IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2008-02-27

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ignasth1a: ayt?16:42
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ignaslog in as teacher013:teacher01317:27
ignasaelkner, Lumiere: you could try looking at it as well17:27
Lumiereignas: what are we looking at?17:45
ignasoverlay portlet17:45
ignaswith multiple terms of sections in it17:46
Lumiereignas: it would be nice if there were a way to distinguish the terms in the colors or text of the calendar17:47
Lumierebut it looks pretty good17:47
Lumiereare 2007Fall/2008Spring being marked as 1 class in 2 terms?17:47
Lumierevs 2006Fall/2007 Spring?17:47
Lumierelooking at that calendar17:48
ignasi think the colors just match, because we have 10 colors17:48
ignasand 5 sections per term17:48
ignaslook at the urls17:48
Lumiereso we need about 20 more colors17:48
* ignas is going for "customizable colors" rather17:48
ignassome teachers want colors matching17:48
ignasfor the mostly same sections17:49
ignasin the same school year17:49
ignaswhat do you mean "distinguish terms in the colors"?17:50
ignasas in - color the items that are in the same term in the same color/tone/brightness ?17:51
LumiereI was thinking fall/spring were one class17:56
Lumiereso, maybe even if they're the same color17:56
Lumieremake it 'Math B (term)'17:56
Lumiereas a title17:56
Lumiereso even if they are the same color people can see that it is different17:57
ignasas in - in events?17:57
ignasor in the legend17:57
ignasbecause in the legend - they might be the same17:57
ignasone section can get scheduled for multiple terms at the moment17:57
ignas(even though i'd suggest not doing that)17:57
Lumierein the event18:00
Lumierein the legend it is already that way18:00
Lumierein your url18:01
ignasyou mean - while looking at the calendar you are not aware which term you are looking at?18:01
Lumierebecause there are multiple things with the same color18:02
ignasdo you really care about the term?18:02
ignasyou have the date18:02
ignasand - only the term that is "in the view" will be expanded (in the future)18:02
Lumiereyea I have the date, but idiot proofing is good18:02
ignasidiot proofing for what?18:03
Lumierefor people who don't read context18:03
ignasi mean - what kind of error/mistake can you make18:03
ignasif you don't know which term some event that you are looking at is in18:03
Lumiereignas: try and edit something for a date in the past/future18:04
ignasdon't really thing we should extend event titles to accomodate that, it's a calendar, you get  "Math B - Wednesday, 2008-02-27"18:05
ignasas the title18:05
ignasin the edit view18:05
ignasthe date is on top of the calendar18:05
ignasand you are not editing a set of event, but the specific event you want  to edit...18:05
ignas*set of events18:05
ignasand our event titles are truncated already in many cases18:06
ignaswith moderately long section titles :/18:06
ignasthe Sprots B looks like "Kūno kultūra (1b, 1c)" in lyceum instance18:07
ignasmaking it "Kūno kurtūra (1b, 1c) 2008 Pavasaris"18:08
ignaswhen the 2008 Pavasaris is repeated 7 times (for every lesson in that day)18:08
ignasbecause all the events in the day are in the same term18:08
ignaswhat we might add though18:08
ignasbut I should talk to th1a and lyceum about it18:08
ignasis term titles on top of weekly, daily, monthly and yearly views18:09
ignasso that when looking at a yearly view or some other calendar view you would know which terms is that day covering18:09
Lumierethat works18:09
LumiereI am just looking for something that describes the erm18:09
Lumierebecause in arlington18:09
Lumiere"Quarter 2" (or Winter 2007-8 if you will) is October -> January18:10
Lumierethey don't overlap18:10
Lumierebut there needs to be a pointer/reminder18:10
ignasi still don't really know any usecases when you need that information, except when looking back in time18:11
Lumierethe usecase is my sanity18:16
* ignas is trying to understand18:18
ignasi have never had any confusions with terms18:19
ignasusually you don't really care about terms at all18:19
LumiereI hail from the department of redundancy department18:19
ignasif someone can't see the 2008 01 11 he won't see 2008 01 11 (Quarter 2)18:21
ignasand my point is - you don't care if it's Quarter 2 or Quarter 118:21
ignasyou care that it's tomorrow ;)18:21
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* th1a_ woke up not feeling very well.18:34
th1a_Also, my internet went down and no sound is coming out of my stereo.18:35
th1a_Give me a few minutes...18:38
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th1aI'm going to have to think about this when I'm feeling a little more clear headed.18:51
th1aBut I don't think I agree with Lumiere in the above discussion.18:51
* ignas just wanted opinion18:53
ignason the portlet18:53
ignasth1a: as in - do you like it?18:53
ignasis it sane18:53
th1aIt is different than what I was expecting, but it seems sane.18:54
th1aProbably more sane than my ideas.18:54
th1aBut I need to play with it a little more when I've had some coffee and food.18:55
ignasthere is no "auto expand" according to terms visible at the moment18:55
ignasbut i'll add that some time later (probably)18:55
th1aI'll send you some feedback later today.18:56
th1aAlso, Kitty is being very affectionate with my mouse hand...18:58
th1a...the perils of working at home.18:58
ignasth1a: the cat in our office does the same sometimes18:59
th1aThere is a cat in your office?19:06
ignashe's sleeping on the couch behind me at the moment19:07
th1aAre you still in the same office?19:08
ignasit's Aiste's cat19:08
mgedminit's a working cat19:10
mgedminit gets to work earlier than I do19:10
mgedminand sometimes goes home later19:10
th1aMost cats don't like to commute.19:12
ignasth1a: this one is very happy to go to work every morning, and not so happy when it's time to go back home19:13
th1aI see.19:14
ignasAiste said it's so eager that it get's into the "travel box" every morning and waits to be taken to the office19:14
ignasok, i have to go home now, will be waiting for feedback :)19:16
ignassee you19:16
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Lumiereth1a_, aelkner here?22:13
aelknertom sounded kinda sick today22:14
aelkneri hope he can make it22:15
th1a_I am here.22:27
aelknerwelsh and jason will initiate the conference call22:28
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aelknerLumiere: ayt?22:57
* Lumiere hands th1a_ the gun23:22

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