IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2008-04-18

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aelknerLumiere: hey there07:29
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mgallaghaelkner, want me to past the error?17:13
aelknerbut also copy the Data.fs to your directory17:13
lisppaste5mattva01 pasted "gradebook error" at
mgallaghwhats your skype name?17:32
aelkneryou'll need to skype-out17:34
mgallaghi don't have skype out17:36
aelkneri don't have skype17:36
mgallaghthen what are our options17:37
aelknerwe do this here17:37
aelknerback up the Data.fs17:38
aelknerbring down the server17:38
aelknermake update17:38
aelknercheck for errors17:38
aelknerif none, bring up the server17:38
aelknerhave jeff add an activity with no score system17:38
aelknerping me when he's done that17:38
mgallaghfinally go him to log in17:54
mgallaghgive it a sec17:54
mgallaghiit all updated without errors17:55
mgallaghok it refuses to add the activity with no score system , that is the desired behavior , correct?17:58
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aelknerisn't he happy about that?17:59
aelknerno prob17:59
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Lumiereaelkner: ayt?18:18
LumiereI need help badly18:18
aelknerspeak to me18:18
LumiereI have at least 2 teachers losing data in cando18:18
Lumiererelated to the bug I sent 2 days ago18:19
LumiereI think18:19
aelknercould it be that the data that they lost was for competencies that they created18:20
aelknerrather than the standard ones we imported?18:20
Lumiereall the comps are at the global level18:20
Lumiereand seem ok18:20
Lumiereincluding the broken ones18:20
aelknerso you deleted and recreated the sections, right?18:20
Lumierenot yet18:20
* Lumiere hoeps he doesn't break anything by restarting cando18:21
aelknerso if you didn't delete the sections, then you're talking about different data that was lost18:23
aelknercan you be more specific?18:23
Lumierescores have been lost18:23
Lumierespecific data points18:23
Lumierejust seem to be gone18:23
Lumiereadvanced animal science am, an entire competency group that was filled in for all students18:24
Lumierenow contains only -18:24
Lumierefor every point18:24
aelknerthat's unexpected18:25
aelknerhow often do you backup Data.fs?18:25
Lumiereand not something I can give to an intern18:25
Lumierewe used to be way better18:25
Lumiereour last looks to be feb 2018:25
LumiereI just took one now18:26
aelknerfirst thing is, you need to do daily backups18:26
aelknerusing a cron job18:26
aelknerstart doing that now18:26
Lumiereit breaks if I don't shutdown cando18:26
Lumierethere is no startup script for cando atm18:26
aelkneri'd set up a cron job for 3:00 am18:26
aelknerthat shuts down cando18:26
aelknerbacks up the file18:26
aelknerand restarts18:27
aelkneri'd send an email18:27
aelknerto all users telling them to expect no cando at 3:0018:27
aelknerthat shouldn't be a problem18:27
aelknereven if you have users staying up late18:27
aelknerif you have nackups, then at least you can get the scores and reenter them18:28
aelknernow as far as trouble-shooting18:28
Lumierenot quite as worried about the scores getting reentered as them being lost18:28
aelknerit will be imposisble without a script that reproduces the error18:28
Lumierenoone knows18:28
Lumierehow it is happening18:28
aelknergood luck coming up with that18:28
Lumierewelsh isn't going to accept that18:29
Lumiereand we both know it18:29
aelknerthis summer we will want to have this issue as a top priority18:29
aelknerrecreating bugs with automated tests18:29
aelknerbetter tools for extracting scores into a log file perhaps18:30
aelkneras part of the 3:00 cron job18:30
LumiereI want import export finished18:30
Lumiereso we could export every section daily18:30
Lumiereand import them any time needed18:30
aelknerthat's a good idea18:31
aelknermake a list for the summer18:31
aelknerand leave nothing out18:31
Lumierebut I don't know how much money I have18:31
Lumiereto pay for it18:31
aelknerwelsh needs to accept the reality that18:31
aelkneryou don't get something for nothing18:31
aelknerif he wants cando to function, he needs to get the dough fr support18:31
aelknereldar will need to be on point for this18:32
aelknernot an intern18:32
aelknerbut start thinking of cron jobs18:33
LumiereI already go to that18:33
aelknerand outline details of what they should do18:33
aelknerfor instance18:33
aelknerat 3 am18:33
aelknerbefore shutting down cando18:33
aelknera python script could visit the section export screen18:34
aelknerand save the results to a file18:34
aelkneror files18:34
aelknerone for each section18:34
aelknerremember that drawing up notes with these ideas is a most important part of getting things done18:35
aelkneryou're in charge here, so help youself out18:35
aelknerbe ready for the summer18:35
aelknerorganization, organization, organization18:35
Lumiereyea... I wish I could get my feet on the ground18:36
aelkneryou'll need to do that :)18:36
aelknerfor now, just hacing the daily cron job that backs up Data.fs will allow you to reenter scores18:37
aelknerbtw, do you have an init.d script that starts cando when the server restarts?18:37
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aelkneryou should have one18:39
Lumieregetting a requirements max recursion depth error18:39
aelknerand you could use it in your cron job to stop and start cando18:39
aelknerthe requirements package is a beautiful thing, isn't it?18:40
Lumiereit's broken18:40
Lumierebeyond belief18:40
aelknerit never really worked18:40
LumiereI can't fix this18:40
Lumiereat all18:40
aelknerit just presented pretty screens that masked its horrible bugs beneath18:40
LumiereI really don't know what to do here18:40
LumiereI don't ISE in a new section18:41
aelknerdo you know how to use pdb?18:41
Lumierebut I have 0 idea18:41
Lumierewhere to go for this18:41
Lumiere500 error Internal Server Error18:41
Lumierealthough that may be apache18:41
aelkneryou have a traceback, right?18:41
Lumiereblocking the pretty error page that cando returns18:41
Lumiereit's in the schooltool egg18:42
aelkneruse it to find a spot to put a pdb18:42
aelknerand look at the requirement18:42
aelknerdo you have an account on
LumiereI don't know18:42
Lumierein all reality18:42
aelkneryou do18:43
Lumierethis far surpasses my limited understanding of zope318:43
aelknercopy the Data.fs file to jstraw@alan.elkner.net18:43
LumiereI am copying a full backup of cando18:43
Lumiereon the revision in use18:43
aelknerjust the Data.fs please18:44
LumiereI can't18:44
LumiereI don't know that anything past that revision works right18:44
Lumiereyou can pull the data.fs out18:44
aelknercouldn't tar xf what you gave me18:45
Lumiereif you want just the data.fs do a tar xzvf cando-backup.*.tar.gz cando/var/Data.fs18:45
Lumiereit's gzipped18:45
aelknerxzf still fails18:46
aelkneroh wait18:46
aelkneri need to sudo18:46
Lumiereyea... my account owns the file18:46
aelknerhow do i start it?18:47
aelknermake run?18:47
aelknerwhy was there no eggs dir?18:48
aelknerignas: ayt?18:49
aelknerLumiere: make run is right18:50
aelknerth1a: ayt?18:50
aelknerth1a_: ping18:51
ignasyes i am here18:51
ignasjust went through the  whole dialog of yours18:51
aelknerLumiere: do you know the web page that has the apt-get installs necessary for running schooltool?18:52
aelknerignas: do you?18:52
ignaswhy do you need that?18:52
aelkneri'm trying to run cando on my virtual machine18:52
aelknerand it fails on libxml218:52
ignashow does the failure look like?18:53
aelknerno module named libxml218:53
ignasapt-get build-dep libxml2 ?18:53
aelkneri'm sure that works18:53
aelknerbut what if you weren't here?18:53
aelkneri need a web page that has all of that type of stuff18:54
ignasmake ubuntu-environment18:54
aelknerdon't we have one?18:54
ignasshould do that stuff18:54
ignasand does that for schooltool-buildouts18:54
ignasmost of them18:54
ignasaelkner: for cando - no18:54
aelknerthis is cando not schooltool18:54
ignasno idea avtually18:54
ignasmaybe cando has something like that18:54
aelknerno but really18:54
aelknerwe need docs18:55
ignasyeah cando has make ubuntu-environment18:55
aelknerfor dependencies18:55
ignasand should have a README.txt18:55
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ignasor INSTALL.txt18:55
aelknerwhat's wrong with our web page?18:55
aelknerkeeping it up to date and all18:55
ignasINSTALL.txt is available always18:55
ignasand is always up to date18:55
ignaswith the package you have just downloaded18:55
aelknerall right, fine18:56
ignasi'd be pretty annoyed if INSTALL.txt would say - go to this website for instructions18:56
aelkneri looked at the file18:57
aelknerdid you updqate this recently18:57
ignasi am not doing anything with cando18:57
aelkneri can't think of anyone else who would be so thorough18:57
ignasunless i want to help you out18:57
aelknerit says make feisty-environment18:58
aelknerof course that's a big assumption18:58
Lumieresorry had to look at something18:59
aelknermake feisty-environment didn't fail19:00
aelknerLumiere: are you still there?19:03
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Lumierehad someone come in19:08
Lumierethat is an exact tarball of what I have on production19:09
aelkneri got it to start19:10
aelknerso what do i do to sign in19:10
aelknerif you want, provate chat me19:10
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aelknerLumiere: ping me cause i'm not gong to sit here and stare at the channel19:11
Lumiereaelkner: dwelsh walked in the second I asked you19:14
aelknerhey can you guys call me at 856-433-8185?19:14
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Lumierehi mgallagh?21:00
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Lumieremgallagh: ayt?21:43
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aelknerignas: how do i get emacs to display the entire filename in the title bar?22:01
ignashmm, can't tell you now, don't have my laptop nearb22:02
ignasyou might ask in #emacs though22:03
ignasthey are very helpful most of the time22:03
aelknerok, thanks22:04
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