IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2008-04-17

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ffm_Lumiere, Are you there?19:23
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th1aignas: ayt?19:37
th1aDo you have any opinion about the "correct" way to put links in the header and footer to an "about" page.19:38
th1aThat is, can I just hardcode them?19:38
th1aOr is there some clever thing I should be doing?  ;-)19:38
ignashmm, to what would you hardcode them?19:39
ignasif to attributes="href string:${context/schooltool:app/@@absolute_url}/@@about.html"19:40
ignasthen it's ok i guess19:40
ignasth1a: I am waiting for jinty to reply so I am fixing bugs starting from "Critical" and going towards "Low", so i hope you have set the priorities the way they are ;)19:50
th1aThey should be reasonably prioritized.19:51
th1aAlthough some of the higher ratings aren't "the application won't work if we don't"19:51
ignasgood :)19:51
th1abut "it would be really stupid not to fix this in the next week"19:52
th1aignas: aelkner suggested not making "introspect" an action but stuffing it in the footer, because in the future some pages might be designed to not have actions.20:14
ignashmm, footer is an ugly hack20:14
ignasas for actions - i'd rather have 1 action for places that do not have any actions in them if devmode is enabled20:15
ignasthan have a slot "DEVMODE" in the main template20:15
ignasit would not be too difficult to not display the empty space that actions go into if there are no actions at all20:16
ignasand expand it as soon as an action "Introspect" appears20:16
ignasunless he wants to remove everything, the tabs, the red bar and the actions20:16
ignasth1a: though - you can just add a link next to the schooltool logo and the report bug image for introspect ;) but that would require something like IFooterViewletManager + registration of the IntrospectViewlet20:18
th1aI think I'll let you figure out how to implement it.20:19
th1aThe back end at least.20:19
th1aignas: I guess the worst case scenario for having it as an action is that you'll get a gap under the red bar you don't want.20:32
ignasthe worst case actually is getting a button [Introspect]20:32
th1aBut since this is devmode, introducing a small glitch that users won't see and that won't break anything is fine.20:32
ignasbetween the red bar20:32
ignasand a group of tabs20:33
th1aSo just do it.20:33
ignasin some weirdo gradebook thing20:33
th1aBut it is just devmode.20:33
ignasyeah, i think so too20:33
th1aAlso, can you make the background of the header yellow instead of grey in devmode?20:33
th1aWithout an ugly hack ;-)20:33
ignasemm, why would i want to inflict such a pain and suffering upon the faces of poor schooltool developers?20:34
th1aA nice yellow.20:35
th1aJust a reminder that you're still in devmode.20:35
th1aNot WAAHHH DEVMODE!20:35
mgedmin<blink>UNDER CONSTRUCTION</blink>20:36
ignasi'll try20:36
ignascould you file a bug for that20:37
ignasso i'd do it before the release or if i won't have enough time - after it (making bugfix releases is seasy ;)20:37
ignasok, i have to go now, see you tomorrow20:39
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aelkner_th1a: ayt?23:03

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