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ccareyi have a <div> inside a <td> with space between the <div> and the top and bottom borders of the <td>00:51
ccareybasically, i need to stretch the <div> to match the height of the <td> its nested in00:51
ccareyi've tried height: auto, height: 100%, min-height: 100%, positioning with the <div> and padding with the <td>00:52
ccareydoes anyone know how to force the <div> to fill the vertical space in the <td>?00:52
ccareynever mind, i'm just aligning to the top00:55
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ignas(column-number-mode t)                        ;column number in modeline (status)18:27
ignas(line-number-mode t)                        ;line number in modeline (status bar)18:27
ignas>>> import traceback18:29
ignas>>> from zope.exceptions.exceptionformatter import print_exception18:29
ignas>>> traceback.print_exception = print_exception18:29
pcarduneignas: can you post your .emacs file somewhere?18:30
mgedminwheee, I never realized you could monkey-patch traceback.print_exception like this18:33
pcarduneignas: where all the zcml meta registrations located in schooltool now?18:43
ignasmgedmin: alga's blog has this18:44
ignaspcardune: there is no one central place18:44
ignashelp, devmode and security policy have places of their own18:44
pcarduneok, so I add z3c.template as a dependency to schooltool, where to i do the zcml include?18:44
pcarduneignas: ?18:45
ignaspcardune: hmm, common/configure.zcml maybe18:46
pcardunethat's the one18:47
ignasaelkner: analyze.queryHTML('id("field.schoresystem.existiing")', manager.content)[0]18:47
ignasprint analyze.queryHTML('id("content-body")', manager.contents)[0]18:49
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wbradyjelkner: i can't remember the password exactly19:31
wbradyi know it has most of the characters from the first response i sent to you19:32
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mgedminschooltool's buildbot slave eats 3.3 gigs of disk space20:26
mgedminon a 5 gig /var which also contains other buildbots and a couple of gigs of system logs20:26
mgedminthere's just 30 megs free left20:26
pcardunewjohnsto: so... how do you log in now?20:51
wjohnstomanually tyoe it in to the url20:53
* mgedmin moves buildbot slave to a bigger partition20:55
* mgedmin searches for lost articles20:55
ignasmgedmin: it should not be so big, i mean a checkout takes up like 100 megs :/21:00
mgedminevery project has its own 'eggs' directory that weighs, oh, several hundred megs21:00
mgedminand they all have copies of the same eggs21:00
ignasseveral hundered ?21:01
ignasare they cleaned up every once in a while?21:01
ignasbecause it only takes up 111 megs on my machine21:02
mgedminignas: ssh muskatas; cd /stuff/schooltool-buildbot-slave; du -chs *21:03
mgedminor du -chs */build/eggs21:04
ignasyeah, it has all the versions since like ages ago21:04
mgedminthe largest one is schooltool.ldap-buildout-build/build/eggs at 636M21:04
ignasso nothing cleans up these sandboxes21:04
mgedminbuildbot only does what you configure it to do...21:04
ignasi guess :)21:05
ignasit has like 20-30 versions of schooltool egg21:05
mgedminmore setuptools suckyness?21:07
mgedminwhen it upgrades an egg it leaves the old version lying around?21:08
ignaswell - it's intended to be so21:10
mgedminthat's just plain stupid21:11
ignasit's meant to handle this "i have one egg repository used by all the stuff"21:11
ignaswith "we have different sandboxes with fixed versions"21:12
mgedminokay, it kind of makes sense when you look at it from that point of view (while standing on your head and with purple glasses on)21:12
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ignasj1m likes it that way ;)21:16
ignasi mean - they have these sandboxes with specific versions set in them21:17
ignasand still want to use a single eggs cache21:17
ignaslisppaste5: url21:20
lisppaste5To use the lisppaste bot, visit and enter your paste.21:20
lisppaste5ignas pasted "Skin definition for lyceum" at
lisppaste5ignas annotated #57582 with "registration of the skin" at
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pcarduneignas: give me another task22:22
ignaspcardune: are you done?22:22
pcarduneignas: no, but I don't think it will work in the short term22:23
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pcarduneaelkner: jelkner2007-buildout right?22:52
aelknerpcardune: ^22:53
pcarduneaelkner: and jelkner2007?22:53
mattva01breakages galore22:53
aelknerpcardune: yes22:54
aelknermattva01: breakages?22:54
mattva01oh oops22:55
mattva01wrong channel22:55
aelknerpcardune: and don't forget to check out schooltool.gradebook as well22:56
ignaspcardune: schooltool.gradebook got broken by some of your changes23:04
ignaslook at buildbot for details23:04
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ignaslisppaste5: url23:59
lisppaste5To use the lisppaste bot, visit and enter your paste.23:59

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