IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2008-04-16

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Lumiereignas: ayt?17:38
Lumierecan you give me an idea of what this error might come from?17:38
Lumierelisppaste5: url17:38
ignasit's down again it seems :/17:39
Lumiere*waits for paste to load17:39
Lumiereit does17:39
LumiereI'm getting a 50017:40
Lumierefrom the url referenced at the top17:40
Lumierebrb, going to go let the teacher know I am looking into it17:41
ignasis there enough free space on the harddrive?17:53
ignasLumiere: ^17:54
Lumierelet me look18:02
Lumiere30G of 35G18:02
ignasvery strange18:06
ignasit seems that you got an error while printing traceback :/18:06
ignasi have to go now18:06
ignasbut it seems that the problem is with requirements18:07
ignasand maybe, just maybe using a Data.fs from the backup would fix that18:07
ignasnot sure though18:07
ignashave no real idea what's wrong18:07
ignassee you18:07
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mattva01Lumiere, what cando branch was running on that machine?19:13
Lumieremattva01: an old trunk19:15
Lumierewant a tarball19:15
mattva01so what would you recommend I run?19:15
Lumiereexactly what was on it19:15
mattva01possibly , unless new trunk is not broken19:15
mattva01elkners grade stuff19:15
LumiereI don't have any idea on the new trunk19:16
mattva01well yeah get me a tarball I gues19:16
Lumiere2 minutes or so19:22
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Lumieremattva01: check dcc?19:26
mattva01damn i g2g19:26
Lumierejust type19:26
Lumiere /dcc accept19:26
Lumiereand wait 60s19:26
* Lumiere -> food19:27
mattva01hmm "No such dcc offer"19:27
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Lumiereaelkner: ayt?20:20
aelknerLumiere: yes?20:25
Lumierei have a bug in cando20:29
Lumierethat I need a quick look at, if you have a moment20:29
Lumiereaelkner: any chance you can look at
Lumiere(lisppaste was down when i made it)20:53
aelknerlooking now20:53
aelknerLumiere: sorry, you could have uncovered one of the many hideous problems with the requirements packafe20:57
aelknerdo you know what you were doing right before you got the error?20:58
Lumiereyes I was going into a evaluation screen20:58
Lumiereeither for a single student or that section20:59
Lumieresame error20:59
LumiereI don't know what started it or when20:59
aelknerhave you one anything with inheritence lately?20:59
Lumiereno idea20:59
Lumierebut doubtful20:59
Lumierelet me look20:59
aelknerdon't use inheritence cause it's broken20:59
Lumierelol yea21:00
aelkneryes, you used it, or yes it's broken?21:00
aelknerwhat does eww mean?21:01
Lumieresoo if I go to competency list21:01
Lumiereand try and + open the list21:01
Lumiereit 500s21:01
Lumierejust for that section21:02
LumiereI wonder if I could just recreate the section21:02
aelknerthe section or the section 's competencies?21:02
Lumierethe section21:02
aelknerdo me a favor, get with dwelsh on this21:03
aelkneryou two should work together whenever competencies get broken21:03
aelknerit will allow you to share the knowledge21:03
aelknerand as you solve these problems, you will have a bigger knowledge base21:04
aelknerthan if one of you solves it one time, and one of you solves it the other21:04
Lumiereyea he handed it to me21:04
aelknertell him that i asked you to do it with him21:04
aelknerwe can't be too careful with this stuff21:05
aelknerso the more experience you share, the better shot we have of fixing it this summer21:05
aelknerthis summer, we will want to try to create tests that show it breaking21:06
LumiereI narrowed it down21:06
Lumiereto 2 comp lists21:06
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