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aelkner__ignas: thanks for the containerviews directive17:27
ignas+ is the adding view17:27
ignasso i just enabled devmode17:27
ignasand used introspector to see what views where registered on IGroupsContainer17:27
ignasand on ITier1Container17:27
ignasso i saw that IGroupsContainer had the adding view on it17:28
ignasregistered for +17:28
ignasclicked on the zcml file the view was registered in17:28
ignasand it showed me the addingViews directive17:28
ignascontainerViews i mean17:28
aelkner__i'm going to make a note of those trouble-shooting techniques and also do them right now17:29
th1aHow hard would it be to move "introspect" from the devmode menu into an action button (when devmode is on).17:52
ignasnot too difficult17:55
ignasit was something i wanted to give as a task to andrew17:56
ignaswhen he asked for something more challenging17:56
ignasactually the idea was Making devmode menu a menu in the button row17:56
ignaswhich would look better than the menu in the bottom of the screen17:56
th1aI don't think devmode needs to be a menu at all.17:56
th1aMost of it can go under "Manage."17:57
th1a"Introspect" is the only thing dependent on context.17:57
th1aAnd making it a button would also make it much more likely to be used.17:57
aelkner__ignas: would you agree that keeping person ids in objects is a better policy than keeping object references?18:11
aelkner__if a person is removed from the system, having the broken id wouldn't be as bad as a broken reference?18:11
ignasyes, which is why i keep either ids or use relationships18:13
* th1a is wrong again.18:13
aelkner__cool.  so if my value_type is TextLine for my list of recipients, i could use a vocabulary of person ids18:14
aelkner__so the user can choose from a list rather than having to type in the id, right?18:15
aelkner__do you have an example of something similar i could use as a guide?18:15
ignasdon't know, all the list editing we do is relationship based18:19
aelkner__do you have much experience with custom widgets?18:22
aelkner__it's a part of zope that is rather intimidating to me18:23
aelkner__and yet it's something that's always needed18:23
ignasdo you really need that?18:24
aelkner__so i have a list of textlines18:24
aelkner__but should i force the user to type in the ids18:24
aelkner__it would be nicer to have a drop-down18:25
aelkner__populated with the available ids18:25
aelkner__but then again18:25
aelkner__come to think of it18:25
ignasmulti list editing widget18:25
ignasin an add form18:25
ignasis a complex problem18:25
ignaseither you try doing that18:25
ignasor just add the thing18:25
ignasand add a form for adding people18:26
ignaslie "add person to group" view18:26
aelkner__oh yes!  the group view is a GREAT example18:26
ignasso just do it like that18:26
aelkner__will do, thanks18:26
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aelkner__ignas: ayt?20:30
aelkner__it's bizarre20:31
aelkner__i'm getting all these errors when running schooltool tests20:31
aelkner__it keeps coming up LinkNotFound20:31
aelkner__for instnace20:31
aelkner__in addPerson, it can't find the New Person' link20:31
ignasdid you svn up everything?20:31
aelkner__when i put a start http server call right before it20:32
aelkner__i svn up'd schooltool this morning after you suggested it20:32
th1aThat sounds like the bug I had.20:32
aelkner__but the http server calls up a screen that has the New Person link on it20:32
aelkner__is it something in the school.zcml?20:33
ignasaelkner__: capitalization?20:33
aelkner__how do you mean?20:33
ignas"New Person" vs "New person"20:34
ignasfor example20:34
aelkner__no, they are bith New Person20:34
aelkner__you don't get this problem20:35
ignasseems not20:35
ignasare you including anything extra (non-schooltool in your "test-all") ?20:35
aelkner__first of all, i couldn't get test-all to work a couple of weeks back even thought test-schooltool worked20:36
aelkner__but now without me doing anything to schooltool20:36
aelkner__test-schooltool fails20:36
ignassla-buildout ?20:37
aelkner__could you see if you can recreate hte problem using a fresh sla-buildout checkout?20:37
ignaslook at lyceum/buildout.cfg schooltool.stap2008spring/buildout.cfg20:38
ignasor schooltool.lyceum.journal/buildout.cfg20:38
ignasand fix your buildout.cfg accordingly20:38
ignasinvolves replacing the index line with:20:38
ignasextends =
ignasversions = versions20:38
ignasand addition of:20:39
ignassetuptools = 0.6c820:39
ignasblock to your buildout.cfg to work around a bug in buildout20:39
ignasthe first one works around the fact that z3c.form packages have find_links messed up and pull in a whole bunch of unstable packages20:39
aelkner__is there a reason why i can't bzr up schooltool.lyceum.journal?20:41
aelkner__bzr: ERROR: Invalid http response for Expected a boundary (V?pINb=kdg3dY8L'4ZE8) line, got ''20:41
ignashmm, no idea20:42
aelkner__i'll try a fresh bzr checkout20:42
ignasanyway you should bzr branch it from
ignasor bzr co --lightweight20:44
ignasthe way it's more convenient to you20:44
aelkner__i did: bzr co --lightweight
ignasyeah, i know, but i am moving all of them to have central repositories on schooltool.org20:44
aelkner__but that was a mistake becuase it created the directory, 'lyceum', not 'schooltoll.lyceum.journal'20:45
ignasyeah lyceum is the lyceum branch20:45
ignasnot the schooltool.lyceum.journal branch20:45
aelkner__how do i get that?20:45
ignasbzr co --lightweight
ignasbzr co --lightweight schooltool.lyceum.journal20:48
ignaslp:~ignas/ should contain my personal branches and is not a very good place to keep central repositories anyway20:49
aelkner__i wish you wouldn't move things around so frequently20:50
aelkner__i'm having trouble getting on with my work with having to change things that don't even relate to what i'm doing20:51
aelkner__' bzr co --lightweight schooltool.lyceum.journal20:51
aelkner__bzr: ERROR: Invalid http response for Expected a boundary (TXyz-fP5Lqw3jFjqmB=L) line, got ''20:52
aelkner__i didn't put the ' before the command20:52
aelkner__cut and paste just did that20:52
ignasbzr --version ?20:53
aelkner__Bazaar (bzr) 1.3.1rc120:53
aelkner__  Python interpreter: /usr/bin/python
aelkner__  Python standard library: /usr/lib/python2.520:53
aelkner__  bzrlib: /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/bzrlib20:53
aelkner__  Bazaar configuration: /home/aelkner/.bazaar20:53
aelkner__  Bazaar log file: /home/aelkner/.bzr.log20:53
ignasit's even better than the one that I have ...20:53
aelkner__if you think failures are better...20:54
ignasi think you might want to pay a visit to #bzr20:54
mgedminignas: 1.3.1rc1 appeared today in gutsy-backports20:54
mgedminI have it already20:54
ignashmm, works for me with 1.0.020:55
ignasso it's a bug in bzr20:55
aelkner__i'm asking in the channel20:56
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ignasaelkner__: curl -I ?21:05
aelkner__HTTP/1.1 200 OK21:06
aelkner__Date: Wed, 09 Apr 2008 18:06:14 GMT21:06
aelkner__Server: Zope/(Zope 2.9.8-final, python 2.4.4, linux2) ZServer/1.1 Plone/2.5.521:06
aelkner__Accept-Ranges: none21:06
aelkner__Last-Modified: Wed, 09 Apr 2008 18:06:14 GMT21:06
aelkner__Content-Type: text/html21:06
aelkner__Via: 1.1 schooltool.org21:06
aelkner__Content-length: 46021:06
aelkner__Connection: Keep-Alive21:06
aelkner__Set-Cookie: I18N_LANGUAGE="en"; Path=/21:06
ignashmm, telnet 8021:06
ignasand then "GET /"+Enter21:07
aelkner__you mean Get /21:07
aelkner__then hit enter?21:07
aelkner__i got a bunch of html21:08
ignasthen I really have no idea how to detect it21:08
ignasyou can do bzr+ssh://21:08
ignasinstead of http21:08
ignason schooltool.org21:08
aelkner__what would the full command look like?21:09
ignasbzr co --lightweight bzr+ssh://
ignasbzr co --lightweight bzr+ssh:// schooltool.lyceum.journal21:10
aelkner__bzr: ERROR: Connection closed: please check connectivity and permissions (and try -Dhpss if further diagnosis is required)21:11
aelkner__i could try -Dhpss21:11
ignascan you ssh to ?21:12
aelkner__what user id would i use?  aelkner?21:12
ignasyou are using svn+ssh yes?21:13
aelkner__that's what i use for schooltool, schooltool.gradebooik, and sla21:13
ignasi think our repository is not read accessible to you :/21:13
ignasusing ssh that is21:13
aelkner__i need to be added to some king od list?21:14
aelkner__kind of21:14
aelkner__not king od21:14
ignasok "bzr co --lightweight bzr+ssh://"21:14
aelkner__do i want to use ~ instead of %7E?21:14
ignasyou can21:15
ignasi think it works both ways21:15
aelkner__that worked!21:16
aelkner__i'll be tucking that command away for future reference21:16
aelkner__and bzr up said Tree up to date, meaning that i can use that21:17
ignasyeah, it seems so21:17
aelkner__so, i should change my buildout.cfg to look as much like that one as possible?21:18
ignasjust the tu parts i have mentioned21:18
ignasas you can see now - the index is gone21:18
aelkner__btw, there is no versions part there21:18
ignasoh, hmm21:19
ignasindeed, it's not up to date apparently :/21:19
ignaslet me push an up to date version21:19
ignasok, done, you should wait for 2-5 minutes21:20
ignasand bzr up21:20
ignasor just try bzr up now21:20
ignasand if it does nothing - wait and do it again ;)21:20
aelkner__got it21:20
aelkner__is the unzip stuff necessary for me?21:21
aelkner__unzip-true i mean21:21
ignasyes, recomended21:23
ignasyou want these eggs show up in tags21:23
ignasand being able to edit the code or add pdb in them is nice too21:23
aelkner__does that have to do with the annoying temp directories that don'21:24
aelkner__t allow me to step into and list some zope eggs?21:24
ignasannoying temp directories are fixed by going to21:24
ignasand removing all the pyc files from all the eggs in there21:25
ignasit fixes pdb and tracebacks21:25
aelkner__that'll be nice21:25
ignasok, g2 run now21:25
ignassee you21:25
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