IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2008-04-15

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fsufitchLumiere: hi?03:07
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Lumierefsufitch: ayt?03:29
fsufitchLumiere: hi03:30
fsufitchwat's going on?03:30
LumiereI was dealing with something03:30
Lumierehow'd last week go?03:30
fsufitchdeath on a stick03:31
fsufitchAPs are nearing and i have about 6 massive review assns for my history class03:31
fsufitchso... fun!03:31
fsufitchwat was that e-mail all about?03:32
Lumierewhich email?03:33
fsufitchdidnt u get it?03:33
fsufitch"Cando Development Team Plan - Take 2"03:33
fsufitchfrom jelkner03:33
fsufitchur on there03:34
Lumiereoh ye03:36
LumiereI got a few03:36
Lumiereso, we're going to hold off on major work until after AP/Eldar finishes finals03:36
Lumierebut, I still want the status03:37
Lumiereif you can03:37
LumiereAlso, if you or Chris are interested in doing a little work for SchoolTool email ignas03:38
Lumierecan you forward this to Chris for me03:38
Lumiere(with my apologies03:38
fsufitchLumiere: sorry, was afk03:42
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aelkner_jelkner: you contacted me, so what's up?17:44
jelkneri'm digging the new schooltool!17:47
jelknerwhy couldn't you chat on the other channel?17:48
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aelkner_jelkner: i chatted you on the other channel.  you didn't receive it?18:23
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aelkner_ignas: have you ever come across a custom widget in schooltool?18:51
ignasdon't think so18:51
aelkner_i searched the source for IInputWidget, for example, and I only see it being used, not configured18:52
aelkner_looks like i'll have to break some new ground here18:52
aelkner_i have two cases where the schema field contains sub-fields18:53
aelkner_and if none of the sub-fields are set, the widget fails to produce a missing input message18:53
aelkner_so i figure i need to create my own widget that does better validation18:54
aelkner_ignas: actually, doing my research, i think that actually i might be able to solve the problem by hvaing a custom constraint on the schema field19:04
aelkner_but more to come as i research...19:04
ignasz3c.form should make such validation quite easy19:05
ignasi think ;)19:05
aelkner_i'm not going to use z3c form until i've mastered
aelkner_i've enough to learn as it is and enough time constraint19:06
aelkner_besides, z3c.form is a sub-class of
aelkner_so mastering one requires mastering the other19:07
ignasnope, not really19:17
ignasactually is a bloody deprecated mess imho19:17
ignasbut - YMMV19:18
ignasok, must run now19:19
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mgallaghLumiere, any recommendations on which cando branch to run?19:25
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th1aaelkner_: It might be worth your time to stop and take a look at z3c form.19:48
aelkner_th1a: i found out that it's not a form issue, but a schema validation issue19:49
aelkner_i'm looking at that now19:49
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aelkner_th1a: I solved it!  I know what to do for jelkner's activities add bug, too!19:59
aelkner_i'm a happy camper20:00
th1aAh, good.20:00
aelkner_i will learn zc3.form when i know that i can make the deadline20:00
aelkner_i just don't think it's necessary at this point20:00
th1aI would just note that when libraries like that are deprecated, there is often a good reason.20:00
th1aZope 3 is like a lot of open source frameworks -- even when the quality of the core code is very high,20:01
th1athird party libraries can be extremely inconsistent.20:01
aelkner_but think about how much is used thoughout schooltool20:02
aelkner_really what's needed is a refactor on mass20:02
aelkner_it's easier to do that kind of refactoring all at once than a little at a time20:03
aelkner_beciuase of the overheard20:03
aelkner_of reminding oneself of what needs to be done20:03
aelkner_i suggest that we make that refactoring part of a sprint20:03
aelkner_like when i refactored at pycon20:03
aelkner_to get rid of zapi20:03
aelkner_that was done en masse20:04
aelkner_and therefore, really efficicetly20:04
aelkner_and i'll be sure to learn zc3.form in time for such a sprint20:04
th1aWell, that might be good for a post-October sprint.20:05
aelkner_well, you have the schedule in your head20:05
aelkner_i'm just plugging away at my local issues20:05
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