IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2008-03-19

lisppaste5ignas pasted "code to split a list of sections into a list of terms" at
fsufitchpcardune: ping00:00
pcardunefsufitch: pong00:00
fsufitchignas says i need a viewlet/viewletmanager show-around00:01
fsufitchmy task is to viewlet-ify the menu things on the left of the calendar00:01
pcarduneoh, ok00:01
pcarduneI have to do something first00:01
pcardunegive me like... 15 minutes00:01
fsufitchare u coming over here or should i find u?00:01
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pcardunefsufitch: I'll come over there00:03
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ignas(fset 'yes-or-no-p 'y-or-n-p)           ;replace y-e-s by y07:13
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Lumierehi mattva01, fsufitch19:31
Lumierehow goes guys19:31
fsufitchLumiere: fine19:33
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*** Lumiere changes topic to "SchoolTool development | Visit the SchoolTool Developer Team at PyCon! | IRC logs at | SchoolTool Dev meetings Mon, 13:30 UTC (15:30 EET, 9:30 EST) | CanDo Dev meetings Mon, 2000 EST (Tuesday 0000 UTC, 0200 EET) | Use for pasting | Write more unit and functional tests! Yes, you!"19:36
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fsufitchccarey: could you poke ignas for me?19:39
fsufitchor is he still busy?19:39
ccareyhe's still in deep discussion19:40
ccareybut when he's done19:40
ccareyi'll let him know19:40
fsufitchccarey: is it lunch now?20:05
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fsufitchignas: fyi i'm in the lobby place thing20:45
fsufitchif you need to find me physically20:45
ignasfsufitch: ok20:56
fsufitchignas: do i get to svn up now?20:56
fsufitchand continue viewlet work?20:56
ignasfsufitch: still fixing unit tests that are failing20:56
ignasif you want to you can come over here20:56
ignasand help me with that20:56
fsufitchi need cell phone signal20:56
fsufitchso i can't come downstairs20:56
ignasi see20:57
fsufitchignas: you can tell me what to do/fix20:59
ignasa sec20:59
ignasonly 2 tests failing now20:59
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ignasfsufitch: no unit tests failing, running full test run21:04
ignasand will commit21:05
ignaseldar: hi21:05
fsufitchignas: w00t21:05
eldarignas: 'ello21:05
Lumierehi eldar21:06
eldarhi Lumiere, fsufitch21:07
eldarjust here early for a meeting w/ jeff21:08
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ignasfsufitch: commited21:15
fsufitchignas: yay21:15
mgedminignas/jinty: something is not quite correct with the schooltool buildbot configuration -- the URLs it sends on failures are invalid21:27
mgedminthere's a missing path segment or something like that21:27
ignasseems so21:27
ignasit worked before21:27
ignasbut now it's doing it wrong21:27
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fsufitchignas: wingIDE is pretty impressive21:29
ignasi know21:29
ignasat least it looks like that21:29
ignashow well does it work with schooltol?21:29
fsufitchi havent figured out how to make it recognize schooltool classes yet21:30
fsufitchbut it recognizes all of zope21:30
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fsufitchignas: hooray!21:32
fsufitchthat was easy o.O21:32
eldarfsufitch: so what does wingIDE offer that you can't do with a regular editor?21:32
wjohnstofor starters21:32
eldarcuz unless it can write code for me, i don't see any benefit21:32
wjohnstoyou dont have to pay for other editors21:32
jelknereldar: if you want a license i have one i can give you21:32
fsufitcheldar: it can write code for you21:32
fsufitchautocomplete :-P21:32
ignaseldar: context sensitive auto completion if configured properly21:33
eldaroh i see21:33
wjohnstowingIDE is automatically better because it's not open source21:33
eldarjelkner: hey jeff :)21:33
eldarwjohnsto: orly?21:33
wjohnstoor at least that's what they want you to feel21:33
ignaseldar: the "configure the thing properly" is a bit more difficult though ;)21:33
fsufitcheldar: i think wjohnsto was being sarcastic21:33
eldarthat coming from an open source developer21:33
fsufitchignas: it actually has an ok starting config21:33
fsufitchi just needed to add ~/schooltool/src to its python path21:34
ignasfsufitch: does it know where your eggs are?21:34
eldari see21:34
ignasthe zope ones21:34
ignasand lyceum.journal21:34
fsufitchyou mean like be able to access stuff like zope.interface.aslkjfsa;?21:34
eldarso it has full zpt support?21:34
fsufitchit doesn't mess with zpt...21:34
eldaras in it'll recognize syntax inside tal statements21:34
fsufitchno it doesnt21:34
fsufitchthat's their disclaimer about zope21:35
eldaroh poop21:35
fsufitchno DTML, PT, or ZCML checking21:35
eldarsee if it were open source, someone would've written a plugin21:35
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eldarjelkner: hey ayt?22:00
*** aelkner has joined #schooltool22:04
eldaraelkner: hey alan, is jeff there?22:06
aelknerhey eldar.  he's here.  he may not always respond to chat as he is doing a lot of walking around to coordinate with people22:07
aelknerbut you can try22:07
eldari see, well we were supposed to meet around this time22:08
*** pcardune has joined #schooltool22:13
jelknerpcardune is getting ready to leave22:18
jelkneri was talking to him22:19
jelkneri'm back22:19
jelknerLumiere: u here?22:19
jelknereldar: u here?22:19
*** th1a has joined #schooltool22:21
eldarjelkner: yep22:22
jelknerLumiere doesn't seem to be here22:22
jelknerbut i can just talk to you22:22
jelknerth1a, aelkner, ignas and i spoke at length this morning22:23
jelknerhere in brief, is the main issue:22:23
jelknerwe need to get cando more integrated into schooltool22:24
jelknerin such a way that the process does not require much of aelkner and ignas's time, since they need to focus on the schooltool release22:24
*** mgallagh has joined #schooltool22:25
jelknerso ccarey, nitromaster, wjohnsto, and fsufitch are making much progress22:25
jelknerbut they would need to be able to coordinate their work with you22:25
aelknerjelkner: you mislead eldar to believe the progress is being made on cando22:26
aelknerthey are working on the release22:26
aelknerof schooltool22:26
jelkneri mean they are making progress learning how to hack schooltool22:26
jelknerbut that when we do cando stuff, they would need to lean on eldar and not you and ignas22:27
eldari see22:27
eldarso we have till april 24th22:27
eldarnow, what is it specifically that needs to be done22:27
ignaseldar: as schooltool now has it's own tabs22:27
jelkneractually, it is unreasonable for us to have cando ready22:27
jelknerby then22:27
jelknerso we have longer22:27
fsufitchcando is simpler than schooltool though22:28
fsufitchschooltool is much more massive22:28
fsufitchi may just be stating the obvious though22:28
jelknereldar: do you feel like you could take charge of an effort to move cando integration?22:29
jelkneraelkner and ignas could can tell you what needs to be done22:29
eldaryes, but i wish you'd define "cando integration" for me22:29
jelkneraelkner, ignas: can you help here?22:30
eldardo we have specs written up?22:30
jelknereldar: let me walk down the hall so i can ask in person...22:30
fsufitcheldar: i dont believe there are any written specs, but basically cando needs to be to schooltool what schoolbell is to schooltool right now22:31
fsufitchor something similar22:31
fsufitchthe user shouldn't be able to say "I'm using CanDo"22:31
fsufitchthey should say "I'm using SchoolTool competencies"22:31
eldaryeah i get the idea in abstarct22:31
eldarbut unless we have clear cut outlined goals22:32
eldarwe're not getting anywhere22:32
fsufitchi'm not in the position to set those goals >_>22:32
aelknerso, what we'll need to do is to handle this integration in steos22:33
fsufitchand i assume jelkner is talking to the others right now22:33
aelknerno he's here22:33
*** didymo has joined #schooltool22:33
fsufitchaelkner: that's what i meant22:33
fsufitch_i_'m not there22:34
aelknerfsufitch: shh22:34
aelknerignas said that the first step will be to remove the newskin22:34
aelknerand to make cando be a tab off of the main interface22:35
aelknerthat step might not result in cando looking as nice as it does now22:35
aelknerbut it will be an important step in getting them integrated22:35
aelknerwe don't need to use the annoying ++skin__NewCanDo22:35
aelknerrather, we can create a cando layer and the cando skin can inherit from it AND the other schooltool layers22:36
eldari see22:37
ignaseldar: i will be able to help you with the technical details22:37
eldarignas: thanks22:38
eldarso skin change, what else?22:38
aelknerafter that is done, you can evaluate what the UI has and decide with dwelsh what should change22:39
eldarfrom what I understand the changes are mainly cosmetic?22:40
jelknereldar: the important thing i want to make sure is clear is the process22:40
jelkneryou talk to ignas, but everyone else talks to you22:40
jelknerwe need to manage the time that this takes ignas (to minimize it)22:41
jelknerthat is a crucial goal22:41
eldari see22:41
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eldarignas: alright so first I guess the first thing  NoVa kids and I should do, as mentioned earlier,  is do away with newskin, and move into the tab system that schooltool uses.22:52
ignasand move some of the top level tabs22:53
ignasinto a "manage" menu22:53
ignasthat is under a manage tab22:53
ignasvisible to schooltool.manager only22:54
ignasas for the integration22:54
ignasare you gong to work on it now22:54
ignasor like - in a week22:54
ignasin a month22:54
ignastomorrow ? ;)22:54
eldarstarting this weekend22:54
eldarI can't do much during weekdays, only talk22:55
ignaswe should arrange a meeting time for that22:55
*** mgallagh is now known as mattva0122:55
ignasbecause now we are sprinting and I don't have the time to explain everything in detail22:55
*** Fujitsu has joined #schooltool22:55
eldaryes, so when would be the most convenient time for you during the week, to give me a bit of your time for questions and other stuff?22:55
eldarccarey, wjohnsto, fsufitch, and nitromaster (i know he's not on right now)22:58
eldarfor convenience's sake, from now on we're team "Integration"22:58
eldarwe need to find time this week when we can all meet22:59
eldarand establish the workflow, and figure out the details22:59
eldarof how we're going to do this22:59
ignaseldar: i don't have to see that ;)22:59
ignaseldar: i will only be helping you with the technical stuff ;)22:59
ignaseldar: hopefully ;)22:59
wjohnstoignas: do you know how to tie a shoe?22:59
ignaseldar: anyway - what timezone are you in?22:59
eldaryeah, i know. i guess i should make a separate channel22:59
eldarignas: eastern, -523:00
eldarbut i'm a college student, so i'm pretty flexible23:00
eldarexcept during class time23:00
ccareythe times i'm not available are thursday nights, and monday/wednesday nights before 8:0023:00
ignaseldar: so i guess saturday some time that is 11pm for me, which is around 4 pm for you23:00
wjohnstoI'm not available monday, wednesday, thursday23:00
eldarccarey, fsufitch, and wjohnsto please come to #integration23:00
eldarignas: ok i'll mart that on my calendar23:01
ignaseldar: i'll be able to spend quite some time to explain you what will you have to do23:01
ignasto reduce the mess23:01
eldarignas: alright, thanks :-D23:01
ignaseldar: hope you know what viewlets are ;)23:02
*** andrew_ has joined #schooltool23:02
eldarignas: so Saturday, March 22nd, 11PM your time23:02
ignasnow it's 11 pm my time23:03
ignasso yeah, i guess it's 4 pm your time23:03
*** andrew_ is now known as nitromaster23:03
eldarok, that's 5PM my time, but yeah works all the same23:03
*** eldar is now known as eldar|away23:10
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fsufitchignas: ping23:47
ignasfsufitch: pong23:47
fsufitchi made the "tomorrow's events" be a viewlet23:47
fsufitchtook me a little...23:47
fsufitchnow i'm sure of how to do it :)23:47
fsufitchignas: wait, do i have to register it separately for the timetables skin?23:48
ignasjust the schooltool layer23:49
fsufitchthen i'm done23:49
fsufitchnow, for the legend for yearly23:49
ignasgood :)23:49
fsufitchTHAT's in timetables23:49
fsufitchbtw, i created a class called CalendarViewletBase on top of CalendarViewBase23:50
fsufitchto make this work23:50
fsufitchand, well, it works, but i feel it's very hackish23:50
fsufitchwould it have been allright to just add implements(IViewlet) to CalendarViewBase?23:51
fsufitchignas: ping23:52
fsufitchactually, wait this is necessary23:52
ignasno, not really23:55
ignasno it's not ;)23:55
ignasfsufitch: if you need any information from the view23:56
ignasyou can access the view through the viewlet23:56
ignasview/__parent__/__poarent__ or something like that23:56
ignascan't recall now23:56
fsufitchso making the viewlet extend the view was a bad idea?23:56
ignasyes, i would say so23:59

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