IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2008-04-14

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aelknerignas: can i ask you something?16:20
aelkneri rearranged my make file to make it easier for jeff to do updates16:21
aelknereverything runs fine16:21
aelknerbut i get these six warnings that i wasn't getting before16:21
aelknerbin/start-schooltool-instance instance16:21
aelknerReading configuration from /home/aelkner/buildouts/jelkner2007-buildout/instance/schooltool.conf16:21
aelkner/home/aelkner/buildouts/jelkner2007-buildout/eggs/ZODB3-3.8.0-py2.4-linux-i686.egg/ZODB/ DeprecationWarning: IClientIdManager is deprecated. It has moved to zope.session.interfaces  This reference will be gone sometimes.16:21
aelkner  return getattr(module, globalname)16:21
aelkner/home/aelkner/buildouts/jelkner2007-buildout/eggs/ZODB3-3.8.0-py2.4-linux-i686.egg/ZODB/ DeprecationWarning: CookieClientIdManager is deprecated. It has moved to zope.session.http  This reference will be gone sometimes.16:21
aelkner  return getattr(module, globalname)16:21
aelkner/home/aelkner/buildouts/jelkner2007-buildout/eggs/ZODB3-3.8.0-py2.4-linux-i686.egg/ZODB/ DeprecationWarning: ISessionDataContainer is deprecated. It has moved to zope.session.interfaces  This reference will be gone sometimes.16:21
aelkner  return getattr(module, globalname)16:21
aelkner/home/aelkner/buildouts/jelkner2007-buildout/eggs/ZODB3-3.8.0-py2.4-linux-i686.egg/ZODB/ DeprecationWarning: PersistentSessionDataContainer is deprecated. It has moved to zope.session.session  This reference will be gone sometimes.16:21
aelkner  return getattr(module, globalname)16:22
aelkner/home/aelkner/buildouts/jelkner2007-buildout/eggs/ZODB3-3.8.0-py2.4-linux-i686.egg/ZODB/ DeprecationWarning: has moved to zope.error.error. Import of will become unsupported in Zope 3.616:22
aelkner  __import__(modulename)16:22
aelkner/home/aelkner/buildouts/jelkner2007-buildout/eggs/ZODB3-3.8.0-py2.4-linux-i686.egg/ZODB/ DeprecationWarning: has moved to zope.error.error. Import of will become unsupported in Zope 3.616:22
aelkner  __import__(modulename)16:22
aelkneri don't get them with my sla-buildout16:22
aelknerwhich i haven't rearranged yet16:22
ignaslisppaste5: url16:22
lisppaste5To use the lisppaste bot, visit and enter your paste.16:22
ignasmaybe cleaning eggs16:22
ignaswould cause these to disappear16:22
ignasor appear16:22
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aelkneryes, appear16:22
aelkneri would say16:22
ignasand - did you update both of them tu use [versions] instead of index?16:22
ignasquite interesting because both sandboxes should be identical16:24
ignasbin/buildout -n in both of them16:24
ignasjust in case16:24
aelknerthe thing is16:24
aelknereven though both sandboxxes are the same16:24
aelkneri haven't removed everything and started from scratch with sla-buildout yet16:24
aelkneri bet that if i do, the same warnings will appear16:25
aelkneri could try that in a different directory for a test16:25
ignasthey are harmless though16:25
aelkneryes, they are16:25
aelkneri was just hoping you had a simple fix in mind like somthing that you had to do before16:25
ignassome package got updated and now is warning that ZODB is using a deprecated interface16:25
ignasnope, no fix, it's a problem in ZODB16:26
aelkneroh wait16:26
ignasso we'll have to wait until zodb get16:26
ignasgets updated16:26
Lumiereit probably won't take long16:26
Lumieresome ZODB developer will get pissed off at the warnings enough to fix em16:26
aelknerjelkner: ayt?16:29
aelkneri'll talk with jelkner after the meeting16:30
th1aGood morning Gentlemen.16:31
th1aHope you had a lovely weekend.16:31
th1aaelkner: How are things going?16:32
aelknerthings are going quite well16:32
aelknerlast week i got the gradebook to work with tabs16:32
aelknerand i got jelkner's package to not use dashboard16:32
aelknerand use the tabs16:32
aelkneras per his request16:33
aelkneri still redirect away from the calendar16:33
aelknerso managers get the Manage tab on log in16:33
aelknerand all other users get the Gradebook16:33
aelknerotherwise, i reworked the Makefile16:34
aelknerto make it easier for Matt to update his instance16:34
aelknerso he'll be follwing my instructions this morning16:34
aelknerand it should work out fine16:34
aelknerso i'll be able to focus on the csap starting today16:35
aelknerso that's about it16:35
th1aGlad you're back to 100%.16:35
aelknerme, too16:35
ignasstill doing the release related work, repackaged most of the packages in our PPA16:36
ignasnow i think you can apt-get install zope.component + zope.testrunner ;)16:36
ignasthere are like 4 packages that are blocking most of the stuff though16:37
ignasbut i'll hopefully have them working soon16:37
ignaslooked at the bugs16:37
ignasmerged the rest of the patches from the sprint16:37
ignashave a couple of fixes that i wanted to make in the pipeline16:37
Lumiereignas: shouldn't they be zope3-component and zope3-testrunner?16:37
ignasas well as an idea about how to fix some of the bugs you have reported16:38
ignasLumiere: python-zope.component and python-zope.testrunner16:38
ignas1:1 mapping with egg names16:38
ignashad to learn how to handle debian source packages16:39
ignasthat's it16:39
ignashave to get zdameon, zodbcontrol, zodb, python-zope.annotation and running now16:40
th1aI hope we only need one more nag to get Zope 3.4 final out -- hopefully srichter's new job won't screw things up.16:41
th1aDid you notice we made nice at PyCon?16:41
* th1a is a fucking diplomat.16:41
aelkneri did notice16:41
th1aLumiere: Anything to report?16:42
Lumierenot much... I'm attempting to get a full status on what the sprint did to cando16:42
Lumierebut I think we may take a mini-vacation for a month or so16:42
th1aSo right now CanDo won't run on the trunk?16:43
LumiereI don't know for sure what is and isn't running16:43
th1aWhat got Welsh wound up?16:43
Lumierehopefully tonight will be ok16:43
aelknerLumiere: aren't you supposed to hold off on updating cando16:43
aelkneruntil eldar and i sprint on integrating16:44
aelknerthe new tabbed schooltool with it16:44
Lumiereth1a: I think both of us were sort of hoping that people were looking at it during the sprint16:44
Lumiereand would have an idea of what was up16:44
Lumiereaelkner: I need to know now if we can or cannot work with trunk16:44
Lumiereeven before integration stuff happens16:44
th1aI don't see any reason your old skin wouldn't work.16:44
aelkneris cando using schooltool trunk?16:44
Lumiereth1a: yea, the question is do our admin interface views work16:45
Lumiereaelkner: yes16:45
Lumierehas and will16:45
th1aaelkner: There is no obvious reason they wouldn't.16:45
aelkneri can't think of one16:45
aelknerwhat exactly is the problem?16:45
Lumiereaelkner: a complete and total lack of information16:46
aelkneryou mean, it still works fine?16:46
th1aThat's easier to fix than code.16:47
ignasLumiere: which is why someone with some skill should look at the test failures on that branch16:47
ignasLumiere: and try fixing them16:47
ignasLumiere: i think it could be done in less than a day, if it can't - at least you will know that more things are broken than you imagined ;)16:47
Lumiereignas: yea... substantial gaps in test coverage... T_T16:47
ignasLumiere: ouch16:48
Lumiereignas: remember our ~60% coverage?16:48
ignasLumiere: maybe you are at least coviering most of the functionality16:48
Lumiereaelkner: I have no idea what I mean because I don't know where I am sitting16:48
aelkneri see16:48
th1aOK, well, there isn't much more to say about this until someone takes a serious look at what's actually going on.16:48
LumiereI will hopefully know better today16:49
Lumiereth1a: which is what I assigned filip and chris last week16:49
LumiereI asked them to go through each view16:49
Lumierepre and post sprint16:49
Lumiereand report what is and isn't working right16:49
Lumiereso I can give a view of where we are to welsh and here16:49
th1aSo I broke through my coding block and made a checkin last week.16:50
th1aI should be making a few more now.16:51
th1aI'm more motivated to clean up CSS now that we've got the new navigation.16:51
th1aI even got a new CSS book.16:51
LumiereI'm still a fan of blooberry16:52
Lumierefor CSS stuff16:52
jelknerth1a: ping me when you drop the bag of gravel16:52
aelkneris that a web site?16:52
Lumiereit isn't quite up to date anymore16:52
Lumierebut it is one of the best references I have ever found for both CSS and HTML16:53
th1aThese are the bugs I tagged for Hardy:
th1aOr that were tagged for Hardy a while ago.16:55
th1aI would like to clean up devmode if possible.16:56
th1aI guess that might be a classic "easy fix that breaks 100 tests."16:57
th1aOK, that's all I've got.16:58
aelkneris that like the face that launched 1000 ships?16:58
ignasnot really16:58
ignasmore like 1-2 tests will break16:58
Lumieremore like the face that sunk 1000 ships :)16:58
ignasif you will fix devmode16:58
* Lumiere takes his sarcasm and stuffs it back in the closet16:59
aelknerignas: i know why there are buildbot failures16:59
aelkneri had to change policy_table.txt16:59
aelknerbecuase with the Gradebook tab and the Gradebook action link in the section view17:00
aelknerthere was a problem just clicking on 'Gradebook'17:00
aelknerso i changed it to us 'inedx=1'17:00
ignasi see17:00
aelknerand that got it to work17:00
ignasdid you commit it?17:00
aelknerof course not :)17:00
ignaswhy not?17:00
aelknergood question17:01
ignasit's a test that directly depends on your code17:01
aelknerthe problem is17:01
aelknerthat the test depends on the presence of the schooltool.gradeboook17:01
ignasyes, they do17:01
aelknerand that isn't always the case17:01
aelknerso i'm thinking17:01
* ignas has no time to refactor them out into the legacy_app egg17:02
aelknerthat i could change the test to look for the link that has the matching url17:02
ignaswell - if it is testing gradebook security17:02
ignasthen you can assume that gradebook is in there17:02
ignasof course if you would refactor security tests for gradebook security into some test in the schooltool.gradebook17:03
ignasand remove all the gradebook related security tests from schooltool.securitypolicy it would be the best way to handle it ;)17:03
ignasbut i guess you don't have time for that as well17:03
aelkneri don't, but17:03
aelkneri'd like to make this point17:03
aelknerthe gradebook already tests certain things for the various users17:04
aelknerwould it be ok to just remove gradebook from schooltool's security tests17:04
ignasif you feel safe about it - you can do that17:04
aelkneri can move the important logic into there17:05
aelkneri'll do that today17:05
ignasi'd be happy if schooltool functional tests would not depend on schooltool.gradebook anymore17:06
aelknerso would i17:06
Lumiereth1a: I don't know if we're ever going to get there... but do we have plans for getting someone to security audit us before 1.0?17:06
th1aNot really.17:07
th1aI mean, I'm open to suggestions.17:08
th1aThat would be something we'd do, say, next summer.17:08
th1aYour interns seem to be pretty good at hacking BlackBoard.  Can't we just use them?17:09
LumiereI just know that we will want to ensure that a production release of SchoolTool had the requisite security (and tested) in place :)17:09
th1aWell, I'm open to suggestions of what to put in next year's budget.17:10
th1aSPECIFIC suggestions.17:10
th1aLike, specific people and/or companies.17:10
th1aI don't get the impression that there is any standard way of doing a security audit for open source applications.17:12
th1aOK... anything else?17:12
th1aHave a good week guys.17:13
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:13
aelkneryou, too17:13
th1ajelkner: Ping.17:13
ignasLumiere: got a spare intern maybe?17:15
ignasLumiere: i need one ;)17:15
Lumiereignas: I will likely not have anything for them for a month, but dwelsh was very clear that he didn't want to spend our *very* limited budget on non-cando things17:15
th1aI can pay them.17:16
Lumiereth1a: ignas which one you want :)17:16
Lumiereth1a: ok ;)17:16
ignasLumiere: the one who will be the first to reply ;)17:17
ignasLumiere: i like the active ones best :D17:17
Lumieresend me a note with what you need and I'll see who wants it tonight :)17:17
ignasLumiere: oh, and when it comes to cando - if i will have some time to spare, i might look at failing cando functional tests, but you know with all the work on my hands... ;)17:17
jelkneri just saw your ping17:18
jelkneri wanted to ask you about fossed17:18
jelknerdid david trask email u?17:18
Lumiereyea I know17:18
th1aI got his mass-email.17:18
Lumiereignas: I've been swamped too17:18
jelknerthoughts on august?17:18
th1aWait, what's in August?17:19
jelknermass fossed17:19
th1aOh, that email.17:19
th1aHe's not running that one though, right?17:19
jelknerthat one ;-)17:19
jelkneryes he is17:19
jelknerit is the nh one, moved to mass17:20
jelknerthat is not too bad a drive17:20
jelknerwe could attend17:20
jelkneran hour and a half better than nh17:20
ignasLumiere: it was a hint ;) i mean - if you would have to pick between who is fixing cando and who is doing schooltool gruntwork... ;)17:20
th1ajelkner: What's the objective?17:21
jelknerwell, sprinting, of course17:21
jelknerbut also17:21
jelknergetting more teacher feedback17:21
jelknerwhat do you mean?17:21
jelknerwhatever needs to be done at that time, i imagine17:22
jelknerit is a little early to plan specific sprint goals17:22
th1aWell, ironically, I'm feeling like I don't want to have too many "sprints" because I really want ignas "sprinting" himself at that point.17:22
th1aI'll have to think about it.17:22
Lumiereignas: I am not going to have tons of fixing going on till after eldar comes back17:22
Lumierebut if it takes 1 day of dev time17:23
Lumiereto get back up and running17:23
LumiereI am going to do it17:23
jelknerth1a: when is euro pycon?17:23
ignaseuropython ;)17:24
jelknerindeed ;-)17:24
jelknerwhen is it?17:24
th1aJuly 7-1217:25
jelknerth1a: cool17:25
th1aI guess I should book my flight.17:25
jelknerth1a: perhaps mass could focus on the competency component of schooltool17:26
th1aYeah... no.17:26
th1aMy point here is that as we get closer to 1.0 beta, we can only focus on 1.0 beta.17:26
th1aSee what I mean?17:27
jelkneri do17:28
jelknerbut i would still like to go to mass17:28
* Lumiere doesn't have money for mass17:29
th1aYes... it strikes me as unlikely.17:30
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aelkneri'm off to the doctors for some preventative medicine17:48
aelknerbe back betwen noon and 1:0017:48
ignasth1a: are you still there?18:13
th1aOh... I'm here.18:27
ignaswhat do you think of that indian school system?18:27
ignasi have tried checking it out and starting, but was too lazy to hunt down all the dependencies needed to set it up18:33
ignastheir development sandbox is not very user friendly18:33
th1aOh... sorry.  I have no idea what you're talking about.18:33
ignasthe email to schooltool mailing list18:33
ignasabout some other open source school administration system18:33
th1aI went looking for one and then started reading my other mail...18:34
th1aOK.  I see.18:35
ignasLumiere: all cando functional and unit tests are passing, you owe me an intern! ;)18:37
th1aWhere is the code?18:37
th1aOK, found it.18:38
th1asvn checkout pantoto-lite18:42
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th1aEr... wrong window.18:45
th1aThere is no comparison in the level of abstraction we use compared to any other open source SIS.18:51
th1aWe're WAY more abstract.18:51
th1aI like this line:18:52
th1afile = models.FileField(upload_to='/home/prashanth/python_ws/pantoto-lite/pantoto/media/uploads')18:52
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th1aIt doesn't appear to do anything at this point.18:59
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aelknermattva01: how's it going?19:23
mattva01lxml failed to install19:25
aelknerduring the make?19:25
aelknerwhat was the failure?19:25
ignasmattva01: sudo apt-get build-dep python-lxml19:25
mattva01yeah one sec , elkners apt list has no  source listings19:26
aelknerignas: i thought buildout made it so one didn't have to apt-get install?19:27
ignasyou still need supporting libraries19:28
ignasbuildout only installs python eggs19:28
th1aignas:  Based on my look at the code it doesn't do anything.19:28
th1aExcept build some frameworky things.19:28
ignasit is not compiling all the C libraries schooltool or zope depends on19:28
ignasth1a: i see19:28
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mattva01kk that worked19:35
aelknerso make finsihed?19:35
mattva01now I have to wait for elkner to come to a break in his grading before transfering the data.fs19:39
jelkneraelkner: yo, bro, how do i see a cando grade summary?19:43
jelkneri've only got my cando class left to grade19:43
jelknerwhere is that nice teacher report you wrote?19:44
aelknerif you are done with the other grading, could you let matt shut it down to do the install?19:44
jelkneryes, we can do that19:45
jelkneras soon as he gets back19:45
jelkner(he stepped out)19:45
aelkneri'm starting my cando now19:45
jelknerWhat do you want to do with this section?19:46
jelkner    * Evaluate student skills19:46
jelkner    * Grade skill drivers19:46
jelkner    * Work with messages19:46
ignasaelkner: svn up it, i have fixed the functional tests19:46
jelkner    * View competencies19:46
jelkner    * Manage student enrollment19:46
aelknerignas: i'm not using the cando-buildout.  is that what you maen?19:46
ignasi sorry, i have assumed you were using the branch19:47
aelknerjelkner: you have to be in the gradebook to get the reports in the actions menu19:48
aelknerignas: not yet19:49
jelkneraelkner: how do i get to the gradebook?19:50
aelknerjelkner: have you ever used cando before :)19:50
aelkneranyway, the go interface is supposed to be easy enough to use19:51
aelknerit should be self-explanatory19:51
aelknerbut understanding that you're under grading stress19:51
aelknerpick a section and and choose 'evaluate student skills'19:52
jelkneraelkner: not much19:52
jelknerwill brady does that19:52
aelknerso did you find it?19:52
aelknermattva01: at what stage are you at the moment?19:54
mattva01sorry was talking with elkner19:55
aelknerthat'll slow you down every time :)19:55
mattva01about to shutdown server :)19:56
mattva01now transferring19:58
ignasyippie python-zope.server inst installable using apt-get install from our PPA20:00
ignasthe only schooltool dependency left is python-zope.index, because it depends on zodb 3.820:00
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mattva01seems to have worked20:17
mattva01need elkners login to check though20:17
mattva016 deprecation warnings , like you said20:18
mattva01yo, bro20:47
mattva01(for those reading this log, this is jelkner, not mattva01)20:47
mattva01aelkner: yo bro20:47
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