IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2008-03-17

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ccareyi finished timetable events in weekly calendar view01:30
ccareyfor schooltool01:30
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ignasccarey: cool01:38
fsufitchwhy is there a pcardune and a pcardune_vm_?01:38
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pcardune_vmone is in my vm01:39
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ignasyou have some-directory/schooltool.stapp2008spring01:49
ignasyou should checkout some-directory/schooltool01:49
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ignasfrom "svn+ssh://"01:50
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ignasand check out some-directory/schooltool.lyceum.journal01:50
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ignasfrom lp:~ignas/schooltool/schooltool.lyceum.journal/01:51
ignasbzr checkout the lyceum.journal not svn checkout01:51
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ignasafter that change the "develop = ." line to "develop = . ../schooltool ../schooltool.lyceum.journal" in your some-directory/schooltool.stapp2008spring/buildout.cfg01:53
ignasand run bin/buildout in there01:53
ignasto update the links between the packages01:53
pcardune_vmbzr checkout --lightweight lp:~ignas/schooltool/schooltool.lyceum.journal/01:57
ignasand add:02:00
ignasrecipe = zc.recipe.testrunner02:00
ignaseggs = schooltool.stapp2008spring02:00
ignas       schooltool02:00
ignas       schooltool.lyceum.journal02:00
ignasdefaults = ['--exit-with-status', '--tests-pattern', '^f?tests$', '-v']02:00
ignasto your buildout.cfg02:00
ignasand change "parts =" to  "parts = schooltool.stapp2008spring test tags test-all"02:01
ignas svn co
ignasfor those who can02:02
ignasfor those who can+ssh02:02
ignastry "make run"02:05
ignasand bin/test-all02:05
ignasjust to be sure everything works02:05
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fsufitchpcardune: how long is the schooltool.lyceum.journal supposed to take?02:09
wjohnstofsufitch: long time02:09
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fsufitchso it follows suit with the other bzr stuff on launchpad02:09
ignasfsufitch: sorry, i have missed the first part of the question02:11
fsufitch<fsufitch> pcardune: how long is the schooltool.lyceum.journal supposed to take?02:12
fsufitch<wjohnsto> fsufitch: long time02:12
fsufitch<fsufitch> ah.02:12
fsufitchignas: that's what u missed02:12
pcardunefsufitch: do a lightweight checkout02:12
fsufitchpcardune: how?02:12
pcardunesee above02:12
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fsufitchignas: my "parts=" is actually "parts = schooltool.lyceum.journal test scripts tags"02:20
fsufitchshould i just add test-all to it?02:21
fsufitchor use the ones you listed above?02:21
ignasmy bad02:21
fsufitchyes to which questiopn?!02:21
fsufitchi hate it when ppl answer like this!02:21
ignasshould i just add test-all to it?02:21
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Lumierehi fsufitch05:42
Lumiereis th1a around?05:43
fsufitchnot HERE05:43
fsufitchhe's around the hotel though05:43
LumiereI am trying to find out if there is a dev meeting tomorrow05:43
*** Lumiere changes topic to "SchoolTool development | Visit the SchoolTool Developer Team at PyCon! | IRC logs at | SchoolTool Dev meetings Mon, 13:30 UTC (15:30 EET, 9:30 EST) | CanDo Dev meetings Mon, 2000 EST (Tuesday 0000 UTC, 0200 EET) | Use for pasting | Write more unit and functional tests! Yes, you! | No CanDo Dev Meeting 2008-17-03"05:43
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Lumiere hi ignas06:29
Lumiereis there a dev meeting tomorrow?06:29
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fsufitchLumiere: i would assume there woul dbe06:51
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fsufitchpcardune: ping16:59
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pcardune_vmI vote for ignas to make a blogpost about this17:00
fsufitchbut, a question about python:17:00
fsufitchis it legal to do "del self"?17:00
fsufitch(this is inside of an __init__17:00
pcardune_vmprobably not17:00
pcardune_vmbut just try it17:00
fsufitchpcardune_vm: it doesn't work...17:10
pcardune_vmjust as I expected17:11
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fsufitchLumiere: ayt?17:28
wjohnstoignas: I'm ready when you are17:32
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fsufitchignas: so my power cord now works and the sample data is done18:00
fsufitchi'm ready18:00
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aelkner ../schooltool ../schooltool.lyceum.journal19:34
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wjohnstorecipe = zc.recipe.testrunner19:49
wjohnstoeggs = schooltool.stapp2008spring19:49
wjohnsto defaults = ['--exit-with-status', '--tests-pattern', '^f?tests$', '-v']19:49
ignasLC_ALL=C bin/test-all19:59
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dwelshhowdy, folks21:07
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eldarjelkner: hey ayt?21:15
eldarjelkner: I was able to get out of class early21:15
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mattva01jeff can't get a connection , so i'm his proxy21:17
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eldarmattva01: ok21:18
eldarmattva01: so what's up? how are ya?21:19
mattva01give jeff about 30 minutes to get set up21:20
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jelknereldar: i'm here when you are21:32
jelknerdwelsh: hi dave21:32
eldarjelkner: ok i'm ready21:33
eldarare we waiting for someone here?21:37
Lumierehi all21:40
dwelshhey jelkner21:40
Lumiereso, what's up jelkner, eldar, mattva0121:41
dwelshJason and I are checking in... wondering how everything is going.21:41
Lumierewhat is being accomplished21:42
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pcarduneOk, i'm officially back21:54
mattva01oh , i'm writing various games for gasp21:55
Lumierehi pcardune21:56
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pcardune_vmhi Lumiere21:57
Lumierepcardune: how's the UI coming along21:57
pcarduneI don't know... I'm working on some javascript for the lyceum journal21:57
dwelshhey pcardune22:00
pcardune_vmignas: so... if I want to make z3c.zrtresource a dependency, should I just put the dependency in schooltool.lyceum?  or do you want all dependencies to live in schooltool package?22:00
pcardune_vmhi dwelsh22:00
ignasjust schooltool.lyceum.journal22:00
ignaspcardune_vm: ^22:00
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elda1how do i kick the old me?22:07
elda1i lost my wireless suddenly22:07
elda1jelkner: hey i lost my connection22:08
jelkneri see22:08
jelknerso, what time is good for you on wednesday?22:08
jelkneri'll have lunch with th1a on wednesday and talk about what needs to be done22:09
elda1either 12PM - 1:30PM or 4PM and on22:09
jelkner4 pm and on is better22:09
jelknerso just look for me on this channel after 4 pm22:09
jelkneri'll work on communicating with dwelsh and Lumiere in the mean time22:09
Lumierewe're here22:10
Lumierejust gotta start talking ;)22:10
jelknerthe main thing i need to know is if we have funding available for cando...22:10
jelknerdave mentioned he was working on 10k22:10
jelknerdo we have it?22:11
dwelshthis is welsh22:11
dwelshno, do not have it yet22:11
dwelshMike's aware and feels like we can find it.22:11
dwelshI'll call him now...22:11
jelknerwe need a plan to get cando ready by april 24 if we want to make it into intreped22:11
jelkneralong with the schooltool 1.0 release22:11
dwelshwhat's intreped22:12
jelknerthe release after hardy22:12
jelkneroctober of next year22:12
jelknerhardy comes out april 2422:12
Lumiereapril 24 is the lockdown date for october?22:12
jelknerbut that's when the process starts22:12
jelknerand we need to be well on the way if we are going to make it22:12
jelknerotherwise we'll miss the deadline22:13
jelknerso i like thinking about april 24 as the goal22:13
jelknerLumiere: i thought you'd like that ;-)22:13
Lumierethe hard part is making the installation work22:15
Lumieregetting the go-interface visible easily22:15
Lumiereis not easy22:15
jelknerit looks like may is the real deadline22:15
Lumierejelkner: if you want intrepid, you gotta focus people on it22:15
jelknerwell, that's what i'm trying to do22:16
jelknerby starting this discussion, i'm trying to find out if we can come up with a plan to do that22:16
Lumiereok, well August 28 is the hard deadline22:16
jelknerwhere do you see that?22:17
LumiereMay 22 would be the soft deadline22:17
Lumierethe link above22:17
LumiereFeatureFreeze is August 2822:17
jelknerah yes22:17
jelknerlet's not even think that way22:17
jelknerwe won't make it if we do22:17
jelkneryou always said that last year22:18
jelknerwe need to be "ready" *way* before then22:18
Lumierewe do22:18
Lumierethe absolutely hard deadline22:18
jelknerok, then22:18
Lumierethat we have to be done and on vacation by22:18
Lumiereis August 2822:18
Lumiereour actual deadline is well earlier22:18
jelknerso, i just spoke to eldar about beginning to lead the team on that quest right after we get back from chicago22:19
jelknerso our meeting next monday will be the kick off22:19
Lumiereelda1: do you have a little bit of time sometime this week to chat about it?22:19
Lumierewe CAN bugfix after August 2822:20
LumiereAugust 28 is when all features of cando would have to be complete22:20
Lumierewe also need to look over how packages of zope3 and apache integration are done22:20
jelknerwe can talk more about this on wednesday afternoon22:21
jelknereldar is coming back after 4 pm22:21
jelknerand with 2 more days of sprinting and a chance to talk with th1a before then, we should have a better idea what is going on22:22
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jelknerLumiere: let's talk again on wednesday22:23
jelkneri need to get back to work on gasp and the book...22:23
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Lumierewb elda122:24
*** eldar has quit IRC22:24
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fsufitchmattva01: yt?22:26
pcardune_vmignas: how do I go from char to ascii code integer in python?22:26
fsufitchcould u come over here and explain to ignas how to give me commit rights to schooltool?22:26
mattva01with svn?22:27
Lumierepcardune_vm: int(ascii)22:28
mattva01k give me little bit22:28
Lumierepcardune_vm: sorry ord22:28
Lumiereord('a') = 9722:28
jelknermattva01: any reason why you're not on the gasp channel?22:28
pcardune_vmLumiere: just saw that22:28
fsufitchjelkner: ping22:31
Lumierefsufitch: pong22:33
fsufitchi pinged jelkner, not you <_<22:34
jelknerfsufitch: yes?22:35
fsufitchdid you do anything about the room issue with 3 ppl to a room?22:36
jelknerfsufitch: yeah, we can't fix it22:36
jelknerthey won't give us another room at conference rates22:37
fsufitchoh well22:37
jelknerfsufitch: ask th1a what the rates are there22:37
jelknerif we can get a room for around $110 per night, we could do it22:37
jelknerbut here they want $16022:37
fsufitchnvm then22:39
jelknerwell, don't give up so easy22:39
jelknerat least find out what the rates are there22:39
jelknerperhaps we can get an extra room there22:39
fsufitchthere == at doubletree?22:39
fsufitchjelkner: $120/nite22:40
jelknerwhenever you all are ready, i'll go over there with you and get one room22:40
jelknerfigure out who is staying in it22:41
fsufitchone person?22:41
fsufitchuhh, wait22:41
jelknerthere are 4 people in mattva01's room22:41
fsufitchso 1 form there and 1 from ours?22:41
jelknerand they don't even have a cot22:41
*** elda1 has quit IRC22:41
fsufitchthey can have our cot :)22:41
jelknerand you should still keep the cot22:42
jelknerso that no one needs to sleep on the floor22:42
jelknerthey have 2 people sleeping on the floore22:42
fsufitchwell yeah22:42
fsufitchare they here at crowne plaza?22:42
fsufitchthe crowne plaza people wanted to give us *two* cots22:43
*** didymo has joined #schooltool22:45
jelknerfsufitch: yes22:45
jelknerone floor above u22:46
fsufitchwell they can have the cot we have...22:46
fsufitchone person from them goes to double tree22:46
fsufitchso they have 1 person w/o bed22:46
fsufitchthat person can use our cot22:46
fsufitchand then us three all have bed22:46
jelknerfsufitch: it is much easier to move a person then to move a cot22:47
jelknerunless you want to move the cot22:47
mattva01we are fine actuall22:47
jelknermattva01: yes, but we are getting an extra room22:47
mattva01oh ,ok22:47
jelknerdo you *want* to have 2 people on the floor?22:47
fsufitchjelkner: it makes for interesting memories22:48
mattva01actually kevin is leaving tomorrow22:48
fsufitch"when i was young i liked programming so much i slept on the floor to get to attend22:48
jelknerthen we will return the cott at that point22:48
jelknerand have 2 people to a room22:48
jelknerfsufitch: r u getting any coding done?22:49
jelkneror just chatting with me?22:49
fsufitchjelkner: yes i am!22:49
jelkneri'll walk over to the double tree and get a room22:49
jelknerfsufitch: u figure out who is going to stay in it22:49
fsufitchjelkner: i'll be going from my group22:52
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fsufitchignas: boo23:21
fsufitchignas: the configuration for the overlay is weird...23:21
fsufitchshould it not be registered for app or for timetabling?23:21
ignascan you post the path to the timetabling23:25
fsufitchignas: schooltool/src/schooltool/timetabling/browser/configure.zcml, line 23723:27
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