17:03
ignasahh ok, wrong question17:03
ignasschooltool-common is what?17:03
jintyits a set of reusable scripts and filesystem locations for schooltool packages17:04
jintyschooltool-2007 is an implementation17:04
jintybased on the postgresql-common and postgresql-8.x packaging17:05
ignasi see17:05
ignasand the python-schooltool package does not exist at the moment17:05
ignasoh, it does17:05
jintyyes, that's still from the old packaging17:06
jintywe should get rid of that17:06
jintyand make a new one from the egg17:06
ignashmm, how do I package the trunk?17:06
ignasand what version number do we want?17:06
jintyI think the version number of the egg is not important17:07
jintyI would just make a schooltool egg17:07
jintyand use the release infrastructure17:07
ignasas in - upload a tarball ?17:08
ignaswhat I was thinking about was - setting up schooltool trunk in schooltool.buildconfig, setting some initial version and making a release using that17:09
ignasthen checking out the tag17:09
jintyhmm, this is going to get complicated17:09
ignaspackaging the egg17:10
ignasuploading the egg17:10
ignassigning the package  and uploading to PPA17:10
jintyer, the builder should make the package for you17:10
ignasoh, it does?17:10
ignaswhere does it put it?17:10
jintyyeah, like it does for all other eggs17:10
ignasi haven't seen schooltool.lyceum.journal debian package anywhere17:10
jintynot sure anymore, defined in schooltool.buildconfig17:11
ignasi see, so we have most if not all the dependencies of schooltool covered already and only need the python-schooltool egg17:11
jintymore or less17:11
jintythe python-schooltool package just puts the module on the filesystem17:12
ignasyes, the egg17:12
ignasso paster for example could see the egg and it's entry points17:12
jintythe schooltool-common and schooltool-2007 packages are a higher layer17:12
jintyand add an apt-gettable server to that17:12
ignasand you could import schooltool in pyhon prompt17:12
ignasyep, so if you know what you are doing - you can run schooltool yourself using mod_wsgi for example17:13
ignasjust after installing python-schooltool17:13
Lumierewsgi is?17:13
ignasLumiere: JFGI17:13
jintyif you don't, you can do apt-get install schooltool-200717:13
Lumierehai hai17:13
ignasjinty: so can I just say that schooltool is in 0.9.017:14
ignasjinty: release it using your tool17:14
ignasand remove the schooltool package that is 2007.0.alpha5 in ppa17:15
ignasor is there a better way17:15
jintyI think that, for historical reasons, you will want a version greater than 200717:15
ignaslike having the new version 2008.017:15
th1aOr use a date format.17:15
jintybecause the old python-schooltool package is going to get in the way17:16
LumiereI suggest 2007.0.pre2008rc1 or some such17:16
Lumiereat least until you finish the first real release17:16
ignasth1a: i'd rather keep the last number non-day one so i could add more than 30 bugfix releases ;)17:16
Lumiereignas: lets hope that doesn't happen17:16
ignasLumiere: we won't get more real than that ;)17:16
ignasLumiere: i hope it will happen, because we can release it like after every bugfix17:17
ignasLumiere: and fixing all the bugs would be way cool ;)17:17
ignas2008.4.0, and then +1 for every bug fixed ;)17:17
th1aIn the long run, cranking out bugfixes into our PPA is very important.17:17
ignasjinty: so should I set up schooltool.buildconfig or will you do it?17:19
jintyignas: Though I am of the opinion that having a schooltool egg as well a s a schooltool.gradebook egg is not such a nice thing, and that now is probably a good time to go exploding the schooltool egg.17:19
ignasjinty: schooltool.gradebook is the first one to split off17:19
jintyignas: please do, I've spent too much time on this already...17:20
ignasjinty: later i will work on other packages17:20
ignasjinty: slowly and methodically17:20
jintyI would try installing both at the same time then17:20
ignasschooltool depends on schooltool.gradebook17:20
jintyto see any packaging conflicts17:20
jintythat'll be fun then17:20
ignashmm we don't have an empty "python-schooltool" package though17:21
ignasand python-schooltool should probably be python-schooltool.the_rest_of_the_stuff17:21
ignasi'll try finding out17:22
ignaswhat and where and how17:22
jintyok, I think I'll be off then17:22
jintylet me know of any bugs by mail17:23
th1ajinty: Thanks!17:23
ignasThanks a lot17:23
*** jinty has quit IRC17:23
th1aOK, any last words?17:23
ignaswhen's the deadline? ;)17:24
th1aWhen's hardy come out -- Thursday?17:24
th1aThat's the deadline then.17:25
ignaswish me luck ;) if everything is good - we should have it working today ;)17:25
th1aWe'll let you work then.17:25
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:26
LumiereI am working on some backup scripts for CanDo17:26
LumiereOnce i get them finished17:26
aelkneri saw you asking about start/stop17:26
Lumiereand ignas finishes up his work17:26
aelknerdid you get the answer you needed?17:26
Lumierenot yet17:26
aelknerlke how to stop, right?17:26
Lumieremgall and I were ships passing in the night17:26
Lumiereover the weekend17:26
LumiereI owe him stuff17:26
Lumiereand he owes me stuff17:27
Lumiereand we can't quite find each other at times where we can get the stuff17:27
aelknerhe's with my brother every day in class17:27
aelknerand there's also a open class where jelkner doesn't even teach that matt attends17:27
Lumiereyes at times where I am in the shower most days17:27
Lumiereyes... we'll work it out17:28
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pcardunehey ignas19:49
pcarduneignas: you know that ascii art table help function you had?19:50
ignasmgedmin is the author19:50
pcarduneany plans on sticking that into some helpful package on the zope repo?19:50
ignasask him ;)19:50
pcardunemgedmin: ?19:50
ignasthe drawing was done by him19:50
mgedminwhere would you suggest?19:51
ignasthe parsing of the table is very very schooltool.lyceum.journal specific19:51
pcardunemgedmin: maybe somewhere like zope.testbrowser, or z3c.etestbrowser19:51
pcarduneprobably the latter19:52
ignasand was done by me19:52
pcarduneignas: hmm, maybe I will refactor that to work for html tables in general...19:52
ignasyou can try doing that19:52
* mgedmin dreams about >>> print browser.render_to_ascii()19:52
ignasyou can get a table element quite easily using xpath and just pass that to some "draw table" code then i guess19:53
mgedminwell, ascii is silly, render_to_text() perhaps19:53
ignasmgedmin: if that comes with ablity to select subsets of the page using xpath ;)19:53
pcardunethat would be very cool19:54
mgedminxpath may be a problem: a dependency on lxml (or whatever)19:54
pcardunecan't we somehow hook into lynx rendering?19:54
mgedminlynx, links, or w3m?19:54
ignashmm, what lynx does with non-complete xtml19:54
pcardunemgedmin: z3c.etestbrowser already has an lxml dependency (that's why it was made in fact)19:54
ignaspcardune: lynx foo.html -dump works even if there are no body tags around the table19:59
pcarduneignas: oooo, what does it look like?19:59
ignascat foo.html | lynx -stdin -dump20:00
ignas     Lala     blas   asdfds20:00
ignas   asfdfdsa fdsafdsa dsagfg20:00
ignas   12332    567      5520:00
ignas   aaa      [_]      vvv20:00
ignasso you can actually use popen or something like it20:00
ignasand just push the input to lynx20:00
ignaswill work on linux20:00
pcarduneis there a python integration package?!20:01
ignasdon't think so20:01
mgedminsubprocess.communicate rather than popen20:01
ignaspcardune: anyway did you know that we have Zope3.4 KGS in launchpad PPA20:06
mgedminignas: does anyone know?20:12
ignasmgedmin: nope ;)20:12
mgedminannounce it in #zope3-dev/mailing list20:12
ignasi'd rather start slow ;)20:12
*** mgedmin has quit IRC20:14
pcarduneignas: whoa...20:19
pcarduneignas: that sounds pretty crazy20:19
ignaseh ;)20:20
ignasschooltool tests are passing without any dependencies being downloaded20:20
*** wbrady has quit IRC20:20
ignasso it works at least for some value of the word "works" ;)20:20
*** jinty has joined #schooltool20:50
ignasjinty: woo-hoo apt-get install python-schooltool gives make-schooltool-instance and start-schooltool-instance work as designed, "python2.4 /usr/bin/paster" with proper parameters work as well20:53
jintynow just try apt-get install schooltool-200720:54
ignasyour init.d scripts are trying to run paster using python2.520:54
ignaswhich does not work20:54
jintyah, my init scripts run the binary /usr/bin/paster20:55
jintywhich seems like an intelligent thing to do20:55
jintywhat should I be doing instead?20:55
ignaszodb is only available on python2.420:55
ignas/usr/bin/python2.4 /usr/bin/paster ...20:55
jintydoes 3.8 work with 2.5?20:55
ignasyes it does, but zope does not20:56
ignaswe have zope packages that think they do work on python2.5 and python2.4 though20:56
jintywhy not20:56
jintyI thought it was only RestrictedPython20:56
ignasthey are not done with porting it yet ...20:56
jintywhich was the problem20:56
jintyand we don't depend on that, do we?20:56
ignaszope3 still depends on it i think20:56
ignaspackages we depend on depend on restrictedpython20:57
jintybut does schooltool?20:57
jintythat sucks, badly20:57
jintyhmm, how bad is that dependency?20:57
ignasno idea, really20:58
jintycould you do apt-cache rdepends python-restrictedpython20:58
ignasso it might be working with python2.5 then20:58
ignasbut we have a broken ZODB package then20:58
jintyer, yep20:58
jintyyes, let me change the metadata a bit20:59
jinty(after I check the ZODB changelog to be sure)20:59
jintyour python-restrictedpython package is probably aslo broken20:59
ignasyes, it says it works on python2.521:00
jintybecause it's claiming to work on 2.5, but doesn't21:00
ignasi have releases schooltool_2008.0.0 for now by the way, because I was pretty sure it won't work the first time21:00
ignasas we have schoolyool_2008.0.4 now - it seems that i was right ;)21:01
ignasjinty: are you coming to Europython this year?21:02
ignasbecause I owe you a lot of lunch ;)21:02
jintyignas: unfortunately I don't think I'll make it21:03
jintyreally, really busy21:03
ignasi see21:03
* jinty tries to find the log entry proving that the ZODB works with 2.521:04
ignasjinty: i have asked in zope3-dev and srichter seems to be using zodb with python2.5 ...21:08
ignasjinty: cool21:09
jintyignas: uploaded new zodb packages21:15
jintywill restrict restricted python now21:15
ignasjinty: can I assume that if i did apt-get source, have changed, did dch -i, and reuploaded the new package that vanguardistas.builder will not lose that small fix as long as the patch applies cleanly to new tarballs?21:18
ignasor will i have to do all that fixing for every new release21:18
jintyyep, you are assuming correctly21:18
jintybut it's much better to just fix it in svn.zope.org21:19
jintymake a new release21:19
jintypatching the original source code is just storing up problems21:19
jintybecause at some point the patch won't apply cleanly21:20
jintyand someone will have to clean it up21:20
ignasi am talking about schooltool releases21:20
ignasPILwoTk and Reportlab eggs do not exist21:20
ignasin ubuntu21:21
ignasand when schooltool is loaded through the egg machinery you get missing dependencies in python21:21
jintyI thought that the pydebdep name translation took care of this?21:21
ignasit takes care on debian level21:21
ignasnot on python level21:21
ignasso if some egg states that it depends on PILwoTk in setup.py21:21
ignassetuptools will try and find that egg21:22
ignasif you do pkg_resources.require("schooltool")21:22
ignasinstead of import schooltool21:22
jintyah, well, I'd report a lot of bugs somewhere...21:22
ignasand Reportlab is not an egg on ubuntu21:22
ignaswell - PILwoTk is a hacky egg for buildouts, because else you'd need to have tk libraries to build your zope application that uses PIL21:23
ignasso either I put that dependency in every and each buildout.cfg21:23
ignasor in schooltool/setup.py21:23
ignaseither way it's not too good, but at least just patching is a single point fix, that I personaly can maintain21:24
jintyok, sounds like your situation is bad enough that this is your only way out...21:25
jintythat sucks that reportlab is not an egg in ubuntu21:25
jintyguess you will have to add the dependencies by hand21:26
jintybut I seem to remember that we had other eggs with this problem...21:26
ignaswhat i have found interesting is that PIL dependency got handled properly21:28
ignasand schooltool dependency on reportlab is a weak one21:28
ignasas in reportlab enhances schooltool21:28
ignasok, i'll run home now, and write you about my results from there21:30
ignashopefully zodb will get rebuilt by that time21:30
ignasthanks for all the help and support21:31
*** ignas has quit IRC21:31
Lumiereschooltool doesn't depend on reportlab21:38
Lumiereit suggests reportlab21:38
LumiereI believe would be the right way21:39
*** pcardune has left #schooltool21:39
*** alga has quit IRC22:11
*** ignas has joined #schooltool22:20
ignasjinty: found who needs restrictedpython22:23
jinty?22:24 has22:24
ignasin it's requires.txt22:24
ignasso if you try loading it as an egg22:24
ignasit tries to load restrictedpython22:24
ignassame was with python-zope.component i think, it has zope.hookable dependency under22:25
ignasso your dependency grokker skips them22:25
ignasbut because of some reason pkg_resources tries to load them22:26
jinty      extras_require = dict(22:26
jinty          untrustedpython=["RestrictedPython"]22:26
jinty          ),22:26
jintyin the of zope.security22:27
jintyer, so how can we just do a NORMAL import22:27
ignasyeah, that22:27
jintyof schooltool22:27
jintyrather than trying some kind of: let's import but not really22:27
jintyand do crazy stuff?22:28
ignaswe can do a normal import and i think it will work, but wsgi stuff at least paste stuff is based on egg entry points, actually schooltool scripts are based on that too22:28
ignasi'll have to read on setuptools i guess22:28
ignasbecause if it is an extra22:28
ignasthere must be a way to not load it22:28
jintyit shouldn't be a problem if it is not there22:28
ignasi mean - what kind of extra is it otherwise22:28
jintywhat exactly is your error?22:28
ignas<class 'pkg_resources.DistributionNotFound'>: RestrictedPython22:29
jintyah, so RestrictedPython then is not on the python path?22:29
jintycan you give me the full traceback?22:29
ignasgive me a sec22:29
ignasreading documentation22:29
ignasThese requirements will not be automatically installed unless another package depends on them (directly or indirectly) by including the desired "extras" in square brackets after the associated project name.22:30
* jinty hates automatically22:30
ignaszope.pagetemplate module22:31
ignasdepends on [untrustedpython]22:31
ignasand zope.component [hook]22:32
ignasso i have fixed zope.component to depend on it's "hook" parts, but dependency on restricted python was left outside ...22:32
ignasbut apparently zope.pagetemplate depends on + RestrictedPython22:32
jintyhow strong is that dependency...22:36
jintyI would guess it's not even necessary, because no-one uses page templates stored in the ZODB22:36
jintyor at least definitely not schooltool22:36
jintybut sigh, so because of this schooltool doesn't work on 2.5...22:37
jintyjinty@etch:~/src/ # grep -r RestrictedPy .22:38
ignasit seems quite strong :/
ignasno no22:38
ignasdepends on parts of zope.security22:39
ignasthat depend on RestrictedPython22:39
ignasand yes it seems the only reason for schooltool not working on python2.5 :/ there are no other modules except that would need that part of zope.security22:40
ignasand only depends on RestrictedPython22:41
jintyappears only to use the trusted engine22:41
jintyso, restricted python is a dependency of schooltool, but not actually used anywhere...22:43
ignaswe use this - ViewPageTemplateFile a lot ...22:43
ignasand it is defined in there22:43
jintyyes, but that uses the trusted engine22:43
ignashmm, you can try hacking around it22:44
th1ajinty:  If you find the time to come to Europython, I'll pay for it.22:44
ignasjust set restrictedpython to think that it works on python2.422:44
ignasthough that is just ugly :/22:44
ignasbut if what you say is true - schooltool tests should probably pass22:45
ignasnot sure though :/22:45
jintyth1a: it's not really a question of money, but I'll speak to the other partners22:45
jintyignas: src/zope/app/pagetemplate/ look at the parallel construction of22:46
ignasyeah, i can see it22:46
jintyand TrustedAppPT22:46
ignasAppPT is not used in any of the eggs schooltool depends on22:46
jintyit's nasty to hack around, I think22:46
ignasi know22:47
ignasso either this or fixing schooltool init.d scripts to use python2.4 to run /usr/bin/paster22:47
jintyunfortunately I think <browser:page also get's it's template implementation from there22:47
ignasthat module is kind of vital22:47
ignasthe Untrusted part is not though22:48
jintyI'd vote for fixing the init scripts22:48
jintyI'm surprised no-one has cared about this yet22:48
jintythat pagetemplate code is a mess anyway...22:49
jintyreally difficult to understand22:49
jintyignas: PASTER=/usr/bin/python2.4 /usr/bin/paster22:50
jintytry add that to:22:50
* jinty was trying to execute the /usr IRC command22:51
ignas * Starting SchoolTool 2007...                                                                       /usr/share/schooltool-common/init.d-script: 52: serve: not found22:52
jintyI've made the change here, just want to see if any other fixes are required22:52
jintyah, I see22:53
jintyPASTER="/usr/bin/python2.4 /usr/bin/paster"22:53
ignastest: 17: /usr/bin/paster: unexpected operator22:54
* jinty bows to the gods of the shell22:55
jintyand does:22:55
ignasschooltool: error opening file /etc/schooltool/schooltool-2007/schooltool.conf: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/etc/schooltool/schooltool-2007/schooltool.conf'22:55
ignasit's main.conf in there22:55
jintyok, I fixed the template22:56
jintyuse = egg:schooltool#main22:56
jintyanything else?22:56
ignasit works it seems22:57
ignasnow i will have to fix the schooltool.stapp2008spring package22:58
ignasand we can have schooltool-2008spring22:58
ignasor schooltool-2008.0422:58
ignasdon't know how to call it22:58
jintyit should be pretty easy to make that22:58
* ignas did that22:58
ignasand botched the namespace_packages22:58
ignasagain ;)22:58
jintyOk, I'll upload a new schooltool-common22:58
jintygonna need to trigger re-builds for schooltool-2007 and schooltool-stapp2008spring22:59
ignasi'll re release schooltool.stapp2008spring and schooltool.lyceum.journal23:00
jintyok, uploaded new schooltool-common23:04
jintyer, so, we're done?23:04
ignashope so23:05
ignaswe'll now in 40 minutes, which is tomorrow ;)23:05
th1aAre these hardy packages?23:06
jintyth1a: no, but there is a small script you can write to re-upload them for hardy23:07
Lumierethat was a fun read23:07
jintyI'm pretty sure ignas knows how to write that script by now23:08
ignasyou mean - download, patch the changes file, reupload?23:09
ignasshould the changes file have gutsy or "gutsy, hardy"?23:10
jintysome combination of the arguments to dch should do the right patching23:11
jintydch -i -r hardy "Re-build for hardy"23:12
jintyor something23:12
ignasi see23:12
ignasi'll look through the list and skip the packages that we are not releasing i guess23:12
jintybut, yes, apt-get source package, cd package, dch, dpkg-buildpacakge and then re-upload23:12
jintyyou can even get the list of possible targets from the releases file23:13
jintyPackages file, I mean23:14
ignaswhat i would like to find out is which packages are old style ones and don't have auto dependencies set properly. Even though we can release it the way it is, i'd still like to have it clean.23:15
ignasi know i should rebuild zc.i18n23:16
ignasjinty: error: (4, 'Interrupted system call')<br />  :/23:24
ignasbzr does not play with builder that well23:24
ignasbut the second try works out most of the time23:25
ignasjinty: the server started up properly so schooltool-common is fixed. But schooltool-2007 is still using schooltool.conf, not main.conf in paste.ini23:47

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