IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2008-02-26

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fsufitchhello everybody02:51
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Lumierehi all02:59
Lumiereyou have 2 minutes ;)02:59
fsufitchhi Lumiere02:59
th1aAh... I was just going to log into Eve Online...02:59
Lumierewe could cancel it and I'll go log into Cabal Online03:00
Lumierehi ccarey03:00
Lumierenitromaster: here?03:00
Lumierefsufitch: bah humbug03:00
Lumiereaelkner: hi03:00
Lumierelets get this show moving03:01
Lumiereno jelkner... fiddlesticks03:01
aelknerLumiere: yes?03:01
aelkneroh, it's monday night03:01
Lumierezomg it IS monday night03:01
fsufitchLumiere: what was that?03:01
fsufitch"bah humbug"03:01
LumiereoO go watch a christmas carol?03:02
fsufitchi'd rather finish my calculus hw, tyvm03:02
Lumierefsufitch: a quick update of what you did03:02
Lumierewhat you're working on03:03
Lumiereand anything you need help on03:03
fsufitchi need pcardune to answer my call to help me with Zope-AJAX03:03
fsufitchbecause i'm stuck on that03:03
fsufitchand i got to work on the bug with the comp name nto staying on page03:03
fsufitchbut seemingly it's a weird JQuery problem03:03
Lumierepcardune: ping03:03
Lumierefsufitch: you should send him an email03:03
fsufitchand i just wanted to ask, why are we using jquery?03:04
fsufitchi did send him an email03:04
Lumiereand try and set a time over the weekend03:04
Lumierewe're using jquery because it automates a lot of the AJAX stuff03:04
th1afsufitch: What else would be use?03:04
Lumiereth1a: straight js03:04
fsufitchi mean, it's just getting a popup to follow the mouse...03:04
fsufitchthe only thing jquery is useful with here is the change in location when the popup hits the edge of the page03:05
fsufitch...which i guess is useful, but meh03:05
fsufitchi can't find any "patch" or anything to fix scrolling offset in jtip...03:05
Lumierefsufitch: k, that's something we'll work on this week ;)03:05
Lumierenothing we can really do sitting here03:05
Lumiereanythign else?03:05
fsufitchno not rly03:06
fsufitchi'm fighting for more spare time to work03:06
fsufitchbut i've got major time issues >_>03:06
Lumierefsufitch: make it work the best you can03:06
fsufitchthat's waht i'm doing03:06
Lumierefsufitch: school > cando03:07
fsufitchLumiere: now, where does library volunteering and the SAT come in?03:07
LumiereSAT > cando > library ;)03:07
fsufitchsounds good to me03:07
fsufitchthat's what i thought too03:08
fsufitchso i'll be more free after this saturday's sat03:08
Lumiereccarey: you're up03:08
Lumiereccarey: I know I haven't gotten back to you03:08
LumiereI'm covering it tonight03:08
Lumierenitromaster: ayt?03:09
ccareyis that task something you'd like me to do?  or do you have something else in mind?03:09
nitromasterLumiere, yea, sorry03:09
Lumierenp just wanted to make sure03:09
Lumiereccarey: go for it03:09
ccareywell i do most of my hours on fri/sat/sun03:10
ccareyand i got a fever on fri03:10
Lumiereit's been going around03:10
ccareyi did however send a commit of my bug fix03:10
ccareyi got jinty to get me a proper username/password03:11
ccareycan you please get back to me soon about my email? because i'm not sure what to work on next03:11
LumiereI will03:12
LumiereI'm sorry about that03:12
ccareyit's fine03:12
Lumierenitromaster: quick update?03:14
nitromasterunfortunately, i haven't been able to do much work, as my weekends are pretty crowded. this week i hope to get a few hours in, although much of the work has to be done on the weekend03:14
Lumieresooo now my turn03:15
Lumiereso, a quick set of steps for bug reports03:16
Lumiereobviousally all the people who submit bug reports03:16
Lumiereare not here right now03:16
Lumierebut they submit em03:17
LumiereI triage (so far so good)03:17
Lumiereanything marked as "triaged" is free game for you to do03:17
ccareysounds good03:18
Lumierefsufitch: your priority (and eldar's when he has time) are "Critical" and "High" priority bugs03:18
fsufitchLumiere: allright03:18
fsufitchthe fun ones <_<03:18
Lumiereccarey, nitromaster: you're free to hit those if you can, but fsufitch's probably more familiar with them.03:18
fsufitchand i submitted a bug fyi03:19
Lumierebtw, Criticals may get me to call either fsufitch or aelkner :)03:19
Lumierefsufitch: ok03:19
Lumieremedium and low's ccarey and nitromaster you can grab any of those03:19
Lumiereplease when you go to start on one03:19
Lumiereassign it to yourself03:19
Lumiereand mark it from Triaged -> In Progress03:19
Lumierethat will be enough for me to see you're working on it03:20
Lumierewhen you complete it and commit it, mark it Fix Committed03:20
LumiereThen I'll send an email to dwelsh to test03:20
Lumiereand mark it Fix Released after the test.03:20
fsufitchLumiere: quick question. don't we have to get approval for committing before committing?03:21
fsufitchto prevent stuff like what i did last summer at gallaudet? >_<03:21
Lumierefsufitch: for the first few commits, you should send a patch to me03:21
Lumierebefore committing03:21
Lumiere(so I can look for it03:21
LumiereI can look over it and make sure it doesn't die)03:21
Lumiereany questions?03:22
Lumiereanything people think I missed?03:23
Lumiereand th1a anything you want me to add?03:23
* fsufitch listens to the crickets chirping03:23
* Lumiere goes to buy a new piece of computer hardware 03:23
Lumierecya all next week03:23
fsufitchoooo what piece?03:23
Lumierelast week it was speakers03:24
Lumiereand a mouse03:24
Lumiere100 buck mouuuse :)03:24
fsufitchwait aren't you going to throw something out the window to end the meeting?03:24
Lumiere(MX Revolution)03:24
fsufitchLumiere: that's a good looking mouse03:25
fsufitchwell, i'm off to dinner03:28
fsufitchi'll cya all later03:28
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wjohnstoignas: I changed the eventLink so that next_url is called from the editLink16:18
wjohnstoand this time, I made a patch for you16:18
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aelkner_ignas: i have a question about add forms16:28
ignaswith small pauses to go make tea, talk to people16:29
aelkner_say i have a schema that has section, student, field1, field2, etc16:29
aelkner_when i call up the add form, i want it to fill in the section and student automatically16:30
aelkner_so i'll omit those two fields from the form16:30
aelkner_and fill them in in the add routine16:30
aelkner_the question is, how do i carry those values around16:30
aelkner_do i need the link to have them in a query string16:31
aelkner_how does the add form class know the values?16:31
ignashmm, well - I usually pass them through the query string16:31
aelkner_so you have an example?16:31
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ignasI know it works for event_add view in schooltool somehow16:31
ignaslook at "add event" links in the calendar views16:32
ignaswhen you click on the hour16:32
ignasor a period16:32
ignasand time + date are filled in16:32
aelkner_ok, i'll look at that, thanks.16:32
wjohnstoignaas: did you get my patch?16:35
ignaslooking at it16:37
ignas+        #import pdb; pdb.set_trace()16:37
ignas ?16:37
wjohnstoI'll fix that16:37
ignasare you sure that 'cancel_url' is not used anywhere?16:38
ignasi think it would be wise to grep through the code and if some part of the system is already using cancel_url16:38
ignasupdate it to use next_url instead16:38
wjohnstoI think there is a cancel_url16:38
ignasor just pass cancel_url16:38
wjohnstoin the event_add template16:39
th1amgedmin: Have you seen this --
ignasbut in the nextUrl method you have replaced 'cancel_url' lookup with 'next_url'16:39
mgedminth1a: steven brust's fanfic novel?16:39
mgedminread it16:39
mgedminit's good16:39
th1aYes, I read it too.16:39
wjohnstocancel_url is in event_add.pt16:41
wjohnstoso I should just take that out?16:41
ignasmy point is16:43
ignasyou should look whether some piece of code is passing a url like addEvent.html?cancel_url=foo/bar16:43
wjohnstoI shouldn't be having a call for next_url and cancel_url16:43
ignasbecause if it is - you have broken it by ignoring cancel_url16:44
ignasso you either use cancel_url instead of next_url as the name of the parameter which is safe16:44
ignasor make all the places that used cancel_url use next_url instead16:44
wjohnstothat works as well16:44
wjohnstoit's probably easier to change it to cancel_url16:45
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jelknerth1a: u here?16:48
th1aNo, I just popped on to make a comment about Firefly fanfic and now I'm back in bed.16:49
wjohnstoignas: if I decide to just use cancel_url, I can keep the link as "next_url=%s", correct?16:49
mgedminignas: fwiw I recently noticed a very interesting thing in Zope's doc/CHANGES.txt16:50
ignaswell "cancel_url=%s" would be better ;)16:50
mgedmintal:attributes="href string:login.html?nextURL=${request/URL/url:quote}16:50
mgedminremember the bug with logging in into a page with a + in the URL?  this quoting should fix that16:51
wjohnstobut wouldn't cancel_url omit the url and send you back to the Schooltool calendar?16:51
mgedmincontinuing the excerpt from zope's changelog: "Other functions available are ``quote_plus``, ``unquote``, ``unquote_plus``"16:51
ignaswjohnsto: i think cancel_url works the way next_url does16:53
ignasas in - it is used both for "cancel" button and for "redirect after operation"16:53
wjohnstoI just changed it to cancel_url and it sent me back to the schooltool calendar :(16:53
ignascan you post the diff16:54
ignaslisppaste5: url16:54
lisppaste5To use the lisppaste bot, visit and enter your paste.16:54
ignasmaybe you are passing cancel_url in the url now while still checking for next_url in the code16:54
wjohnstoI deleted the next_url call from the code16:55
wjohnstofrom event_add.pt16:55
wjohnstoso only cancel_url called16:55
wjohnsto**is called16:55
lisppaste5wjohnsto pasted "the url" at
wjohnstobut I have to go to class, so I'll look at this more tomorrow16:57
wjohnstoc ya16:57
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