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aelknersorry, i was away01:01
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ignasaelkner: fixed the bug15:10
ignasaelkner: pcarduner migrated most of schooltool forms to use z3c.form15:11
ignasaelkner: as your PersonEdit form was not in the sandbox he didn't fix it15:11
aelkneri'm here15:11
ignasthe error was absolutely uninformative though15:11
aelknerwhy did it have to do with the form?15:11
ignasI had to guess what's wrong because debugging was useless15:12
ignasz3c.form is handling vocabularies/sources differently15:12
ignasin some misterious way15:12
aelknerzope is definitely too mysterious15:12
ignasi have fixed terms to work with z3c.form and it broke your forms15:12
ignasit's not zope it's zope form libraries15:13
ignasand the widget mess15:13
aelknerbut paul didn't migrate every form, did he?15:14
ignasapparently no he didn't and there are a couple forms that are still formlib15:14
ignasbut we should fix them sooner or later though15:14
ignasso we would not be using formlib anymore15:14
ignasit's an intermediate step towards migration to pagelets + layouts15:15
ignasit goes something like this - view marco's are not so cool15:15
ignaspagelets + layouts are way better15:15
ignasyou can't use formlib with pagelets and layouts15:15
ignasand z3c.form is better than pagelets and layouts anyway15:16
ignasand z3c.form is better than formlib15:16
aelkneri understand15:16
aelknerdoes this mean i'm forced to use zc3.form for all of my sla forms immediately?15:17
ignasimmediately - no, but if you would - it would be nice ;)15:17
ignasthough i haven't learned that much about z3c.form yet15:17
ignaswhich is why I asked paul to start the migration15:18
aelkneri have a deadline to deliver csap15:18
aelknerand i'm not sure i have time to learn zc3.form until after May 115:18
ignasi see15:18
ignaswell - do it the way it works for you then15:18
aelkneri have no problem refactoring after the deadline15:19
ignasworks for me, as long as you'll have time for that15:19
ignasi'll probably set up a buildbot for SLA15:19
ignasto get notified about such breakages earlier than you see them ;)15:19
aelknerbut the problem with the vocabularies only affected the person edit form, right?15:20
aelkneri like the sound of that15:20
aelknerdid you try out the group edit bug that i mentioned15:20
ignasit seems that it's only person edit form, unless you are using AdvisorSource and GroupSource in other forms15:20
ignaswhich one?15:20
aelknerthe other problem (which i didn't need to test)15:21
aelknerwas that after i've imported the students and teachers15:21
aelknerif i go to either the student or teachers group15:21
aelknerit crashes there15:21
ignascould you give me a traceback or a test please?15:22
aelkneri'll develop the test when i get to sla and check it in for you15:22
aelkneri have to shower and get ready to go now15:23
aelknerthanks to you15:23
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ignasth1a: could you please give me the steps to reproduce ? because i seem to be unable to reproduce it ...16:57
th1aOK... I'll try it again.17:01
th1aThat was with a resource I created manually.17:02
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ignasyeah, i did that too17:02
ignasif you could just give a bit more details17:02
ignaslike - what user you logged in with17:02
ignashow you got to the resource calendar17:02
ignasand where you got redirected + when17:03
th1aI go to Reservations17:03
th1aAs adminstrator.17:03
th1aClick on Location > Resource.17:04
th1aRoom 0317:04
th1aView Calendar17:04
th1aCreate an event.17:04
th1aI get redirected back to my personal calendar.17:05
ignas"create an event" how?17:05
ignasclick on new event button?17:05
ignasclick on the calendar ?17:05
th1aClick on the calendar.17:05
ignasand then?17:05
ignasi mean - i get a calendar view showing my newly created event ...17:05
th1aThere is no event back on the room's calendar.17:05
th1aYou don't get redirected?17:06
ignasi do17:06
ignasi get redirected to my personal calendar17:06
ignasand can see the event in there17:06
ignasor are you going back to the resource calendar somehow?17:06
th1aI can't see it on either calendar.17:07
ignasok, managed to reproduce it it seems17:07
ignasworked with one configuration17:07
ignasdoes not work with another17:07
ignasi think i know who did that ;)17:08
th1aDo you know how to set up firebug to do live css editing?17:08
ignasnope, not really17:09
th1aI'm working on the footer.17:09
ignasi always thought you just switch to firebug17:10
ignasclick CSS17:10
ignasand click "edit" in there17:10
ignasi mean - it works for me17:10
th1a...perhaps I should try that then.17:10
ignasyou have these buttons [Console] [Html] [Css] [Script] etc.17:11
ignasclick on Css, and there is an Edit button nearby17:11
ignasyou can pick the Css file by clicking on the filename of the active one17:11
ignasit expands into a menu17:11
th1aDoes it actually change the file?17:12
ignasit can't know where the file is17:13
ignasthe file is served by Zope317:13
th1aThat's what I thought.17:13
th1aSo do I just copy/paste my change?17:13
ignasi think so17:15
aelkner_ignas: did you get my note a couple days back regarding my not getting checkin notifications anymore?17:17
ignasi am not getting them too17:17
ignasi think our checkin mailing list is not working17:17
ignasi had no time to investigate it or talk to marius about what can be broken17:18
ignasyou might want to write an email to Jinty17:18
aelkner_what's Jinty's email address?17:29
ignas"Brian Sutherland" <>17:30
aelkner_ah, so jinty is just his handle, not his name17:32
aelkner_ignas: i've created the failing test for the group crash17:53
aelkner_svn up sla17:53
aelkner_ignas: will you be able to look at this before you are done for the week?17:54
ignasi guess ;)17:54
ignasif it's interesting enough ;)17:54
aelkner_oh, it will be interesting ;)17:55
ignasaelkner_: hmm18:05
ignasso if it's dry_run18:05
ignasyou are not adding the person to the person container18:05
ignasbut you are adding him to the group18:05
ignasand expect it to work properly?18:05
aelkner_that was horrible of me18:05
aelkner_i'll fix that now and see if it works18:06
ignasyep my code tries to list members of a group and crashed on a person who is not in the person container18:06
aelkner_you mean you had the same bug in your own import18:07
ignasi mean - i just printed persons created vs persons added18:08
ignasand saw that the person object in the traceback is one of the persons that were not in the person container (dry run one)18:08
aelkner_you're talking of a dry_run18:09
aelkner_isn't that import18:09
ignasyes, your import code18:09
ignas        if district_id:18:10
ignas            obj.groups.add(ISchoolToolApplication(None)['groups']['students'])18:10
ignas        else:18:10
ignas            obj.groups.add(ISchoolToolApplication(None)['groups']['teachers'])18:10
ignasbit should be after you check for dry_run flag18:10
th1aIs there a way to do i18n for the alt attribute of an image?18:10
ignasi think18:10
aelkner_ignas: i moved that code into my if dry_run and now it works.  thanks a million.18:11
ignasyou're welcome ;)18:11
th1aHm... I managed to break a bunch of functional tests by adding an image to the footer.18:22
th1aI added the resource to the skin, and it works in real life.18:22
ignassome unit tests want that resource registered for them too18:23
ignasold style unit tests...18:23
ignassrc/schooltool/app/browser/    for name in ['layout.css', 'schooltool.css', 'schooltool.js',18:24
ignasfor example18:24
th1aOK, that's not so bad... I don't have to fix EACH TEST at least.18:27
th1aOK... that's my biggest checkin in a while.18:43
th1aSee if I broke anything.18:43
ignasbuildbot will tell ;)18:46
ignasFujitsu: ping19:10
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aelkner_th1a: ayt?20:35
aelkner_could you call me at work please?20:36
th1aWhat's the number?20:36
aelkner_one sec20:36
aelkner_ask the secretary for me20:36
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aelkner_th1a: a question about the gradebook22:12
aelkner_th1a: ayt?22:13
aelkner_so the tab works like we would want it22:15
aelkner_but there is this idea of being able to get to the gradebook from the section view22:15
aelkner_but then anyone can view a section22:16
aelkner_and there used to be an action button22:16
th1aWe're generally not encouraging that style of navigation.22:16
aelkner_called Gradebook that got you to the gradebook for that section22:16
aelkner_i agree22:16
th1aSo what's the question?22:17
aelkner_and i removed the action button22:17
aelkner_well, i just wanted to make sure you agreed with my action to remove the button22:17
aelkner_because there are tests22:17
aelkner_in security policy22:17
aelkner_probably written by Stephan22:17
aelkner_that have the manager adding activities22:17
aelkner_and navigating to the section22:18
aelkner_hitting the gradebook button22:18
aelkner_and expecting a Traceback!22:18
aelkner_then, he navigates to a screen that say's22:18
aelkner_Managers can work with the gradebook22:18
aelkner_so could i just remove the test22:19
aelkner_is the question22:19
th1aIt sounds like it to me.22:19
aelkner_ok.  will do.22:19
aelkner_th1a: i'm having an uneasy feeling about our decision here22:25
aelkner_could it be said that managers would want to be able to look at any teacher's gradebook?22:25
aelkner_i'm sure the original idea was to make that a site preference22:26
aelkner_hence the security_policy test22:26
th1aIt is certainly not a given.22:26
th1aWhen we wrote that, we probably still had super-atomic permissions.22:27
aelkner_ah, that's right.  i can blame you for this partly :)22:27
th1aIt is just the default Zope system.22:28
aelkner_but all kidding aside, how would you like to handle that request22:28
aelkner_from say Chris22:28
aelkner_to be able to see anybody's gradebook22:29
th1aWell, that's why there are managers and administrators.22:29
th1aBut really, it is the school's decision.22:29
aelkner_could you call me please?22:29
aelkner_th1a: fyi, i decided that the redundant Gradebook link could be explained to Chris as all action menu items23:56
aelkner_being context based versus the tab23:56
aelkner_and I can fix the tests by add 'inedx=1' to the getLink calls23:56
aelkner_so no need for 'Section Gradebook' to crowd and already crowded actions menu23:59

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