IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2008-04-10

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jelknerth1a: u here?16:40
th1aI am here.16:40
jelknergreat can i give you a call?16:40
jelknersorry, i got called away by a student16:49
jelkneryes, now16:49
jelkneris that ok?16:49
* jelkner dials, not waiting for a reply16:50
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aelknerignas: you know that GroupTerm problem I had in my sla test?17:03
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ignasaelkner: yeah, saw it18:17
aelkneri looked at it for a while, and i had a hard time understanding why it would happen18:18
aelkneri didn't change anything in sla18:18
aelkneryet the test started to break18:18
aelkneralso, i can't go to the teachers or students groups anymore18:18
aelknerwithout it crashing there18:18
aelknercould you please take a look at it and see if you could figure out why?18:19
aelknerbtw, i compared my code for importing persons (with my demographics)18:19
aelknerto the person_csvimport18:20
aelknerto see if i was doing something wrong when adding the new person to the persons container18:20
aelknerlike not setting the group correctly18:20
aelknerbut my code looks the same18:20
aelkneryou should do an svn up of sla-buildout because i made the changes you told me to make yesterday18:21
aelknerto fix the schooltool tests18:21
ignasi'll look at it now18:42
aelkneroh, thannks18:42
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