IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2008-02-15

ignaswhat's the error ?00:01
ignasaelkner_: I think so00:01
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ignasaelkner_: try doing it, if it won't work - your functional tests will definitely fail ;)00:02
fsufitchTypeError: iteration over non-sequence00:02
fsufitchsomething related to calendar00:02
ignasfsufitch: post the traceback please00:02
ignasyour Data.fs is a very nice testcase for our evolution scripts ;)00:02
lisppaste5fsufitch annotated #55914 with "More Error" at
fsufitchignas: great >_>00:03
ignasafk for a couple of mins00:05
fsufitchaelkner_: so, how's it been going?00:06
aelkner_very well, thanks, and you?00:06
fsufitchi'm being 0wned by junior year00:07
aelkner_that's good.  i'd hate to see you coasting...00:09
fsufitchyou would?00:09
fsufitchsee, if i was coasting, i would have more time to devote to cando ;)00:10
ignasfsufitch: i think you'll just have to give me a link to the Data.fs + instructions00:10
ignasso I could test it myself00:10
fsufitchbottommost link00:10
aelkner_ignas: adding the IStudent interface to the add form worked00:10
aelkner_only problem is that changing the advisor in the edit form causes a crash00:11
aelkner_i'm getting ready to leave for the day00:11
aelkner_ignas: i could work on this firest thing tomorrow morning00:11
aelkner_can it wait until then00:11
ignasfsufitch: thanks00:12
ignasfsufitch: I'll try fixing it tomorrow00:12
ignasit's late in here00:12
fsufitchbut to get to work on by bugs is there some good info i can use?00:12
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ignaswhat kind of info?00:17
fsufitcha Data.fs00:26
fsufitchignas: ping00:27
ignasdon't know really00:35
ignasI am not that involved in CanDo00:35
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fsufitchpcardune: hi00:41
pcardunefsufitch: hi00:42
fsufitchpcardune: would you happen to know where i can get a good working Data.fs for cando?00:42
pcardunefsufitch: hmmm00:42
pcardunemaybe the acc website00:43
fsufitchthe one on there is really outdated00:44
fsufitchand it doesn't work with the evolution scripts00:44
pcardunei dont know anywhere else00:49
pcarduneuse sampledata00:49
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ignasaelkner: if you'll see fsufitch, please tell him that the can do Data.fs he pointed me to is broken beyond repair02:19
ignascando did some nasty non backwards compatible things back in it's young days...02:19
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jelkneraelkner: u here, alan?18:31
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