IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2008-02-28

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ccareyLumiere: ayt?01:30
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wjohnstoignas: I could never get cancel_url to work, but cancel_url is not called anywhere in app, so I changed everything to next_url15:55
ignasschooltool/schooltool/src/schooltool/resource/browser/ ?15:55
ignasline 12315:56
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ignaswjohnsto: i think it's used there15:56
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wjohnstobut isn't it defined there already?15:57
wjohnstoignas: I dont know if that is the same cancel_url that would be defined in app/browser/templates/event_add.pt16:03
ignasyes it's a link to the edit event view16:38
ignasso it's the same one16:38
wjohnstoso I can change it to next_url without problems!?16:39
ignasi think so16:40
wjohnstoquick question though16:40
ignashmm, though it might cause problems16:41
ignasyou see - cancel_url is used to remove the event16:41
ignasif you decide not to book a resource16:41
ignasif you will redirect to the cancel_url after person clicks "Add"16:41
ignasyou will delete the event that was just created16:41
ignasso we actually need both - cancel_url and next_url16:41
ignasbut we must use one when person clicks Cancel16:42
ignasand the other when he clicks Update16:42
wjohnstoso something like "if "CANCEL_SUBMIT16:43
wjohnstothen use the cancel_url link16:43
wjohnstoelse use next_url16:43
ignassomething like that16:44
ignasI don't really know at the moment, so you should just write a functional test16:44
ignasto check whether it's doing what you want16:44
ignasor a unit test16:44
ignasa functional is better, because you would be able to submit the form with an error once16:45
ignasand check whether both urls are kept in there16:45
ignaseven you make a mistake16:45
ignasit would not be nice to get redirected to some random place if you mistyped a date once, and then clicked "Update" after fixing it16:46
wjohnstoso which file should I use for the functional test?16:47
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wbradyLumiere: ayt?19:42
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Lumierejelkner: hi21:28
LumiereI won't even have a chance to do anything till tomorrow21:28
Lumiereand, "Ask your networking people to look over" was a reference to me not knowing anything at all about what was going on21:29
Lumiereand not knowing that matt had looked at it and not been able to figure it out21:29
jelknertomorrow is great21:47
jelkneri understand21:47
jelkneri already told them there was a problem21:47
jelknerwe really can't wait21:47
jelknerit has been 5 weeks21:47
jelknerso i need to move my cando to wherever you are hosting21:47
jelknerthat's why i asked21:47
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