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aelknerignas: i have a question about overrides00:05
aelkneri thought that if you includeOverrides00:10
aelknerand in the file there is a registration that's the same00:10
aelkneras one that already exists00:11
aelknerit would take the override00:11
aelkneri'm getting conflict errors unless I make sure00:11
aelknerthe layer is different than the one that i'm overriding00:11
aelknerwhy would i get conflicts if i specify the same everything00:11
aelknerexcept for the class which i want to be my class00:12
aelknerdo you know?00:12
aelknerignas: have you every come across this problem?00:14
ignasmaybe the overrides are included in the wrong place00:16
aelkneri was wondering about whether it would matter where i pu them00:16
ignascould you lisppaste5 the error00:16
lisppaste5aelkner pasted "overrides conflict" at
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ccareyhi ignas00:20
ignasccarey: hi00:20
ignasccarey: did you get your commit issues resolved?00:20
ignasaelkner: where is the override included?00:21
aelknerin the same directory00:21
ignasI think that's the problem00:21
ignasyou should include override in the same level the original was included i think00:22
ignasso somewhere up the stack00:22
ccareyignas: i sent an email out to jinty on monday, i'm just waiting for a reply00:22
ignasccarey: i see00:22
ignasccarey: I think jinty is very busy this week00:22
ignasaelkner: anyway - just use a different layer00:22
ignasa lot cleaner than overrides00:22
ignasoverrides have to be included in the or somewhere around there00:23
ignasfrom what I can recall00:23
aelknerhow would zope know the difference between from anything else?00:24
aelkneri mean, compared to
ignashmm, I can only vaguely recall the semantics of overrides00:25
ignasit's something about a tree being built out of includes00:25
ignasand the need to include overrides in the same branch that includes the zcml with the original component00:26
ignasor higher00:26
ignasso you must includeOverrides the overriden adapter00:26
ignassomewhere higher or is it lower in the hierarchy than the schooltool.demographics include is in00:27
aelknerbut schooltool.sla isn't even at a higher level than schooltool.app00:27
ignaswell - where is schooltool.sla included in?00:27
ignasinstance/configure.zcml ?00:27
ignasor was it instance/site.zcml00:28
aelknerlet me check00:28
aelkner<configure xmlns="">00:28
aelkner  <include package="schooltool.sla" />00:28
aelkner  <include files="plugins/*.zcml" />00:28
aelknerthat's my instance/schooll.zcml00:29
ignasand what's the content of schooltool/sla/configure.zcml00:29
aelkneri already have an overrides there for the dashboard00:30
aelknermaybe i should just put the other stuff there00:30
ignasyou should00:30
ignasbecause it's at the same level include is00:31
ignasor higher00:31
aelkneri'll try that, thanks00:31
aelknerignas: that did the trick!00:34
aelknerignas: when you talk of using a different layer, does that involve creating a different skin?00:44
aelkneri ask out of curiosity because the overrides thing works00:45
ignasit involves creating a different skin00:45
aelkneri would not want to do that if i didn't have to00:45
aelknerthen you have to put ++skin++ everywhere00:46
aelknerunless i use the defaultSkin override?00:46
ignaswell - why override00:46
ignasyou just do not include anything that sets the skin00:47
ignasjust like lyceum, stapp2007 stapp2005 stap2008spring does00:47 sets the skin doesn't it?00:47
ignasonly the top level school configs set the skin00:48
ignasand functional tests00:48
aelknerso if i setup my own skin like lyceum does, it will be the default skin00:49
aelkneris that right?00:49
ignasif you will set defaultSkin in your configuration00:49
ignasthen - yes00:50
aelknerand lyceum does that00:50
ignaswell - look at lyceum/app/configuration.zcml ;)00:50
ignasyes it does that00:50
ignasstapp2007 does that too00:50
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wjohnstoignas: hello16:12
wjohnstoI created a bzr so you can look at my files for the event link16:13
ignasa bzr?16:14
ignasi can see the files16:15
ignasand have downloaded them16:15
ignasbut what do you mean by "bzr" ?16:15
ignasa bzr repository16:15
wjohnstoit doesn't matter about the bzr16:15
ignasit does not look like a repository though16:16
wjohnstoI really just created a public directory16:16
ignasit looks like a public directory16:16
wjohnstosorry, the bzr is elsewhere16:17
wjohnsto*bzr repository16:17
ignasI see16:17
wjohnstothose files are found in
wjohnstoif you didn't already know :-\16:20
ignasi know16:20
ignasi still prefer patches usually16:20
ignasit's easier to apply16:20
ignasit's only showing 1 change in cal_daily16:27
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wjohnstook hold on16:28
ignasand cal_weekly seems to be the same as original16:28
wjohnstoOh yes, try it now16:30
wjohnstoit is the exact same change in cal_weekly as in cal_daily16:30
wjohnstoThere is also an edit in event_add.pt16:33
wjohnstoI forgot about that16:33
ignasmaybe you could just post the patch?16:34
ignasand - it seems that I can't download the event_add.pt16:43
ignassome problems with permissions16:43
wjohnstoyou should be able to now16:44
ignascal_weekly view is still shown as unmodified16:46
wjohnstoit should be changed16:47
wjohnstoI just updated it again16:47
ignasnow it's good16:48
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ignas+          <input type="hidden" tal:condition="request/next_url|nothing"16:49
ignas+           tal:attributes="value request/next_url"16:49
ignas+           name="next_url" />16:49
ignasin calendar views?16:49
ignasthey don't even have forms in them ...16:49
wjohnstogood point16:50
wjohnstoit should work fine without those things16:51
wjohnstothat is only needed in event_add.pt16:51
ignasand your patch won't work with view links16:51
ignasit might even break them16:51
ignasbecause you are doing something like: event/index.html&foo=bar16:52
ignaswithout the "?" after html16:52
ignasnot a good idea16:52
ignasand - there are no functional tests that would see whether both - eventEdit and eventView links still work16:52
ignaswhich is the reason you haven't noticed the problem16:52
ignasi'd suggest moving the logic behind addition of the nexturl parameter into linkAllowed or editLink16:53
ignaseditLink is probably the place you want it in16:53
wjohnstoI will work on that16:54
wjohnstobut I have to run16:54
wjohnstoI have class and I'm late :-O16:54
ignassee you16:54
wjohnstoc ya16:54
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