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Mattva01aelkner,a new checkout of jelkner-gradebook is acting weird03:59
aelknerwhat exactly were the steps you took after the co03:59
Mattva01asking for a schooltool directory , I thought it was supposed to make its own ?03:59
Mattva01sudo make buildout04:00
aelknerfails on that?04:00
aelkneryou don't want jelkner-gradebook04:00
aelkneryou want jelkner-buikdout04:01
Mattva01oh thats what i meant,04:01
Mattva01thats what iv got04:01
aelknerso you did a fresh svn co?04:02
aelkneri'll assume yes04:03
aelknerso the first thing to do is make build04:03
aelknernot make buildout04:03
aelknerlook at the make file04:03
aelknerthe first rule is build and it sets everything up04:03
aelknerbuildout is a lower rule04:04
aelknerMattva01: ok?04:04
Mattva01sorry was not watching chaty04:14
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ignaswheee, I have just uploaded 70 packages to our PPA14:00
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th1aLumiere: What version of CanDo should I use as the basis of discussion of UI going forward?19:14
ignasth1a: seen this ?19:28
th1aignas: I have seen it but not yet read it.19:28
th1aignas & aelkner:  Have you seen this?
th1aThis kind of view might be useful:
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aelknerignas: ayt?21:19
lisppaste5th1a pasted "building cando" at
th1a_I'm getting the above error compiling zope.ucol when trying to build CanDo trunk.21:21
ignasis seems to be a distutils related problem21:22
ignashave you ever executed "sudo python" on your PC?21:22
th1a_Probably not on this one.21:23
th1a_I'll do that.21:23
th1a_I won't.21:23
ignasI thought it was the cause of the problem21:23
th1a_This is my gutsy box.21:23
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ignascould you run python2.421:24
ignasthen do: import distutils;distutils21:24
ignasand see what the path to distutils is21:25
ignasand then do the same for setuptools21:25
ignasand setuptools?21:26
ignasi guess the path is normal as well21:27
th1a_It is in site-packages.21:27
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ignasone of the reasons I use buildout and virtual python magic :/21:28
th1aBuilding SchoolTool according to your instructions worked yesterday.21:28
ignaswell - yes21:28
th1aI see.21:28
th1aWell, I can just use my laptop.21:28
ignasCanDo trunk is not using buildout though21:28
ignasi don't really know what might be the problem21:30
th1aOK.  I'll try on my laptop.21:30
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th1aaelkner: What does one have to do to get the CanDo skin in CanDo?21:53
aelknerright after localhost21:53
aelkneroh, and another /21:54
aelknerignas: did you get my note?21:54
ignasyou should ask jim21:56
ignasi think there is a way to manage configurations21:56
ignasbut still - it might be difficult to do with a single makefile21:56
ignasyou'd have to have different build targets21:57
ignasfor deployment and development21:57
aelknerit would be nice if one could have the different targets21:57
aelknerand decide at the installation21:57
aelknerrather than in the .cfg21:57
ignaswhat do you call the "at the installation" moment?21:58
* ignas would use 2 different bzr repositories21:58
aelknerafter the checkout21:58
ignasand the "at the installation" would mean21:58
ignaspicking the right buildout21:58
aelkneri would prefer not to have to use two different repos21:58
aelknerbut if that's the way to go, then maybe i'll have to21:59
aelknerlike jelkner2007-dev-buildout?21:59
ignasdon't know really21:59
ignasyou should ask J1m21:59
ignashe is the author of buildout21:59
ignasand there definitely is a way21:59
ignasto switch among development and deployment21:59
ignasI just don't know what's involved22:00
aelkneri've been carefully avoiding learning this stuff to keep my focus in app issues but22:00
aelknerat pycon it hink it will be time for me to get on board22:00
aelknerand i could ask jim lots of questions at that time as he will be there :)22:01
ignasat least reading the manual before asking the questions would be nice ;)22:03
aelknergood thinking :)22:03
Lumiereth1a: ++skin++NewCanDo on trunk22:17
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